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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#411
Slowly, Guy walks up to the beast...

Guy: Defend yourself!

With that, he launches an assault on the beast, hacking and slashing at it, continuously until he knocks away so much sand he reveals the core of the beast!

Guy: Aha! This looks important!

With that, he lifts his sword overhead for the final blow, when suddenly a huge beam of energy hits the beast!

Guy: Huh!?

Willingmess: I got it! I got it! See Serah! See!

Guy: Huh! what was that about!?

Willingmess: (Shaking head) Huh? did something happen?

Tear: Willingmess.... you've been acting rather strange lately.....

Willingmess: What? I-I'm sorry.....

Guy: Don't worry.... just try and show a little more self control....

Willingmess: Oh well.... let's just grab the Orb and get out of here... The sooner we finish the quest the better, Right?

Serah: Yeah! (Hehehehehehehehe.......) The next Orb is located To the northwest! let's get that one and we'll only have one left!

With that, Willingmess picks up the orb.... This time, he only remembers some small details about their love.....

Hyacinth: Let's go! off into the unknown future that is the next passing moment!

With that, they exit the cave and head northwest!
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#412
Mephistopheles's nose caught a delightful scent.

His eyes opened of their own accord. He tried looking around, but he couldn't move his eyes.

Then he found he couldn't move anything.

He tried speaking, but nothing.

"Fiddlestyx. I can't move a muscle," the demon thought. "Well this is fun... Not."

"Look at them, just gorging themselves on that sumptuous spread. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they're taunting me."

"I wonder... Did Longal come through that portal I found in Granite Cave? I recognize him, but he didn't seem to recognize me... Guess I'm not as infamous as I thought. Which is a good thing."

"And Sadie's a demon, eh? Suppose I should've seen that coming. No human would have her kind of skill. I wonder... Is she a pure blood demon? Whatever... She's still Sadie, no matter her species..."

"Goodness, I'm famished. But there's nothing more I can do to speed up my healing than to sleep..."

His eyes slowly close again, whilst the rest of the group feast on their dinner.

[Yeah, filler.]
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#413
Can Grimsley help Jace???
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#414
As they headed along the landscape, Sphereo was having (Fun?) It was on an adventure with its favorite masters.... But something was wrong... It could see that Both Hyacinth, and Willingmess were having troubles... The rest didn't notice because they were mortals, but Sphereo could see straight into the soul... And both of them, were dealing with some inward turmoil... So sphereo decided it would cheer up its masters no matter the cost... He (thought?) for a while, and hit upon an answer! after a little bit of searching the universe, Sphereo found what it was looking for... Slowly, he approached his masters... and lifted up the hot steaming pile of delicious cherry pie!

Willingmess: Awww... Thank you Sphereo!

Hyacinth: Ooh! Thank you Sphereo! This pie looks amazing!

Happily, sphereo blushed, knowing he had done a good job...

Finally, after hours of searching, they found the cave, once inside, they continued along, defeating the beast and grabbing the orb quietly... They knew their quest was nearing its end, and they were hoping to finish it rather quickly.

Willingmess: So then, My sweet delight, where is the last orb?

Serah: Well now... the last orb... is to the west, in a seaside cave, once inhabited by team aqua!

Willingmess: Well then.... let's go My sweet pudding!

With that, they continue their quest, by moving to the west...
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#415
omg der n lilicov. contes tim. i cll meh swmprt.
Official Shadow Blaziken of Team Miror Infinity.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#416
*Killer of Glory Resent events*
(Even inspired me to continue doing REs for my posts)

