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If you were a trainer IRL

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User Info: Crimson_Spider

4 years ago#31
Kanto Tentacruel:
Johto: Misdreavous (Note: would evolve into Mismagius)
Hoenn: Gardevoir
Sinnoh: Yanmega
Unova: Volcarona

Don't have dream pokes memorized.
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User Info: lighting_deity

4 years ago#32
but i am a trainer, if i wasn't a trainer, i would not have a level 100 dragonite in my black 2
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User Info: GAM3R4LYFE

4 years ago#33
Kanto: Magmar
Johto: Scizor
Hoenn: Manectric
Sinnoh: Weavile
Unova: Bisharp
Gen VI: A dual ghost type of some sort. Ghost/Ice or Ghost/ground preferably
What do you mean at least? That's like the worst case scenario. That's like getting shot and being like, "Well, at least I'm dying." Calinks

User Info: AngryGFAQer

4 years ago#34
Johto: Tyranitar
Hoenn: Absol
Sinnoh: Darkrai
Unova: Hydreigon
6th Region: The Dark/Electric type that might occur. Or whatever new Dark-type that's introduced.

Does Kanto have a Dark-type?
"I was garbage, the writing transformed," - Raiden
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User Info: Skull_pro

4 years ago#35

As for my dream pokemon... hummm I'll call it ''Terrorio''
and it's moveset would be: Nasty Plot, SelfDestruct and Explosion
Married to Clay, Driftveil city's gym leader
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#36
Hardest decisions ever:
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