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A Swarm of Pokemon attack your house!

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User Info: ericsamuel1990

4 years ago#171
a swarm of musharna and i have groudon which is pretty cool

User Info: Aragaki

4 years ago#172
A swarm of Mantykes... and a Drifblim to escape away with!

User Info: gamezrochard

4 years ago#173
Swarmed by Lotad, defending with Nidoking. Hmm, I'm at a type disadvantage, it seems.
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User Info: squidcow

4 years ago#174
A swarm of kyreum with a combee to defend myself

User Info: lukness

4 years ago#175
A swarm of Tangrowth and a shuckle to defend myself welp guess I win

User Info: Ogda

4 years ago#176
A swarm of Shinx. To defend myself I get a Cubone. Kinda awesome since cubone is immune to thunder moves :D

User Info: game2002

4 years ago#177
Togepi and Slowpoke...

I'm fine, as long as the former doesn't pull off something like Explosion or Hyper Beam with Metronome... or anything dangerous...
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User Info: kristofer777

4 years ago#178
A swarm of Lotad versus Meloetta Pirouette Forme. Lotad sure picked the wrong house to attack.

User Info: RainbowIslands

4 years ago#179
Chandelure and Ambipom. =0= no thanks. I'll run away from the battle.

User Info: Yamato_san

4 years ago#180
Attempt #2.

A swarm of Beldum, and I've got Latios.

Nice. I don't know what specific variables are involved (Is Latios holding Soul Dew? Is Latios allowed TMs since its natural movepool is only Not Very Effective? Do the Beldum have any attacks besides Take Down?), but even with the most disadvantageous circumstances, I think I've got this one. ^^
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