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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#131
Quilfish live forever.

Because Quilfish are awesome.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#132
They went to the area where Sootopolis is at,but there was no Sootopolis.

Josh:Are you sure this is it?

Cuna:This is it.The city must have been destroyed.All I see is rubble.

Jessica:There's the cave of origin!

Emile swam into the cave,where everyone got back on land.Emile shifted back into a human.

Emile:It's so dark in here...


Mary:I got this.

She used ember,making the cave light up.


They walked deeper into the cave.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#133
[---The Restaurant---]

Chef 1--------"Chocolate, is it? He's your batch of Icecream you ordered."

Chocolate gulps down the barrel of Icecream, shocking everyone within the restaurant!

Sam---------"Alright, I'm turning that ATA up again, thing's getti-
Chef 1-------"Chocolate wants more icecream!!!!"
The crowd--"YES! YES! YES!"
Chef 2-------"You heard them folks! Time to go into OVERTIME!"
Furez--------"The he-"
Sam---------"DO NOT TOUCH HER!"

Same forces the two chefs back into their drug infested cooking room, and away from his wife, all the while Chocolate stares at the barrel of empty icecream.

Chocolate---".. I feel weird.."

Upon that, Chocolate started to glow for a moment, but returned back to normal, all the while the heads of Disaster Prevention and Guard Security spoke in silence.

Sam----"That person ate the spiked icecream!"
Furez---"I know that! What do you think will happen?!"
Sam----"I don't know! But, I'm calling in a few favors!"

The chefs came back out, with three large barrels of Icecream.

Chef 1&2----"We're back with MORE!"

The betting crowd starts to cheer, and almost all of them get out their tablets, phones, and other stuff to record the amazing food eating bananza!

All the while, Sam and Furez spotted an odd looking guy within the crowd, sporting a cap with the letters NER. But, they think nothing of it when Chocolate started staring down the barrels.


[Did I do Chocolate okay?]
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#134
Gubbey posted...
Quilfish live forever.

Because Quilfish are awesome.

Your post was so awesome, our dimension couldn't handle it, and it dissolved into a singularity that contains all that awesomeness but only looks like a line.
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User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#135
in gym class

Xerox: umm how do i block the ball
gym Instructor: hit it
Xerox: sure
teammate: Xerox get ready
opponent: goodluck cause you're gonna need it *kicks the ball*
Xerox: *mutters something under his breath* bring it *a storm of ice freezes the ball*
everyone: woooooah
Xerox: we're done here *walks out the door*

Xerox, Temperance, Axiom and Zenith met up outside

All: school sucks *walk to the mountain*

My characters now have a goal to find the mission starter. and i'm never going to make them go to school again.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#136
As they headed for the Gym, Poli felt envy.

She's lucky she's so pretty after her fusion.

Mephy ------ "You look sour. What's eating you?"
Poli ---------- "...She has a chance at finding love. Her fusion with Lugia made her more beautiful. Me? Scaley, sharp teeth, serpentine tongue, yeah, real attractive."
Mephy ------- "Remember though, she's not genetically fused with Lugia, just aesthetically fused. She's still 100% human. You?"
Poli ---------- "Yeah yeah, half human, half dragon. At least I take pride in being the only 'pure' hybrid."
Mephy ------- " Besides, you look a thousand times better than I do right now."
Poli ---------- "I suppose you're right."

The group entered Dewford Gym. Nightmare waved.

Nightmare --- "Hey you guys! You missed the fun!"
Pryce -------- "We camped out in Granite Cave for the night. Anyways, me and my family have to go get registered."
Nightmare --- "Go on then. we'll wait in the spectator seating."

Nightmare guided Sol, Selena, Poli, and Mephistopheles to the seats as the Paynes went to register. As they went, Nightmare nudged Poli.

Nightmare --- "Oh yeah. some freaky black thing soared over Dewford while y'all were snoozing. Looked mechanical."
Poli ---------- "Mec-mechanical?"
Nightmare --- "Yeah. Appeared to be looking for something."
Poli ---------- "...Nightmare, listen. After the Gym battles, take me away."
Nightmare --- "Why?"

Poli whispered in Nightmare's ear.

