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Pokemon Fusion: Part 3!

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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#51
willingmess posted...
Garioshi posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
willingmess posted...
Dang.... who else thinks that by the time we're done with this saga it will be legendary? We already have nearly 20 whole topics just for this saga! Has there ever been anything like this before on gamefaqs?

Not to this level, but on the PMD Sky board, Team Ancient Legends is on it's thirteenth topic.

In total, TAL has had 26 topics.

Is that pure story, or just every topic that has to do with it?

It's a Mystery Dungeon rescue team. It has 13 topics on the Time board and 13 on the Sky board.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#52
I nicknamed my kyurem-w PoliJesica,rate the name/10 plz.

I ran out of room so I had to delete one S :(
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#53
TableFlip posted...
I nicknamed my kyurem-w PoliJesica,rate the name/10 plz.

I ran out of room so I had to delete one S :(

Pretty good.... 8/10.

I named my Reshiram Mayonaise, and my Zekrom miraclewhip
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#54
Poli woke up. As he wiped the sleep out of his eyes, he noticed the others were still snoozing.

Mmph...heavy eaters make heavy sleepers, right? Not in this case.

Deciding to burn time (and the Wailmer), Poli ventured deeper into Granite Cave.

The cave grew darker and darker, but Poli didn't mind, for his sight pierced the blackness. Zubat tried to strike, but the cold aura of the Dracid drove them away.

Poli came across a cracked stone floor. He placed a foot on a part of it, and it collapsed.

Going to need to be quick. Or...

Poli iced over the cracks. Testing the floor strength again, it didn't crumble. Poli continued forward. After climbing down some stairs, Poli hit the bottom.

Poli ---------- "This is as far as I can go. Wait...what are those?"

Poli looked ahead, and spotted eight different colored orbs embedded in the walls, each one engraved with a Japanese symbol. Poli walked to one, and tapped it. Suddenly, they all resonated.

Poli backed up, and the orbs flew out of the walls, forming a circle. It spun clockwise, and hovered to Poli.

Poli ---------- "Woah. These...hmm?"

The orbs split into two groups, and flew right into Poli. When Poli got his bearings, two gauntlets were on his wrists, each with 4 minimized versions of the orbs embedded in them.

A word fluttered in Poli's mind.

Satomi Power Orbs.

Poli headed back up to the group.


Yup, had it wrong. Fixed it.
Official Team Miror Infinity Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#55
The references! It burns!

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#56
And then, in the nothingness of my unconscious mind, the memory came. Thin and weak yes, but I clutched on. I held tightly to it, never daring to let go. And it was then that I began to remember.

Come close to me.

What Happened at the Lot

I am running. Fear drives me, filling my body with adrenaline. Each step I take slams on the cement, the sounds echoing for miles. I don't dare to look back. I hear the clanking sound of hard scales pounding against the earth. An ear piercing roar fills the air, as the ground beneath me shakes uncontrollably.

I can't think. My thoughts are jumbled together. Feet continue to move, taking me further and further into the city. Even when I entirely loose track of my surroundings, I continue fleeing. My shoe catches a ledge, and my entire body stumbles, before resuming. Oh, how I would love to believe that I was safe, but I knew better.

There is a large clanking sound chasing me, growing progressively larger as it draws nearer to my location. The city's dull colors start to blend into one. The sounds become louder. My vision continues to blur. All feeling begins to fade from my body.

Another stumble brings me to my knees, and I do not recover. My body collapses from exhaustion. Hopelessness overwhelms me. A beast's roar cuts through the air.

My last sight before losing consciousness is the same girl from earlier, standing over my body, laughing.

He'll make a good Bond. I guarantee it.

Back to the Futu- er... Present.
(OoC: I'm trying not to use Mark's little missing memory as a plot device. What do you all think of it?)

I wake up in the medical cabin, laying in bed. to my side is John from earlier, flipping through his medicine cabinet. He turns around, noticing me.

"Well, so sleeping beauty finally awakes," he jokes.

"Nice to see you too," I sarcastically remark.

"Indeed," replies Dr. John- he IS a doctor, right? Whatever. "Your Pokémon, I presume?"

Saki, Isaac, Lip, Lyn, and Little Mac for SSB4!
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#57
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
The references! It burns!

Better have BURN HEAL!
Official Team Miror Infinity Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#58
Polimario posted...
XEvent-HorizonX posted...
The references! It burns!

Better have BURN HEAL!

The RP keeps using AGIDYNE!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#59

While the green Blaziken, and the mine colored Alakazam took to battle within the old Disaster prevention facility, the Prindle, The graduate, and the Marknam' were within the private area of the RS scientist.

Through the countless enormous study rooms, ontop of the all purpose testing floor, and even after a decently sized outside passage, the three entered a cozy, carpeted, book case filled, room with a large fire place that usually glows a blue flame.

