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A Swarm of Pokemon attack your house!

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User Info: iron_defense

4 years ago#41
Swarm of Cacturne and I defend with Wobbufett.

How do I fare?
I think it's only fair that we throw monopoly money at strippers with fake boobs.

User Info: Brandon00151

4 years ago#42
A swarm of Jellicent attack my house and Squirtle has to protect it...

can Jellicent go up on land? if not im safe

User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#43
Swarm of Bisharps, defended by Hitmonlee's. I think I'm all set
Aut viam inveniam, aut faciam

User Info: jaoman69

4 years ago#44
a swarm of mudkips comes along and i defend myself with a darkrai

User Info: MajorHoppy

4 years ago#45
A swarm of Shedinja appeared! The Shedinjas attacked!

I send out Houndoom to makes its final stand against the swarm!

User Info: lazycomplife

4 years ago#46
A swarm of gigalith and I've got... arceus... I think I'm fine.
Official Swinub

User Info: Marozi

4 years ago#47
Brandon042487 posted...
Marozi posted...
A group of. . .Ditto is attacking my home. Fortunately I have magikarp to defend myself with.

What the balls.

I just had this image of a pink sea just turning into flopping orange and white....

The horror O.O

I will defend myself in the best way possible.
Watch your back. Shoot straight. Conserve ammo. NEVER cut a deal with a dragon. XBox: Oceansouldog

User Info: Naridar

4 years ago#48
Swarm: Torterra

Defender: Sunkern

...there could be worse ways to die.
The official Swampert of the Pokemon X/Y board

User Info: yarow12

4 years ago#49
#151 and #106. -_-
Where are all the trees going? o.O
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User Info: metalmariolord

4 years ago#50
An army of Magikarp....

I didn't even need the Zapdos to defend

(Yes, I'm damn Lucky)
"Don't complain about your present problems...
In the future, they're gonna be worse, and there are going to have more of them"-Master Guardian Niko
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