Poli ---------- "If memory serves correctly, that black thing is one of six similar beings called Rahkshi. They're likely looking for me, to finish what you saved me from 5 years ago. If they spot me with Pryce's family, they won't hesitate to slaughter them to get to me."
Nightmare --- "You and I are talking about the same Pryce here, are we? He wouldn't let them do a thing. Relax, stay. This problem of yours will be fixed, don't let six creatures bother you."
Poli ---------- "I think you're severely underestimating them, Nightmare, but fine."
Nightmare --- "See? Nothing to fret over. If it makes you feel better, I'll keep an eye out for them. And here we are."
Poli ---------- "Thanks."

As they got settled, Mephy pointed something out to Poli.

Mephy ------- "Hey Poli, see that couple over there? Look tasty, don't they? Do you want a snack?"

Poli was not amused.

Poli ---------- "You're lucky we're visible, otherwise I'd have torn your head off and eaten your body as you regrew it back for that comment."
Mephy ------- "Well, you certainly aren't much for jokes."
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#137
Josh[ Uh... You alright Ocarina?

Ocarina was shivering.

Ocarina: I hate the water!

He shook his wet fur in an attempt to dry it.
Mary: It's kind of scary in here.

Mary held Jabba's hand.

Jabba: I love you...

Jessica: They make a cute couple, don't you think?

Cuna: Just like us.

They began kissing.

Tableflip: Don't get left behind you two.

Emile: Oh. they'll be fine.

They continued through the cave...
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#138
Zenon was walking around in Dewford City.

Zenon:I have been wandering the world for 5 years, and the prophecy still has not come.

Mewtwo:Yes, i know.

Zenon: ...

Zenon:I have been training while i was wandering the world for that time to come.

Zenon:But my quest is not over.

Zenon sensed Poli's aura near Dewford Gym.

Zenon:That aura... It is so familiar.


Zenon began running toward Poli.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#139
When they got into the deepest part,they saw Trish holding a key.

Trish:Do you want the key?

Everyone:Of course we do!

Trish:Come and get it.

Trish standed there.Tablecune ran after her,when he tried to snatch the key,he got electrocuted.Tableflip shifted back into a human.

Trish:Oops,I'm sorry.

She made an evil grin.


She ran after to Tableflip and picked him up.

Emile:Are you okay?

Tableflip:Yes...*cough* little girl's dog hurt? I'll help you.

She electrocuted Tableflip again.



Trish:Anyone going to get this key?

Cuna was behind her.

Cuna:I will,sister.If I learned anything from you,it's that there's no telling what's in the dark.

He snatched the key.Everyone ran out if the cave,Emile shifted into a lapras,everyone boarded her,and she swam away.

Jessica:Cuna...that was awesome!

Cuna:Well,thank you.

The key had something written on it.

Go to the place where meteors fall.

Josh:Meteor Falls!

Emilas:There ya go.Lets fly there.Swimming will take forever.

They got on an island.Jessuca and Josh shifted,and they boarded them.Jessica and Josh flew to Meteor Falls.

Emile:Tableflip...are you okay?


Emile:That's good.

She kissed Tableflip.

Emile:I'll never treat you like a dog again.

Tableflip:*cough* Don't do that all the time,but if we want to have fun,sure you can.

Emile:Thanks Tableflip.

They hugged each other.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#140
[Dewford Town]
Niche wakes up to see a mass of boots and shoes over him. His pupils disappear. All colors melt from his body. He can do nothing.

Chocolate recognizes this strange feeling.

"You guys try'na give me a roofie?! I'm immune! Nyahahaha!" -Chocolate.

She flings the barrels at the chefs and flips the counter. She stands from her seat when suddenly, rolls upon rolls of fat fall from around her hips and she finds herself unable to move.

"Oh my... This is a bad look." -Chocolate.

She remembers the love letter that she woke up with after the trial and the list of spells that it had. She casts one of the spells.

Anorexia Nervosa!

The fat disappears, almost as if it were never there. Chocolate then sneaks out and flies away, still feeling hungry for some reason.
Furez------Sam! Get these people out of this building!
Sam-------On it!

Sam escorts the customers out of the restaurant while Furez interrogates the chefs.
[Fortree City]
Celeste finds Martini and Rhapsody.

"The scientist has some questions." -Celeste.

"I'll be right there, sweetheart." -Martini.
How did I do with everyone?
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