---Cap is disappointed at himself for failing to give Sonya a thank you gift for the one cooperative year of helping Victory-1 on figuring out why Space station 368 lost communication.
---Cap, Tap, And Led wait for one final goodbye from Sonya as a Deoxys! But it never comes!
---And with that bad omen, the three left on an unown powered mission not told to Sonya!
---Sonya enjoys living immortaly, traveling through countless beautiful looking views of galaxies, star formations, and her spiritual companion, Deoxys.
-----All the while, Muter, Tap, and Led slowly go through the torture of endless silence, the torture of hoping for the best, and the torture of seeing nothing for years!
---Sonya continues to enjoy the view if the universe far, far away from Muter, Cap, and Led.
---While the mentioned three, after years of psychological starvation, finally see the killer of glory, far, far below the X-axis of the galaxy, deep within the pitch black darkness of deep space, and Giratina's dark matter domain!
---Sonya realizes her want to be with Poli again, and starts to head back, not knowing that the crew she used to be with I'd finally, after years of silent torture, begin their journey!
---"Victory-1 to KoG, Respond.."
---Cap, Tap, and Led enter the Killer of Glory!
---Time skip to the oresent, skippingcrucial events they chose to forget!
---Led starts to compare her useless human body, to Sonya's onvincible gift! Hating that gifted astronaut for having it easy, while the humans insured torture!

---Killer of Glory---
(Time has died(Figuratively, it continues, but there's no reference for it, so its as good as being dead for all they care though))

Within the almightyy set piece that is the Killer of Glory, whose presence makes black holes bow, whose occupying force release senseless hate, whose meaning even Arceus fears!

Muter dreams, a dream.
In song!
Heave, oh heave.. Heave until this day comes.
Heave, oh heave, until this day has come.
Heave, until, this all-might-y day comes.
HEAVE, OH HEAVE! Until we see the bomb.
Heave, until, we see... This, day, COMES!!!!

Muter looks at the rope he's pulling, only to see a larg pink Kyogre, wheeping that it may never find the poisonus touch love. He breaks orders, and leaves the rope to the Deoxys holding a wonder berry to pick up the slack.

He then, after countless minutes sloshing through water, comes infront of the depressed face of sadness. A question is asked.

Muter-----"Why are you so sad?"
Corsaw--"Because, love... something I may never experience."
Muter-----"Are you sure? You're a legendary! An impure immortal being! Enjoy the taste that comes after the insanity, that comes after accepting that -wait, didn't Monicle-"
Corsaw---"Are legendary Pokemon going extinct?"

The Gigantic pink Kyogre infront of him turned into a large Kingrda that had a bloated jelly like skin that if a metroids membrain!
The female Kingrda, who had three glowing yellows dots see able within her seethrough head, started to enlarge its mouth.

Muter----"Yes, they are indeed going extinct, because of the sign bearers.."

He's eaten, and through the darkness, he finds himself within a small lit room with a mirror. And through the mirror, he sees that he is now the Kingrda that ate him, whose blobish belly now held it in place on the ground, ever showing countless ready to be birthed Metroids swinging within the goop insid him, all the while he now has spider like legs, and small Krickitot like arms.

Find.. M8ni..

He wakes up, Led and Tap are still asleep.
[Now, I go to sleep]
[Oh, and Event, is it okay mention M8ni?]

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#417
[Stealth bump >.>]

What if all our characters were boxers?





This is judging by fighting style, not necessarily appearance or personality.

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#418
[Abandoned Ship]

After the meals were finished, everyone was asleep. This time, Poli slept well.

But the same dream came again. The one of the ruination of the world, with the dark man (Dark Poli) turning into Akuro. Except instead of being showed the Leventhan battle, a bright light vanquished the nightmare, and Poli was standing admist Kyurem.

Poli ---------- Kyurem! Haven't heard from you in a while.
Kyurem ------ I've been letting you guide the ship. Akuro is attempting to break your spirit.
Poli ----------The....dreams?
Kyurem ------ Yes, the dreams. Akuro, annoyed, is trying to make his move. Sadie was the first step.
Poli ---------- Sadie?
Kyurem ------ That's why she's a demon. Akuro, angry with himself for not locating his last vessel, made one. Sadie is the vessel.
Poli ---------- ...Does that mean she must die to keep Akuro at bay?
Kyurem ------ No, she does not need to die. Even if she did, Akuro will simply locate or make another vessel.

Poli was relieved.

Poli ---------- Alright. Anything else?
Kyurem ------ The Rahkshi. Those contraptions from another dimension.
Poli ---------- Them. What of them?
Kyurem ------ They are on to you. They know you are in Hoenn. Fortree is gone. Mossdeep is gone. They will tear everything apart to find you.
Poli ---------- Isn't a normal day without someone set out to kill me.
Kyurem ------- They are confident in their success. They believe you are oblivious to their core weakness. I leave you be with this.

