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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#421
Sadie was in the bed she decided on, trying to get some sleep. It never comes, and the more she really thinks about her situation, the less likely it is for sleep to come. She remembers what she said to Selena when they first met.

"Sometimes, all someone needs is someone to talk to."

She'll need someone that understands her situation. Her options were Poli, Mephistopheles, and her dad. But with her fellow demon in recovery, and her fellow Fuser off limits by parental orders, she decides to wake up her dad.

"...hey..." Pryce said slowly, trying to wake up for Sadie. "...what's wrong? ...I thought you said you'd want some sleep after a long night like this..."

"What I said was that I needed to cool down." Sadie said. "I couldn't sleep if I tried. ...can we talk in private for a minute?"

"Sure. Where to?"

"You'll see. Follow me."

Pryce follows her daughter, and like she said, he understands. She's leading him out of the ship. Eventually, they find themselves outside. Sadie then jumps in the water, shifts with a bright light, and rises half submerged as a Lugia. "All aboard." she said in an awkward joking manner.

"We're coming back soon, right? I'd rather not let the others think we left them behind."

"Oh. Yeah, we're coming back soon. There's no real destination, I just... I just wanna fly while talking about this."

"I understand. There's some things I refuse to talk about unless it's over..."

"Grepa Berry Juice?"

"...technically, yes." And with that, Pryce dove in the water, climbed onto his daughter's neck, and the two took off.

"So, what was it you wanted to talk about?"

" heritage."

"Oh, that. But didn't I already tell you that no matter what you are--"

"Yes, but here's what I was thinking. Akuro will keep coming after his fifth vessel, and that could put you all at risk."

"Don't you dare think like that, young lady. All of us are always at that kind of risk."

"Even so, if Akuro ever got a hold of his fifth vessel, who knows what he would do?"

"Then we go after Akuro, because even if you're dead, he'll just make a new one. Look, I know what you're going through. Remember when we told you about our lives, me and your mom? She mentioned Satsui no Hado."

"Yeah, I remember. And Lugia told me all about what you tried to do when you discovered it."

"Yeah, I-- wait, Lugia?"

"Long story."

"...anyway, Satsui no Hado is a dark energy that empowers whoever uses it, making them extremely skilled at martial arts, and giving them... other talents. But there's a catch. Whenever you use it, you get this burning, intense hatred towards your opponent. It makes you a killer. I didn't wanna risk that it would grow within me, and that I would become just like... anyway, of course I would choose death over that."

"So what stopped you?"

"Before Katherine really joined me, she was spying on me for the order of shamans. While I was fighting an old foe, she came up to Mel, who I told to kill whoever won my fight, and said that my heart would be strong enough to control the Hado. At first, I didn't believe Mel, so he allowed me to read his memories. I believed him then."

"...and what about my heart. Akuro's no doubt given me great power. You think I'll be able to control that?"

"Yes, and you know the first sign that you'd be able to?"


"It's that whatever power you wield, you hate it."

"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#422
Pryce's last comment made Sadie look at him funny.

"The master of Satsui no Hado, Akuma, loved power and wanted more and more of it. It turned him into a mindless animal, seeking to destroy everything that entered his sight. That's how I was able to control it, Sadie. I hated to use it, and only used it when necessary. Because whenever anyone loves power, they risk creating another Akuma."

"Yeah, I get it. And I don't exactly like the fact that I'm... not human."

"I've been hanging around demons for a while. I would imagine being one has it's advantages, and some of the demons I've met, namely your Uncle Mel, turned out to be more human than the rest of us. You just have to make sure that you never think of yourself as more than human."

"Yeah... I'm okay now. Thanks, dad."

"Always here to help. Now, let's head back, and try to get some sleep."

And with that, they head back to the abandoned ship.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#423
I got to go again.Conveniently enough,after the dentist appointment,I went home and the eye doctor tells us to pick up our glasses.Jabba,if you make a patt,try not to make a sidequest.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#424
Location---Route 114
Team-------MD Hoenn

Our view opens up from the Meteor cave entrance, and towards the dark horizon, where a really hot house filled with electronics lay in front of a small cliff, next to three cotton candy blue colored lollipop shaped berry trees containing two brightly pink Persim Berries, away from a roaring waterfall in the vision of a man with a Mightyena roaring away the countless Seviper, Zangoos, Surskit, and Lotad ever so within their zones, ever fighting, and enjoying the view around them.

Three heavily black colored armored grunt, carrying an equally armored Case, that has a symbol of an encircled Plus sign, all red, and black. The three were heading out from the cave, and into the lush green grass. All the while, one of them started to finish a conversation they were having, after collecting data from the beautifully colored Cave, and Cavern.

MDG 3----"Is Evil Necessary!?"

The other two Medical Division Grunts continued their Silence.

MDG 3-----"You want me to answer?!"


MDG 3-----"Well then, look over there!"

She points towards the patch of berries next to a well known Female Computer genius.
A Seviper is scene swinging its tail blade against a defiant Zangoose.
It seems like they were originally fighting for who gets the berries.

MDG 2-----"I think you're getting mixed up."
MDG 1-----"He's right, that's just natural. A Prey, and Predator fighting over who gets all the food."
MDG 3-----"Watch me."

She runs towards the two, smacking both the Zangoose, and Seviper with her black MD Case, and quickly nabs all but two berries from the small berry trees, which causes the one that has none to collapse back into the soil, to regrow one day.


