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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#401
Okay, I have decided to place a Golden Statue of Martini in front of the topic building to Remember XEvent. Any Objections?
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#402
Chandler014 posted...
Okay, I have decided to place a Golden Statue of Martini in front of the topic building to Remember XEvent. Any Objections?

Team Miror B Admin. Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#403
Emile:Don't go in your room yet.

She shifted into a feraligatr and ran into Tableflip's room.

Jessica:Cuna and I are going to bed.Good night!

Tableflip:G'night guys.

They went into their room.

Emile:Okay! You can come in!

Tableflip opened the door.He saw a feraligatr in a dress and a tiara.

Emiligatr:Sir,do you know where my reptillian prince is?

Tableflip shifted into a haxorus.

Taborus:Right here.

Emiligatr:I love you,my prince.

She kissed Taborus.

They continued to roleplay as Prince Haxor and Princess Gatr for the rest of the night.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#404
protobakurion posted...
Chandler014 posted...
Okay, I have decided to place a Golden Statue of Martini in front of the topic building to Remember XEvent. Any Objections?


Okay, Then I'll place it here...and there. To XEvent!! Now, to-
*Passes out*
Official Co-Leader and Supreme General of Team Miror Infinity.
Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#405
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
"I'LL UNSCREW THEIR ARMS AND-" -Rhapsody, in a rage at the loss of her home/gym.

"So you see, Strangers are kinda like these... Aquatic animals... For some reason. I'm Jellyfish and you're Octopus. I kinda stole a tumor that was growing on your soul when I absorbed you. 'Cuz that's my tumor. You had a chunk of my original soul. For some reason. I would guess that's what happens when someone survives the end of their universe... Or something. The chunk that you had was my original smarticles, see? I guess I was like... A scientist in my first life... Or something. I wanted to rebuild my old self back when I was just a tiny li'l burning ball of light, which was my soul before Libra, my dad, gave me this body, but Chocolate, my mom, wouldn't let me. What ever happened to her, anyway? But back to what I was saying, I don't really care about actually looking for myself anywhere. So... yeah... Edge-eh-muh-cay-shun... N' stuff." -Martini.

"So... How do these survivors get chunks of your soul? And why am I not a Reshiram?" -"Octy."

"I guess they kinda just scatter everywhere. When the world ends, Libra usually calls me into the Pantheon to wait for 'New Game Plus' and then Chocolate starts an orgy. You're not a Reshiram because these shades see the truth and then projects it onto reality... Or something. I got them from a bush." -Martini.

"What's the Pantheon?" -RS Scientist.

"This place in my mind where all those spirits live. I gave it to Rhapsody and all of the spirits gave me parting gifts. Too many parting gifts. Then Rhapsody just so happened to put the Pantheon into a bus leading into a vortex to an unknown location during one of her experiments." -Martini.


"Rhapsody, you should calm down." -Celeste.

"Just keep flying, dear." -Martini.

The trio continues to cruise through the sky.

[Changlini has full control over Martini & Co. now.]

Why is martini a successful Xehanort?
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#406
I'm going to sleep.I won't post tommorow until lunch.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#407
Too bad Event has to leave, but I hope he'll rejoin in June or whenever for pokemon RP #__ when that happens.

Sorry that I've also been away for so long, here's a part.

Zade was working away in the LOTRS, on the verge of falling asleep.

"So close, yet so far..." he said.

He had been hard at work, trying to find a solution to the Mio.

"Hey, chief!" a voice called.

"What is it?" Zade asked, his eyes beginning to close. "Did you find out something useful?"

"The guy who caused this problem escaped from prison!"

"That's nice," Zade said. "Just let me sleep 5 more minutes."

"Chief!" the voice yelled, but Zade was already completely asleep.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#408
As they continued on, they made their way into the desert... There, they find a huge tower!

Guy: Wow.... that's a huge tower we're gonna have to traverse Serah.

Willingmess: Hey! Back off!

Guy: Woah Woah... I wasn't saying anything bad about her...

