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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#151
TableFlip posted...
Everyone got a room in the hotel

Jessica saw Cuna's diary,and she read it.

Sunday,January 25

Jessica and I are madly in love.Even if my body is covered in feathers and frost,I feel a fire burning inside my fluffy body.If I ever get a chance,I'll try to show my love to her,and let my fire out.

Today,Jessica and I ventured into the Cave of Origin,where I found my sister,holding the key that we need.I sneaked up behind my sister and snatched it.I don't understand why she is like this.Is she jealous of Jessica and I's relationship? I might know later.

Speaking of Jessica,she actually loves me back.Today she asked me if she looks beautiful.I said yes,of course.Does she think that she's ugly? She is a wonderful creature fused with another wonderful creature.It still confuses me...

Wow, my first same-time post. :3
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#152
I'm thinking of making a character for Tableflip.
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#153
Astral_Beast posted...
I'm thinking of making a character for Tableflip.

He said he has trouble keeping track of the ones he already has.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#154
Astral_Beast posted...
I'm thinking of making a character for Tableflip.

I can't handle anymore characters...I can once some members exit my group.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#155
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
Astral_Beast posted...
I'm thinking of making a character for Tableflip.

He said he has trouble keeping track of the ones he already has.

Well ok then...
Official Fan Rotom of the Pokemon X/Y boards.
Official Shadow Jirachi of Team Miror Infinity.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#156
I don't mind any of these.

-A side character (e.g Sierra)
-An antagonist (e.g Ho-oh)
-A character watching the group (e.g Cuna before he asked Jessica out)

Basically any character that isn't actually IN the group.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#157

Within the room, inside an area, around some furniture, and away from a cauldron, the old scientist that saw the events of the shift unfold, that saw the founding of the Land of the Setting Sun, that even used to be an Impure Rashiram for a couple hundreds of years, was pacing like Prindle, and Monicle.

The same pace,
but not of a circle,
but of a line.

Back, and forth.
He paced, and Paced.
For he thunk, and thought.

Where am I?
Who are they?
How was I able to be absorbed?
What was that light that came out of both of us?
Why am I human again?
But above all else, why did.. the fabulous call me a name?

..why do I think I should know?

With his hair white, his glasses strangely repaired, and his lab coat still stretched out as if it was still trying to fit a pokemon, a legendary, he continued to pace. Back, and forth a couple of more times, thinking about the past, thinking about the present, and thinking about why he is pacing.

He sees Celeste come back with the fabulous Furret hybrid.

Martini---"So darling, you ask for my presence?"
RS--------"Yes, I have a few questions to ask you."

Martini, still as fabulous as ever, responded to the aged man.

Martini---"Ask away. Don't worry, I'll pay attention."

The stage was set, and the Scientist thought.

What should I ask of?
About where we are?
About why exactly did he save me?
About how I became a human again?
About how he was able to absorb me?

..about the name..
Yes, that name.. why did he mention it?

Placing his sight back on the fabulous Furret hybrid, the scientist's eyes light up with a question.

RS--------"So, about what happened back there."
Martini---"About what happened exactly where?"
RS--------"When the tentacles of light came out, I recalled you saying to someone that I'm called Octy... Can you tell me why you called me that name?"

The question was within the air, and the answer was being readied by the fabulous.


Furez----"Alright, you two!"
Furez----"What was in that icecream! I can't have an impending problem where there's people gorging themselves with Icecream, only for the fat to fall off of them like goo!"
Chef 1---"We're telling the truth!"
Chef 2---"We didn't know it was spiked!"
Furez----"What was?!"
Chef 1---"The fresh supply of strange berries!"

Shocked at the reveal, Furez forced the chefs to take them to the crates within the back of the restaurant, finding that indeed there were strange berries, some that even looked otherworldly within the crates!

The head of Guard Security Called Sam.

Sam-----"Yes, what did you find?"
Furez---"I found berries that aren't suppose to exist on this planet... I think"
Sam-----"You think? Well, let's just call the Berry Association Society, and see what they think, okay?"
Furez---"Fine, what about that girl? Chocolate was it?"
Sam-----"We have a good idea of where she's gone, but I'm gonna be busy with something special for the day, okay?"
Furez----"Fine, I'll call BAS."

She continued to stare at the box, only to decipher a word in between two others.


She continued to think, and pondered on calling the BAS.
[Did I do Martini alright?]
[Also, it has came to my attention that LOTSS is actually stuck within one day, while everyone else are speeding through weeks.]
[Don't know what to think of this.. maybe I'll get a plot point up..]

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#158
Heading to bed. 'Night.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#159
[---Nature Sanctuary---]
{---End of Case one---}
(Night of same day)

A shiny Pokemon..
The shiny Pokemon..
They.. All.. Are.. Menaces!