Grad 1------"This place.."
Marknam'--"Watch your step, this entire property was made with the size of a Rashiram in mind."
Prindle------"Alright, let's see where it is."

The three stood ontop of a large picture book that had a Dragonair, and a Ninetails within a containment cell. And the looked upwards around the room, glancing at the large papers, and books littered with countless prints of Pokemon footprints.

Grad 1-------"Foot-print language? Thought that was a myth?"
Marknam'---"And who told you that?"
Prindle-------"Anywho, this should be an easy read for most of us.."
Marknam'---"That says diary, the other one over there says.. yearbook photo, and there's this torn one with the spelling of Future Family.."
Grad 1-------"What about that one on the large desk up there?"

They all look towards a strangely clean sleek brownish red wooden desk, where a large frame containing a normal sized crude drawing of a stick figure like Rashiram, and a smaller, bald stick figure wearing a light teal skirt. Next to it lay an old small patch that simply had a frayed out green egg shape whose bottom half held up what looked to be a sun about to rise out from the ground.

Prindle-------"There it is."
Marknam'---"Alright, there's a human sized ladder over there."
Grad 1--------"I'll get there."

The graduate within striped blue took action, and blasted up the tall ladder, excreting the much needed force on the parallel vertical poles, thrusting himself further up, until he reached the end. While Marknam' and Prindle stood with amazement, the Grad looked through the countless larger and more complex drawings of the normal sized crude one, all labeled with the words; For Leantle.

Grad 1----"I found the patch!"
Prindle----"Good! Take a picture of it then!"
Grad 1----"... Got it! Coming back down."

The three then exited the room, and continued back through the structure that made themselves feel like small Joltik scrummaging around a normal sized home, arriving at the marshy clearing of the front, where their small hovercraft was waiting for them.

And after boarding the bright blue craft, they blasted off under the early greenish yellow sky, through the marshy river waters, and towards the Disaster Prevention training facility. All the while, Isaac and Jace traded blows against each other, with Luke, Cress, and Ycre placing bets.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#60
OcarinaofToast posted...
TOPIK 3!!!



Angelica stepped carefully on the bridges in Pacifidlog Town. They were the kind of bridges that you know are sturdy, but they rock back and forth and creak so loudly that you think you'll go plunging into an ocean of Sharpedo at any moment.

Though the concept of a town on the ocean was neat, there really wasn't much to see.

"There has to be a reason Arceus sent me here, of all places..." Angelica thought. "He doesn't do stuff randomly, without reason... So this just might be my first clue. But I just need to think."

Then the angel heard a huge metallic screech come from above. She cast her gaze skyward, and a massive, metal, serpentine dragon was closing in fast.

"You've gotta be KIDDING me! Well, so much for thinking!" Angelica spoke as she used her wings to swiftly sidestep the attack. Metal Rayquaza crashed through the bridge she was on before and plunged into the water.

"Any more of the bridges collapse, and the village is in big trouble!"

Metal Rayquaza then emerged from the ocean and ROOOOAAAARED.

"Gimme your best shot!" Angelica shouted in response, lifting herself into the air with her wings.

The robotic legend then rocketed forward, its body twisting like a spiral. Angelica, feeling particularly daring, decided to win style points and fly through the middle of the spiral.

"No, literally, give me your best shot!"

Metal Rayquaza obliged, coughing up a massive ball of dragon-ness and flinging it toward the angel. Rather than dodging, Angelica simply held up her sword.

The dragon ball made impact with her sword. The angel gritted her teeth against the powerful energy being emitted by the attack. But when she opened her eyes, the dragonball was gone, and her sword crackled with red-and-black lightning.

Angelica grinned. "Perfect."

With a mighty flap of her wings, Angelica shot forward, plunging her Dragon Sword into the metallic body of Metal Rayquaza. It's super effective! Metal Rayquaza curled around to try to take a bite out of the angel.

"Bad idea!" she shouted, pulling the sword out and delivering a powerful strike to Metal Rayquaza'a face. "In fact, you've just given me a good idea!"

Angelica began to target the head. She pointed the sword forward, and sent a volley of Dragonballs hurtling towards the mecha-dragon. It managed to dodge some by whipping its head about, but most of the projectiles hit, momentarily stunning Metal Rayquaza.

Ever the opportunist, Angelica dashed in and plunged the sword into Metal Rayquaza'a head.

System Status: Mainframe damaged. Central Command Center: Damaged. Memory Vault: Damaged. All Critical A.I systems: Damaged. Performing total data wipe. Please do not remove the memory card.

Angelica opened a small compartment in on the side of the head. There was a small card inserted in a slot.

She removed it.

Data seems to be corrupted. Please send to Pudding Manufacturing inc. for repairs. The device will now shut down.

Metal Rayquaza fell into the ocean, sending a massive wave washing all over Pacifidlog Town.
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