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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#161
(This has been on my mind to type lately, so...)
(character moment for Anna.)

Anna---"Love.. Look at what it is doing to me!"
"Torturing me as I wait for that idiot to come back!"
"Lass! I don't want to end up like that Watcher guy!"
"Or worse, I could be stuck down here alone, ever waiting for that idiot to come back!"

She punches the railing she is leaning on, ever looking up towards the sky, waiting for something, anything that could tell her that Tap is dead.. but nothing. As Victory-1 was stick with the insanity of being alone within the silence of a dead space, why Sonya ever so enjoyed her immortality, zooming through the vast colorful reaches if space, unknowing of torture the crew she spent a year with are going through...

Anna has been stuck with something worse, far worse than what blatant evil..
The undying hope for something that may never come.

As she stood there, ever hoping for a sign, any sign that could tell her of the death if Tap, a an armored woman, whose impossible black eyes told many stories, who carried a sword past many generations of those from the family line of Pherich, and the woman that took Uka Cast's name, the same sword that belonged to a grunt with a pink hat, and blue eyes, the same grunt she fell in love with, the same grunt she told how to be humble on that fateful day..

That same woman, now ever waiting, hoping for the seeds that the pink hat planted within her way back after their marriage, where from the pressure of a biological deadline, they were forced to figure out how to do what must be done, walked towards the desperate lady in white, her husband's sword ever so graciously stained by his own blood.

Woman---"Cheer up."
Anna-------"How can I cheer up?! For all I know, I'm down here enjoying life as I know it, while that idiot up in space is probably laying half dead on a floor, slowly regretting ever leaving my sight to persue his innocent dream!"
Woman---"Do you know if he's dead?"
Anna------"Of course not!"
Woman---"Then be glad."
Anna------"Why!? Be glad that I'm going to be haunted by that hope that they're still alive within that monstrosity!?!"
Woman---"Because, unlike myself, you will still have something positive to think of."
"Because, as I battle my emotions of ever wanting to kill that beast who murdered a person I held dear, a person that I taught how to finally appreciate the joys of doing something so demeaning, something so insulting of his potential. Yet, the same something that affects each and everyone of us from the background..."
" Because, as I torture myself for not being there, I can still see that bright, ever so tearful piece of joy that still floats around you.."

She sighs, and continues.

"As have gained a permanent hole within my heart, one that will only spread, seeping pain, guilt, and sorrow throughout my mind. You.. Yes, you still have someone that can close the hole, and stop the torture."

Anna, speechless, and regretful of ever complaining, calm herself down, and starts to enjoy the view of the stars within the cold night again. All the while, she tries to repay the comfort that the woman who sees through the impossible black eyes.

They continue to watch the dark blue sparkling water reflect the images of stars from the deck of the Land&Sea Research Craft.

[meh, kinda think I could've done much better with that love thing. But, I gotta go to sleep now.]

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#162
Hyacinth: And so it begins! The battle between Sadie, and some Gym person!

Hyacinth then launches into a very deep commentary of the battle. Meanwhile, Serah begins to talk to Willingmess

Serah: Heya!

Willingmess: Hey... I-I'm really sorry, but I haven't really begun to remember anything at all.....

Serah: Don't worry... It'll come with time... I wanted to talk to you about a different matter.

Willingmess: Is it about our quest?

Serah: Yup! You're as sharp as ever... I wanted to talk to you about the location of the first orb.

Willingmess: Where is it?

Serah: Well.... I'm not certain... but I believe the first orb is located near here. Close to the lake over there.

Willingmess: Aaahhh... How do reach it?

Serah: Well... you see... there's supposed to be an entrance to the maw of a cave that leads deep down to a terrible beast. There, we will find the orb of peacefullyness... after we watch the battles, we need to Quickly go in and retrieve it!

Willingmess: That sounds good! Now let's return to watching the game!

With that, they turn back to watching the game, with a highly skilled (apparently) commentator Hyacinth.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#163
"The battle begins with Meditite using Zen Headbutt! Ooh! The attack connects!" Hyacinthe announces enthusiastically.

