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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#21
Willingmess: But... I don't have a wife!

Serah: (Sigh) I guess you don't remember me then... Y'see us two, a few years back, decided to reincarnate after seeing how much fun Poli was having after he reincarnated and also because there was a need for us.

Willingmess: I... knew I was reincarnated.. but I didn't know I had a wife.... heck, I don't remember anything from my past life....

Serah: I was the same way, until just a few days ago, when something happened that made me remember everything.... I love you so much.... I'm going to stick by your side until you remember everything!

Willingmess: Ok....

Suddenly, Hyacinth was up and looking about.

Hyacinth: Ooh! Who is she?!

Willingmess: Apparently my wife... who loved me enough to seek me out in the next life...

Hyacinth: Oh well.... pretty soon the battles are gonna come on!

Serah: Ooh! that sounds interesting!.... but, I'm afraid I also came on a far graver matter... I-I need your help Willingmess.... There isn't any particular urgency, but... I need your help In exterminating all evil in the world!

Willingmess: What?!

Serah: You see... that was the other reason we came back, was in order to free the earth from its bondage in evil! If we go and destroy all 6 evil guardians and gather all 6 peace orbs, and place them in the base of mount leavnau, we can destroy the earth's evil. And since there's no particular urgency, we can follow the "league battles" too!

Hyacinth: Ooh! It'll help pass the time too!

Willingmess: Ummm... I dunno... is it really our duty to destroy the evil in the earth?

Serah: Look in my eyes, Willingmess. You and me, we are destined for this. We came back for this. Try and remember the vow we took the day we were to come back to earth.

Willingmess: Hmmm..... ughh... I-I think I can....

Willingmess begins to see a fuzzy image of himself, and the woman before him, standing in front of something... holding up their right hands...

Serah: Now do you see?

Willingmess: Yes.... Yes! I can see us! But... that's really the only thing I can for right now...

Serah: (grinning) Oh don't worry... more will come over time...

With that, the group then all begins prepping for the day's worth of Gym watching... and as Tear and Guy were awoken, each were introduced to Serah. Everyone absolutely loved her and thought she was amazing, all that is except for Sphereo.....

(Good night all!)
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#22
[Nature Sanctuary]

The beautiful day passed, and the calming night entered. Spreading its starry moon lit sky across the calm savanna, past the countless sleeping keckleons, the ever awake and healing Audinos, and even over the tribal village. Where through the red glows from countless fires, past the countless assorted sleeping tribal girafitars, grunts, and knocked out wild Pokemon, a woman whose purple eyes and white hat stood near a man who many thought to be the smartest. They looked at the grunts, and young child Girafitars that were still awake, waiting for the two to give the needed answered as they both stood behind a restrained sleek black, sparkling Haxorus.

Ms.Octillery---"Alright, seemed like this useless shiney did lead the strangely colored Pokemon here to try, and kill the girafarig hybrid human tribe we've just saved."
Monicle--------"Rest assured, that Golduck that seemed like it followed the symptoms of the berry virus from long ago, was merely infected with a similar, yet treatable disease. The Devils illness."
Ms.Octillery---"I'm sure that all of us appreciate that close call.. But, now to examining this live specimen!"
Monicle--------"After a few hours of interrogation, we were only able to get out hatred against the hybrid humans."
Ms.Octillery----"So, in response, I now can do this!"

She carefully stabs the scaly back of the restrained Shiny Haxorus, causing it to scream with immense pain to the laughter of the children like Girafitars.

Ms.Octillery-----"Oh shut it, you'd know you disserve this."
Monicle-----------"Right, past the countless healthy red and pink organs, we started to search for a bacteria that could cause the massive hatred against us, but that was to no avail."
Ms.Octillery-----"So.. We then started to-hold on.."

The pain filled Haxorus blacks out after the menace to shinies started to cut into the skull.

Ms.Monicle----"Let me inject this into her... done, do your magic."

Ms.Octillery Starts to operate on the dying beast with such speed and concentration, that the askance was amazed at how perfectly she did it, bringing back the shiny for round two, but now while asleep. After cutting through the thick skull, they found something interesting within the brain of the shiny.

Monicle----"As you can see, a large tumor was the cause for the sudden hostilities towards us."
Ms.Oct-----"As disappointing as that may be, we still can continue to operate on it awake if you all want."