The Zangoose then teamed up with the Seviper, and worked together. Combining a quick attack that launched the Seviper who then sank its large violet fangs into the arm of the Heavily armored woman. The Persims drop, and the two Pokemon happily go back to eating the berries, forgetting their rivalry.

MDG 2-------"Oh, that's what she meant."
MDG 1-------"Is that even evil to begin-nevermind, let's get her inside that house."

With their cases strapped to their belts, the two MD grunts carry the poisoned Lady in armor to the door of the ever so heating up house.

MDG 2---"Hello, anyone in there?!"
!!!!!!!--------"One moment please.''

After a good fourteen minutes of hearing the sound of keyboard typing, the three started to hear paper shifting, and then the door opened to the grunts, revealing a sweaty light tan lady, with two stockings of Orange hair leading from under her green plastic beanie, wearing glasses, and a black yellow gown all under a green cooking strap, comes out to greet the three.

!!!!----------''High, as you know, my name's Lanette, and-''
MDG 2---''Are you sick with the flu?''
Lanette---''No, I've been trapped inside this house within the computer world, ever typing up code for that blasted Pokemon Storage system.''
MDG 3----''Meh, can we come in?"
Lanette----''Sure, but please forgive me about the jumbled mess that I have within the searing hot place.''
MDG 2----''Eh, we don't mind, and we'll just be here for a few short moments.''
Lanette---''Alright, if you all need me, I'll be by that computer, searching up about this ner thing.''

With that, the two grunts laid down their cases, opened them, and started to treat the unconscious woman's poison. All the while, Lanette continued on her work, staring deeply into the eyes of the monitor, as if waiting for a hand to come out and grab her. It never comes, and they all continue minding their own business within the eerie glowing house..

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#425
TableFlip posted...
I got to go again.Conveniently enough,after the dentist appointment,I went home and the eye doctor tells us to pick up our glasses.Jabba,if you make a patt,try not to make a sidequest.

lol alright.
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#426
Cuna: So, we're off to Cerulean now?

Emile: Yep, we should head there soon. The sun is starting to set.

Jabba: By what means should we travel?

Jessica: I can fly us as Reshiram.

She Shifted.

Jessica: All aboard!

Mary: Alright!

The group boarded Jessica, the ones who could fly, did...
Ain't no one gonna boss this fox around! =^_^= Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity.
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#427
After a long period of walking, they made their way to the old abandoned Aqua hideout...

Serah: Hehehehe! We're nearly there!

Guy: Yup...

With that, they continue on in... deeper and deeper until finally they reach the end... There they see the final beast, a miasma of water...

Serah: There it is.... The final beast.... now let's destroy it and claim the last orb of peacefullyness!

With that, everyone leaps out and launches an attack fully destroying the beast!

Serah: Yes! Finally we will be able to rid the earth of "evil"! (Hehehehehe)

With that, Willingmess picks up the Orb. and has yet another flashback...

He sees himself wearing a weird set of armor, standing there... looking over a valley... inside of the valley is a large facility... Finally, as though reaching some internable pact, he leaps down, and begins to run at an incredible speed... he reaches a gate, but with the flash of a blade that is down, and he continues on... Pretty soon a guard appears... but with a flash, the guad divides into two halfs with Willingmess continuing on... He reaches the building, and slips inside... He runs down many corridors until finally he reaches what he was looking for... Serah... was in the cell... crying.... She looks up!

Serah: It It's you! You came to rescue me!

Willingmess: Of course... I love you! and I would never leave you in a place like this!

With that, he smashes down the door, picks her up and escapes... Later on, they stop to talk....

Willingmess: I'm sorry... But I have to go back and finish the job!

Serah: Thank you... Thank you so much... I-I-I want you to have this by your heart so you can remember me during your quest!

With that, she holds up a beautiful litlle pendant!

Willingmess: Thank you... I'll keep it with me forever!

Suddenly, the flashback stops...

Willingmess: Wow...... Huh!?

Looking down, Willingmess sees that right that very moment, the pendant had appeared!

Serah: Huh! Oh Wow! You-You kept it all this time!?

She runs up and gives him a big fat kiss...

Willingmess: That's not all... I also saw what we are fighting against... we need to do this... We Need to finish this quest!

Everyone: Hear hear!

With that, the group merrily heads for mount leavnau, to finally rid the world of evil!
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#428
They entered Cerulean Cave.

Emile:There's a key on the ground...two keys to be exact!

She picks them up.

Jabba:That means we have six keys!

They boarded the dragons and headed to Oblivia.


Mary:So this is the door...


Josh:It's time for the final battle

Everyone put each key in their place,and the door opened.They were in the main room.Yorr was standing with Trish before them.

Yorr:Let the battle commence...

Trish and Yorr stepped back.Yorr shifted into a hydreigon.Trish threw a fireball at Tableflip,but he avoided it.

Tableflip:It's on,grandpa.

He drew his sword.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#429
TBH, I utterly suck at fight scenes.
Ain't no one gonna boss this fox around! =^_^= Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#430
OcarinaofToast posted...
TBH, I utterly suck at fight scenes.

I'll do it.

Also,Do you want to go on your own adventure after Yorr's defeated,or live in the castle and protect Oblivia?
I don't even know anymore.
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