"But Kirlia is Psychic-type! It's not very effective! But what is it doing? It's concentrating! Meditite realizes the futility of blindly attacking and begins to meditate!"

Kirlia opens her eyes and glowing, ethereal leaves float around her.

"Whoa! Kirlia launches Magical Leaf! Of course it hits! But Meditite moves in to attack with another Zen Headbutt!"

Kirlia is knocked down by the improved power of the Meditite's attack.

"But something's happening! Meditite starts to glow! Ooh... It's Future Sight! Meditite is unable to battle!"

And as the trainer is defeated, the gym lights up a little.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#164
Aw, I wake up and only about 15 posts? I'm a sad panda. ;_____;
And you said you were having problems with all the characters Tableflip? Perhaps Jabba, Mary and Ocarina should leave...
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#165

The white Rahkshi, the being of anger, ever so silently observed the camp, the camp that contained the woman with a hatred for Shinies, one who's anger with them is unparalleled. The one who is labeled the Menace to Shinies.

The one who's anger distracted Kurahk from its mission, its target, the Dracid it was sent to kill.

Said woman was Kurahk's meal. Not the woman herself, but her anger. Kurahk took pride in such anger, such terrifying, beautiful anger!

As it watched the camp like a silent guardian...or assassin, it spotted a peculiar Altaria perched upon a tree. The Altaria was eyeing one particular tent.

Getting a better look, the Rahkshi found the tent of the Altaria's focused attention. Inside was a female figure. But Kurahk only cared for the waves of anger pouring out of her like a burst dam.

Kurahk continued to watch the camp.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#166
OcarinaofToast posted...
Aw, I wake up and only about 15 posts? I'm a sad panda. ;_____;
And you said you were having problems with all the characters Tableflip? Perhaps Jabba, Mary and Ocarina should leave...

No.Don't let them leave for now,but you can leave any time you want.Plus,your group being with my group is the only thing keeping me active,so please don't leave.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#167
Jabba was watching the stars...

Mary: Hm... where is he?

She looked out a window to see Jabba laying on a hill.

Mary: Ah, there he is.

She went outside to be with Jabba...

Jabba: Oh, hi Mary. Ah, she looks so beautiful...

Mary: Can I stay out here with you for now?

Jabba: Of course!

Mary: Thanks! ...You're so nice to me Jabba...

She started scratching behind Jabba's ears.

Jabba: Oh...My...God...It feels so good... Wait a moment, you should have dog-like instincts too.

Mary: Alright, go for it.

Jabba started to rub Mary's belly.

Mary: I see why you and Tableflip enjoy this.

She was now kicking.

Mary: Ok, that's enough, please stop.

Jabb: Alright...

Mary: Thanks. Now let's go inside. It's late.

Jabba: Yes master.

Mary giggled. They then went inside to go to sleep.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#168
TableFlip posted...
OcarinaofToast posted...
Aw, I wake up and only about 15 posts? I'm a sad panda. ;_____;
And you said you were having problems with all the characters Tableflip? Perhaps Jabba, Mary and Ocarina should leave...

No.Don't let them leave for now,but you can leave any time you want.Plus,your group being with my group is the only thing keeping me active,so please don't leave.

That's nice, because I didn't want to leave. :D
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#169
Trish was inside the hotel,watching Cuna and Jessica sleep.

Trish:Lets start some drama...hehe...

She pulls out surgical equipment.


Emile:Where is everyone?

They walk outside to see everyone fighting Jessica?


Tableflip:What's going on?

Cuna:Jessica's going crazy.

Jabba runs to Jessica with his katana and tries to slash her.Jessica pushes him back until he hits a wall.

Jabba:Josh! Get her.

Josh:...I cannot.She is my sister...

Tableflip:I'll take care of this!

She shifts into a suicune and uses ice beam.The beam melts before it hits Jessica.Trish warped to where the group is.

Trish:Hay is for horses!

Cuna:What did you do to Jessica?