The black Haxorus whose spine was severed, continued to be operated by Octillery infront of the tribal Girafatars, and MD grunts. All the while, the tribal village was finishing being repaired.

Ms.Octillery----"Now, Monicle-"

She forces her hands on the heavily armored, dented spinal cord.
She somehow manages to snap the cord back in place without instantly killing the black Haxorus that was screaming in pain from the procedure. Even the blood that soaked the long gloves of the menace couldn't sto the crowd from looking.

Ms.Octillery----"Please tell us why this one was able to command all those oddly colored Pokemon?"

Monicle, who was working at the brain, ever so carefully cutting out the tumor, turned to the menace within stained teal, whose purple eyes were staring right through him.

Monicle-----/---"From the data that was collected, it seems as though the virus strain affecting the Dark green Haxorus, and pale white Gsuvks seemed to actively respond to Shiny Pokemon affected with the virus."
Ms.Octillery-------"Alright, thank you for the-"
Shiny Haxorus---"@@@@@@@!!!!!!"
Ms.Octillery-------"Whoops, slipped on that muscle.m. Anyways, that's all for today, let's close this make up."
Monicle------------"Finally, no more screaming!"

Before Monicle could start, Ms.Octillery came in and expertly ripped out the severed tumor from the brain, and tightly peeked back the skin of the skull back into place, all the while she damaged the nerve system, causing the shiny to lose its sense of pain, smell, a part of its hearing, and use of its long, thick, smooth, and shiny black tail.

Monicle---------"You could've at least-"
Ms.Octillery---"We got no time for that! We have to leave back to the camp within a few hours!"

Monicle then helped to caringly close the bloody back of the Haxorus that couldn't feel pain anymore. And after finishing drenching their already bloody gloves into the dark black skin, they continued to set the Haxorus on its way.

Ms.Octillery-----"Alright, that menace will never think to attack anything human again, but what about the ones that were deeply infected?"
Monicle-----------"The dark greens, and Pale whites are to be terminated through incineration, we can't have an epidemic start due to us letting those things roam free out there!"
Ms.Ocyillery-----"Got it, well then.. Let's leave this dump!"

After cleaning the taro that the Haxorus was on, packing up their bloody equipment, and saying goodbye to the tribal chief, the team headed off on the broken black truck that was being towed back to the main camp. All the while, a pink creature who has two long feet, two short arms and puny hands, along with a long tail followed the team within the distance. Ever so carefully floating within the darkness as a swablu, it thinks.

..she shares my cause against the imperfect ones..
.. I wonder.. Will she become my friend?

It continued turn into an Altairia, and continued to follow the black grunt and Pokemon filled truck through the night, until it reached the camp at dawn, seeing most if the team head for their tents for one final rest.

[Alright, Case Two will deal with the Berry virus, and another cameo from the other side.]
[And I'll get to the final flashback of Victory-1 Crew when I wake up for my sleep.]
[Then I'll continue finishing the unofficial gym ark, and start with Ocorono, the crystal berry, and the BAS.]

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#160
"Ugh, why is it so dark? Is there a power outage?" Katherine spoke.

"Nope! That's the way the Gym was made!" another female voice rang out in the darkness.

"That's stupid."

"Hey, it wasn't my idea! Anyways, wanna battle?"

"How are we supposed to battle if we can't see anything?"

"...Huh, this is pretty stupid."

"Hold on, I got this," Mephistopheles said, walking out of the Gym.

"What are you planning on doing?" Dusknoir asked.

"Something smart," the demon responded.

The odd pair strolled into a PokéCenter, and positioned themselves in the center of the building.

"Lift me up, Dusky," Mephistopheles requested.

"What are you scheming?"

"Just do it, okay?"

The Dusknoir lifted the demon into the air. Mephistopheles reached up to the ceiling and unscrewed a light bulb.

"What are you--" Nurse Joy began.

Mephistopheles waved his hand in a "be quiet"-y way. "Don't worry, I'll bring it back when I'm done with it. Besides, you have, like, six more in the ceiling.

The pair emerged from the PokéCenter and entered the Gym once again.

"I'm back," the demon announced. "Poli, take this light bulb, and try not to eat it. You have power over electricity, right?"

"Correct," the Dracid answered. "You want me to power this lightbulb?"

"You deserve a gold star, my friend. Hopefully, your dark urges won't cancel out the light," Mephistopheles chuckled.

Then, suddenly, bright light was cast all over the interior. A hallway and an athletic female Trainer were revealed.

"Finally!" the Battle Girl exclaimed. "Come on, let's do it. This'll be my first battle in this Gym yet!

"Gee, I wonder why," Pryce responded, rolling his eyes.

The female trainer ignored Pryce's snide comment and sent out Meditite. Sadie sent her trusty Kirlia.

The battle begins!
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