The small crowd of grunts and tribal children became positive at the notion, and the menace towards shiny Pokemon continued operating on the alive and awake beast. All the while, from behind the shadows, a small pink creature lay behind, marveling at the work of the menace.

After a few hours more, the first truck left the tribal village with most of the wounded, and the rest stayed behind to clean up the mess within the night, ever glad to sleep when they finally finished the last large tent structure.


Meanwhile, within the restaurant of the rising sun, a father, and mother were conversing within a table, eating a fancy assortment of carefully picked berries.

Furez-----"Lass, it's Soo nice to actually go out to eat again!"
Sam------"Yeah, yeah.. Still amazed that thing I overlooked within Outpost 4.A.3 went so well.."
Furez-----"Never doubted you, even though Catastrof started to wiggle about while you were distracted.."
Sam------"Hey, at least now, we may finally get its brain under our controll."

Costumer 1---"Heh, ow!"
Costumer 2---"Wha-Ow!"
Furez---"Shut it you tw-"
C1-----"Oh lass.."
C2-----"Mister, will you Marry-"

Since that's the fifth time it happened, Furez and Sam knew something was up.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#23
[Tell me if I got Celeste wrong]


Somewhere, while Martini continued to do something with a cauldron, Cekeste responded to RS's question.

Celeste----"Reason? Eh, the others just wanted to do something bad."
RSS--------"I see... well then, can you please explain why I am not a Rashiram anymore?"

Magic.. something that I've always pushed myself away from. For really, isn't science magic itself? Just, more consistent in explaining itself within the realms of possibility?

Nevermind that, before the show got strange, that.. Fabulous said something about me.. What was it?

RS scientist----"Alright, Celeste, I want to talk to that.. Martini about what exactly is an Octi."

He waited for a response, all the while the cauldron started to bubble in a strange pattern.

And... That's it for me now, gotta get done sleep.
Sweet dreams you all!

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#24
"So, uhh... Any hints?"

"Arceus? I know you can hear me!!"


"Arceus is an *******!"




"Wow. He really can't hear me," Angelica talked to herself.

She thought for a moment as she examined her surroundings. She was in the middle of some sort of... Ocean town, haunted by the whispering winds and the wails of the dead. The dense fog suppressed most of the moonlight, not casting enough light to see by, but enough to weave strange shapes of shadows. A frightful sight, enough to make any mortal go mad.

Any mortal.

Angelica unsheathed her sword, and held it into the air. It caught what little moonlight penetrated the thick mist. The sword amplified and reflected the light in all directions, dispelling the darkness.

Turns out, she was just in Pacifidlog Town, and maybe she was overdramatizing the appearance of her surroundings a little bit.

"Hmm... On one hand, now I can do whatever I want without the big man noticing..."

"On the other... For the first time, I really am on my own now."
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#25

Dead silence. Silent night. Leerahk observed Hoenn's waters from atop Sky Pillar, hunting down the Dracid.

It was intrigued by the sight of a shut down robot. One modeled after...Rayquaza was it?

As it was watching, it saw a bright light towards Pacifidlog. It screeched, then turned towards the town.

It spotted a strange girl, a strange girl with white wings. An angel-like figure.

It considered swooping down. poisoning the angel, turning her to their side. But, after factoring in the potential possibility of defeat, tossed out that idea.

The Mecha-Rayquaza could make a good ally though. Leerahk strided to it, summoned its Staff, and plunged it into the machine. After some delay, green veins spread from impact, all over the robot, and it sputtered to life.

Leerahk pointed at the angel, giving orders to attack. While Mecha-Rayquaza made way for Pacifidlog, Leerahk took flight for Mt. Pyre.
Official Team Miror Infinity Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#26
"Excuse me, miss, but that's the fifth plate you've had." -Chef.

"I'm still hungry!" -Chocolate.

"Are you sure you can pay for all that food?" -Chef.

"Oh... Er... How much?" -Chocolate.

"500 Poké." -Chef.

"Oh... I have... 450." -Chocolate.

"It's fine. Are you still hungry after all that food? We have a promo right now. If you can finish this entire bucket of ice cream, it's free." -Chef.

"I'll take it!" -Chocolate.

The chef brought out a massive bucket. Chocolate was intimidated by it's size, but she knew she could finish it. The chef gave her some words of inspiration.