Trish:That's not Jessica,my dear.That's a ravenous dragon.

Cuna:Don't joke with me.

Trish:Okay,Mr.I'mSerious,this is Jessica.

She pulls out Jessica's brain.

Trish:And that's a dragon.

She points at Jessica.

Cuna:So you swapped their brains while I was asleep with her!? Aaaugh!

He flies over to Trish and whacks her with his bass.


She teleports,along with Jessica's brain.

Cuna:*sigh* I guess we'll have to haul this dragon around until we get Jessica's brain back.Then we'll put it back in.

Mary:Right now we have more things to worry about!

Jessica uses flamethrower on Tableflip,but he blocks it with his blade.

Tableflip:What do we do?
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#170
[---Nature Assass-I mean, Sanctuary---]
{---In between Cases---}

The four hour sleep.

The menace who hid her white hair, the same menace who sees through purple eyes, even the same menace that had heal block, was lying within the tent, clothed, sweaty, and miserable.

For the first hour, she lay wide awake, ever noticing the small noises coming from countless grass stems being stepped on by the keckleon scurrying about, the splashing sound coming from a nearby stream that had unusually powerful Magicarps, and equally as weak Gyarados, kept forcing her eyes to open back up, in preparation on what could possibly come through the tent door in front of her!

Through the darkness of the bright moonlit night, a yellow light appeared waving its rays about, ever getting closer, ever becoming larger! As the menace with purposely short white hair ever stood within the light blanket, the footsteps coming from the orange light outside became unbearable, as it some monstrous being was drunkenly walking along the grassy ground.

The tent zipper went down.

Ms.Octillery---"If you don't want to be stabbed with three sharp scales, tell me who you are!"
!!!------------------"Oh, sorry, I'm Monicle."

Octillery lowers her guard, knowing the familiar voice, letting the man come in. And after the flashlight was turned off, and the two were within two different blankets, facing away from each other.

A question was asked by the menace.

Ms.Octillery---"What in the name of the Lass were you doing out there?!"
Monicle---------"Couldn't sleep, kept hearing loud noises from a nearby tree."
Ms.Octillery---"..Hey, at least you didn't have to put up with five other paranoid people two nights ago."
Monicle---------"Eh.. at least you had company.. So, when do you think the LSRC will come back our way again?"
Ms.Octillery---"Maybe at noon, when most of us are packed up. But, why isn't Seeker-2 ever our transportation?"
Monicle---------"Because it's simply a Legendary Pokemon Chaser, and even though most of the equipment on there would greatly benefit us, we can't afford recklessly endangering that craft on none-legendary Missions."
Ms.Octillery---"Well, at least I'm feeling tired now.. Monicle?"

First hour past, and Monicle fell asleep within his tightly rapped blanket, leaving the menace alone to deal with her paranoia. But luckily, she also past out, after another hour of seeing weird images and colors from her closed eye lids.


The woman came to realize that she was within a hotel, dining within a a restaurant filled with all kinds of Pokemon.

On one table in between two others next to the wall, there was a Luigia using its large hands to pluck a bright green feather off of the Ho-Oh with a pink, friendly bow sitting at the opposite side of the wall table.

Then, past a few Latias, and Latio waitresses and waiters flying about, delivering sacks filled with Nutpea berries to the countless hungry pokemon watching a Baseball game through a large wall monitor, she saw both a Pink, and blue Kyogre within a water sphere, dining on unusually soft magikarp. And finally, after turning her sight back to the plate in front of her, she saw that on the opposite side to her sat a Black Haxorus, the Shiny Dracid Poli, and a Woman who seemed to be missing an arm.

On their plates, lay a ring with three shiny scales, a rotting arm, and an amazingly small, yet long Lanthorice of Catastrof, also known as one of the disasters. Poli looked at the arm, and ate it, then the shiny Haxorus, and was choosing between the ring, the serpent, or the woman. He chose the serpent that had a name, and before he ate it, Ms.Oct jumped at him with the shiny ring, only to wake up in a cold sweat.

[*Starts on Part two*]
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