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A Swarm of Pokemon attack your house!

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User Info: fox444f

4 years ago#11
A swarm of Magnezone are attacking me and all I have is Houndoom. I'm cool with that. Fits my fire type theme. Plus steel is weak to fire.
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User Info: henriue

4 years ago#12
A zigzaggon against a swarm of larvesta? i don't think so.

User Info: gladwyn101

4 years ago#13
Swarm of Pawniard, I get an Igglybuff. Boy I hope it's the Guildmaster. YOOM-TAH!!!
Bazinga! *dives into ballpit*
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User Info: Brandon042487

4 years ago#14
I forgot to do one

I got a Qwilfish to defend against a swarm of Regigigias.

Yeah I better move before they warm up.
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User Info: final___fantasy

4 years ago#15
A swarm of Roserades vs. one Roselia
I don't know how this will turn out

User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#16
Swarm of Jirachi, me and Beartic gotta defend the house. Seems legit.
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User Info: sumweeaboo

4 years ago#17
A swarm of Turtwigs against my Mantine.

Nothing to worry about.

User Info: javel34

4 years ago#18
Feebas swarms Landoruous loses.
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User Info: wingblade98

4 years ago#19
roselia attack my house.

i have shaymin.

i got this
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#20
Swarm of Purugly VS. Me and Shelgon.

Shelgon, we're advancing the timetables! Got to get you evolved double-quick!
Official Team Miror Infinity Admin. Shadow Pokemon: Feraligatr.
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