"In order to finish this bucket, you must have understanding of your limits, knowledge to control your pace, courage to face this unrelenting tide of ice cream, diligence to persevere against this colossal challenge, and the metabolism to hope to Arceus that all of this doesn't go anywhere." -The chef.

Another chef walks out of the kitchen and sees Chocolate.

"Better finish that or we'll chop 'yer legs off!" -Another chef.

Soon, all of the staff members and quite a lot of other bystanders circle around Chocolate.

"You can do it!" -Bystander A
"I bet 900 Poké that she can't finish!" Bystander B
"I bet 830 Poké that she can!" -Bystader A
"You hear that? You're famous!" -The first chef.
"I bet this spatula that she can't finish." -Second chef, holding a silver spatula.

Chocolate is all riled up now.

"FORTUNA!" -Chocolate, yelling.

To the crowd's surprise, she throws her spoon at the second chef and begins to scarf down the bucket of ice cream.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#27

Poli takes on Whitney!
...And loses to Miltank due to a lack of potions and a crit Stomp.

But, one Level and a few X items later, he walks away with his 3rd Badge after Issac murders Whitney's team with Brick Break!

Poli heads to the Pokeathlon.

Croconaw (Pryce) Lvl 22
Flaaffy (Martini) Lvl 21
Heracross (Issac) Lvl 21

Now, back to your scheduled RP.
Official Team Miror Infinity Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#28
"We'll never lose!" -Niche.

I'm dyin', man! Why are we even doing this?!

The Zorua takes an arm thrust to the face.

Y'know, it's always been my dream... To be the very best.

Like no one ever was?

Yeah, you got it. To catch them is my real test.

but to train them is your cause?

We'll travel across the land.

Searching far and wide?

Each Pokémon...

To understand...

The power that's inside!


Gotta catch 'em all!

It's you and me!

I know it's our destiny!


Ooh, you're my best friend...

In a world we must defend!


Gotta catch 'em all!

A heart so true!

Our courage will pull us through!

You teach me...

And I'll teach you!


Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!


Niche hadn't noticed it but he won! He had defeated Brawly!

"Wow! It's not everyday that I get a challenger using a dark type. 'Specially when it's not native to Hoenn. Here's the Knuckle Badge. You've earned it." -Brawly.

Niche limped over to Brawly and caught the badge in his mouth. He then began to lumber over to the door to exit the gym.

You're my best friend, man.

You're my best friend, dude.

He collapses in front of the door.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#29

---The Restaurant---

As the bets started to fly, Furez and Sam were searching within the cooking room. The chefs were going crazy with the production of ice cream.

Chef 1----"Hey! What are you tw-"
Furez-----"Looking for what's spiking the food."
Chef 1----"I can assure you, no one here is druggi-"


Furez----"What was that?!"
Chef 1---"Quick! Get a barrel of ice cream out here!"
Sam-----"Whoa now, we haven-"
Chef 1---"My daughter's school funding lies within the balance!"
Sam------"Did you just say that you've placed the future of your child on the ever shifting forces of Lick or Fortune?!"
Chef 2---"We ain't got time to argue! Start the We Scream procedure!"

They took action, the chefs easily whipped up a flavorful brightly pink Magost ice cream scoop, ever filling the barrel in which it would be consumed from!

Chef 1----"Alright"
Furez-----"But we don't know if that's drugged!"
Sam------She's righ-"
Chef 2----"GO GO GO!"

The chefs left with the spiked ice cream to feed Chocolate with.

[Will be busy for the next three hours, church]
[So control for Sam and Furez is temporarily handed over]

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#30
i haven't been on for days so i'll try to write something.

on their way down the street Axiom was killing temperance with an annoying question

Axiom: so where are going
Temperance: ask your crobat
Axiom: yo Xerox where are we going
Xerox: we're going to school
Axiom: wh wha WHAT!
temperance: calm down we're here
Zenith: *snaps fingers and 4 bags appear* goodluck you guys i've got science
Axiom: *sighs* gah i got math
Temperance: ha i got math too
Axiom: good give me all your answers
Temperance: no, learn the answers your self
Axiom: whatever
Xerox: i have gym
Axiom: well i'll see you guys later

the first bell rings and they all walk to their classes. without noticing that they for got their bags.

i can't think of anything. i have so many limitations why is thus so hard to do
official scientist of team miror. shadow pokemon: haunter
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