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Think of improvments to the main franchise.....

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User Info: Quesker

4 years ago#1
.....with the following rules:
-You cannot change the combat system. Ever. Okay, maybe one or two changes along the lines of previous changes like abilities and stat splits, but nothing like making it action-based. You could also change the menus, but the point is that the actual battling mechanics can never change.
-There must be 8 gyms and an E4, or something along the lines (you'll see what I mean when I post my suggestions). To me, the complaint that this part never changes is like complaining that the Mario series never changes because of the plot.
-You may change how random encounters work, but they must be random encounters.

Now a couple optional ones:
-Keep the other fans in mind. What do I mean by this? Basically making sure that the changes you or I possess apply to all portions of the fanbase (like the kiddies), and not just us, because let's face it: We don't make up the majority of the fanbase at all. Do note whether it'll be logical for the rest of the fanbase. So stuff like making it uber-difficult would just alienate the other fans.
-You may remove the evil team out of the equation, but it's not recommended.
-Note what kind of change it'll be whether graphical, technically, or something like that. Also not whether you'd like it to be optional or not.

With that out of the way, let's begin:

-For starters, the gyms. The reason I said that you can't remove the gyms is because you could still do some creative stuff with them. One minor change is to make them not based on one type. For example, you could have one gym spam items to no avail, or another using abilities to their fullest. A major change would be making them like dungeons from the Legend of Zelda series. Monsters and trainers, with a HM/Miniboss in the middle and a boss at the end. I'll admit though that this change could be a little disquieting to other players, particularly the kiddies.

-Speaking about HMs, I've thought about a way to deal with them. Common suggestions include a moveslot that doesn't take up space in battle, but that doesn't make much sense logically, even for more mechanical types like steel. Tools have also been commonly suggested, but that'll chip away at the point of the actual Pokemon. I see two ways of dealing with this if we go the tools route: Either we make the tools available in the post-game, or make them have limited uses before having to restore them or buy new ones, or just buy them in bulk ala items such as repels.

-One optional request is a way to deal with IVs. To me, they're the worst part of Pokemon, and removing them would admittedly save a lot of headaches, but I do believe that it may cause another gen 3 reboot, which is one of the LAST things we need right now.

-One area that I don't see a whole lot of talk on is the user interface. I'm talking about stuff like the DS touch screen, for instance. It'll take WAY too long to detail the overworld menu, so I'll briefly go over combat. You could have a most recent move or item, and although they already do the latter, it's not ready to go on the menu once your turn comes up.

-Here's my story-based suggestion, although I will say right off the bat that this IS inappropriate for children, and even teenagers. No, I don't mean stuff like SVL:
It's a ravaged region, and the evil team has taken over it. You begin in the last bastion of hope, the only place where the bad guys have not take over. Once you venture out of town, though, every eye will be watching you. Every move by the evil team will be in accordance to your moves. All the "civilization" is induced to the evil team. Services are convenient (i.e. there are no Pokemon Centers, but instead instant-heal stations) Basically, it's an Orwellian region in a Pokemon game.

Well, I"m running out of room, but I may post some more later. What about you?
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User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#2
Recover should be useable outside battles (cost 1 PP, heals 1/2 hp if the pokemon isn't fainted or asleep or frozen)

User Info: scrappybristol

4 years ago#3
I'm a jukebox hero.


4 years ago#4
slash, night slash, x-scissor, etc. simiar "cutting" moves are usuable outside of battle like HM cut.

Matter fact ever move is usable outside of battle with hidden easter egg effects. If you are standing infront of an NPC, you can use confuse ray and they'll act like they fulla dat coke. -my girlfriend <3 -I love her so much ^_^

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#5
1: Better teams for Gym Leaders. Make them truly challenging, make them more capable of covering their weaknesses. For instance, tricky though Nacrene Gym had the potential to be, what could a Herdier and Watchog do against a nice Sawk, Throh, Timburr, or Pignite? Nothing! We need to see Normal Gym Leaders pulling out stuff like Bibarel, Sawsbuck, Girafarig, and Staraptor. Poison-type Gym Leaders ought to be running Weezing and Drapion.