"The vile serpent flower.
A metal shell makes men cower.
But, all flowers open up.
When this one does, it's time is up."

Poli ---------- ...Did you just rhyme 'up' with itself?
Kyurem ------ Yes, yes I did. Remember your destiny, Light Frost. Arceus did not give you his Power of Legends to fool around.

The dream faded, and Poli woke up.

Poli ---------- "My destiny...the...the Prophecy...should I tell them about that?"

Poli's scales shined as the first rays of dawn peeked in through the corroded holes in the ship.

The Rahkshi continued their "purge".

If Sootopolis could be wrecked any more, they did so. Evergrande fell. The Rahkshi were merciless in their mission.

They headed for western Hoenn, towards Meteor Falls.
Life is but a cruel Mistress.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#419
RE for Octillery;

---Octillery tortures a shiny Haxorus, with Monicle finding a tumor!
---After funding out what was causing the Pokemon to rampage within the tribal village, Octillery, and Monicle head back to camp.
---A strange pink creature turns into an Altaria, and follows the group!
---Durring the night, Octillery has a dream!
---She sees a lot of other characters she shouldn't actually know!
---And she wakes up just before stabbing Poli for eating her name!
---Monicle then leaves the tent to ready up.
---It's casual week!
---And after everyone finishes packing, they see the LSRC within the horizon.
---One of team Bionicle leaves the area!
---Monicle questions about the mysterious NER person!
---And soon after the LSRC arrived, Monicle, Octilkery, and both grunt and Pokemon push up a truck!
---The Altaria then turns into a Dubsparce, and playfully annoys the group, causing the Pokemon and grunts left pushing the truck to lose speed!
---Then, a Rhyperior takes notice, and launches a Bean bag into the Dunsoarce, injuring it!
---Octillery then leaves with the Dunsparce into the ship.
---LSRC blasts out of the Sanctuary, into the Unown!

Case-2:The Pink, The Menace, and the Sea flu!

The day looked amazing as ever.
The waves were see-through olive, countless scared Wailmer headed away from the hover-craft's destination direction!

Anna-------"Seems like something has them swimming scared.."

The skies were bright light blue, the Winguls were now sparely seen heading towards the not visible mainland!

Captain----"We should be seeing-"
Anna--------"Great Lass, Look!"

There it was, the once mighty Space port, now filled with black debris of destruction.Two white Heliplanes labeled with NER were seen carrying off a large explosive rocket engine within the distance.

Anna------"Were one of the rockets holding 'our' Helio-3 engines?"
Woman--"Nope, Mister made sure that those potential bombs are only within Risen Sun.."
Captain--"Alright, there's already a Pokemon Ranger team coming it to deal with the damage."

They see a kid being checked on by a doctor, and two strong looking twins trying to use psychic to repair some of the damage. And many scientists lay on a cliff, broken down by seeing their dreams be destroyed, all the while they could do nothing to stop it. They started to tilt over the edge, looking into the sharp, steel, rocket fueled debris just over the sharp rocks.

Splashing sounds were heard.

Captain---''Alright, I want to be on the other side of the island region by dawn.''

The ship revved the engines, the engine grunts unleashed the Unown powered liquid, and the two large fans over the main deck were engulfed inside of a Black aurora!

Captain---There's a MD team we need to bring onboard, they're currently doing a case of the recent strange flu within this tropical region."
Woman---"I heard about that on the news, the description about the-"
Anna-------"Trust me, it's not what you think."
Captain---"Green light."

The ship glided off to the west, on a mission to retrieve a medical division team near the Fossil Maniac's house.

[I'm gonna make Arckson guess star in this case, onboard the SS. Anne]

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#420
Astral,I'm going to introduce your character in the arch after Yorr+The 6 keys.Here's what it's about.

After Jabba and co. defeat Yorr and release Trish from her trance,the couple Tableflip and Emile decides that they want to rebuild the region of Oblivia.Some of Yorr's prisoners decide to stay and rebuild Oblivia as well.Some members of Jabba's group split up,and some stay at the castle.Meanwhile,in Fiorre,they notice that Oblivia is returning,so they seek to destroy Oblivia.
I don't even know anymore.
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