Willingmess: Oh, sorry man... I-I've just been a little on edge lately...

Tear: It's Ok...

Serah: Well then, let's get in there!

Willingmess: OK!!!

He quickly grabs up Serah and sprints up to the building!

Willingmess: C'mon C'mon! Hurry up guys!

Guy: Hey man.... what's wrong?

Willingmess: Nothing!

Serah: Awww... I think it's sort of sweet!

Tear: Ok........

With that, they continue on, deep into the far reaches of the tower until finally they reach the top of the tower... There they see a a huge monster formed entirely of sand.

Guy: Heh! I've got this one!

With that, he walks out to battle the beast.
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#409
Heading to bed. 'til the mornin'.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#410
Alright, guessing I should focus my sights away from the league now, and back to the plot of realities I'm building up for.

XEvent-HorizonX posted...
My posts are just gonna be few and far between.

My megalomaniac mom doesn't know about the TVs web browser.

Eh, I mean, when that happened to Jabba in TWGCIP, we still continued on with him,

*Recent events for Martini's crew*
---Martini, and Celeste go to Fortree to meet up with a certain girl that used to be named Piece!
---On a dream to become full fledge villains, Martini, Celeste, and the girl start to think, ever waiting for the heroes to battle Winona!
---Now revealed to be called Rhapsody, the group struck up a plan to break into a jail cell and free RS!
---After kidnapping RS with a sack, the group arrives back at the fortree home.
---After dumping him out of the sack, Martini has a sign Tentacle fight against RS's spirit tentacle(|:~u)!
---The unconscious RS loses the Spirit Tentacle fight, and Martini
---And when RS came to, Martini calls RS Octy, and then its tentacle sucks him into his hand. Martini's hair shortens and turns white and he grows small horns.
---Rhapsody complains about the way Martini sucked in the RS scientist! Causing Martini to un-absorb him!
---Rhapsody and Martini leave the room to check the cauldron out in the balcony, leaving RS to question Celeste.
---Only answering one question, Celeste goes out to bring Martini back inside to answer a few question about RS.


---Team Bionicle Destroys Fortree! Ruining the plans of Martini, and Rhapsody!
---Then, escaping as the fabulous group they are, Martini tells RS about Smarticles! About being a scientist in a past life! About his long mission to fully be formed into the person he used to be!
---Rhapsody vows revenge against Team Bionicle!
---They all fly away to somewhere...

Observers are here!

As Martini, Rhapsody, and RS, continued to hold on to the large Togetic that is Celeste, over the tropical Hoenn region. Thoughts came flooding into the mind of RS.

...A smarticle.. I don't have it anymore?..
All of them back in place?
Surviving...The end of a universe..
Octy.. that name isn't of a pokemon, but of something else..
..maybe I should.. call myself it.. not because of it, but because of the significance the name has to another.. Leantle..
Actually, how am I flying?

He gets back into reality, seeing himself hanging on to Celeste's white leg, seeing Martini the Furret curled up around the neck of the Togetic, and Rhapsody is still fuming!

Rhapsody-----''WHERE ARE THEY?!?!''
Celeste--------"Please, come down, we may-"
RS--------------"Martini, I think I know a place to calm her down.."
Celeste--------"Oh please tell me now! I'm getting tired of her-"
Rhapsody----"IS THAT THEM!?"
Martini---------"My dear, that's a bike."

Before Rhapsody screams in anger again, RS shouts the name of the town.

RS-----"Verdanturf! Go to Verdanturf!"

Celeste then quickly flies over the region, passing some of the Bionicle overhead as a colorful blurb, past a white heliplane labeled with NER, and lands within the grassy plains where a woman whose arm is rotting once relaxed in.

Rhapsody---"I WAnt.. to kill.. them.. all..zzz"
Celeste-------"Wow, it worked! Thanks.."
RS-------------"Call me... Octy."

Martini, whose story has been fabulously told, became quite interested in Octy's decision to take on the name that the fabulous mentioned.
They continued to watch Rhapsody sleep.
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