2: Make Poison a better type offensively. Give more types Poison weaknesses, such as Bug, Water, Normal, and Fighting.

3: Nix the TMs that teach moves that are absolute garbage. Quash, Incinerate, that sort of thing. Or at least be a little more sensible with their placement. A TM for Incinerate, that's the sort of thing you should be finding before you have two badges, not the sort of thing you likely wouldn't be able to rack up the BP for until after you've beaten the Elite 4. And bring back the freakin' elemental punch TMs already!!! Stop just making them Move Tutors!

4: The PWT should have additional tournaments to accommodate Elite 4 members, and should also be the new main battle facility, outright replacing the Battle Tower/Subway.
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User Info: tom_dar2

4 years ago#6
How about letting your trainer swim in water like other trainers do, but Surf being a faster way to get around, like the bicycle on land. The other HMs can likewise be optional, and of course it should be possible to overwrite them without visiting a move deleter.

I would like a 'New Pokedex' mode like Gold/Silver had, which puts the entire national dex into a more sensible order with evolutions grouped together and all the legendaries at the end. Also a habitat order like FR/LG, which groups them by the kind of environments they are found in eg caves, beach, urban, grassland, sea, mountain.

Some sorting options for the PC boxes, like arranging your pokemon by pokedex number, by type, by stats, etc so you can quickly find the right one for the job. Custom background colors you can pick from an RGB palette perhaps.

Have the Elite Four all in the same room, like the Kimono girls, to save time. Two of them could even fight you together in a double battle.

User Info: vital_tundra

4 years ago#7
Remove HM's with the useful ones becoming TM's.
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User Info: leopoldshark

4 years ago#8
Make the PC Storage System more convenient (I don't want to have to go from the Deposit screen back to the main screen to the Withdraw screen, should be able to Deposit or Withdraw from the main screen).

Add a place to heal before the Gym Leader. I don't want to go through a Gym and then go all the way back out to heal at the Pokemon center (or waste items reviving or healing).

Increase variety of wild Pokemon in certain areas. You usually see only about 3 or 4 different Pokemon common in the wild. I go to a shaking grass and it's always Audino. Would like to see a bit more variety while exploring new areas.

User Info: SP_Wes

4 years ago#9
TIGERJACKS0N posted...
slash, night slash, x-scissor, etc. simiar "cutting" moves are usuable outside of battle like HM cut.

Matter fact ever move is usable outside of battle with hidden easter egg effects. If you are standing infront of an NPC, you can use confuse ray and they'll act like they fulla dat coke.

Coolest idea I've seen on these boards. Using Bounce to climb mountains, Seismic Toss to break Boulders, or Vine Whip to cross chasms would be very cool.
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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#10
-While the gyms and E4 should retain their type specialities, most if not all should have coverage moves and thematically congruent Pokémon of the speciality type. Water-type specialists use aquatic Pokémon that are not necessarily Water-type, Flying-type specialists use Pokémon with Levitate, etc.
-The gyms should have no fixed order, with number of badges already acquired determining trainer levels like the Stadium/Court trainers of BWB2W2.
-Regions should have a Battle Frontier open from the start, with a mix of old and new facilities. The type-specialist gym leaders and E4 are outclassed by most Frontier trainers in terms of variety, so if they must appear in flat battles it must be among the other Frontier trainers, not in their own "But teh Frontier'z 2 hard!!1!!" facility.
-The region's Pokémon don't have IV values between 4-27 inclusive, which makes useful IV values far easier to obtain.
-Villainous-team-summon-legendary "storylines" should be axed for the good of the franchise. If a villainous team must exist, they must have superficially benevolent motives, don't cop out because their Pokémon have been defeated in battle and require outside-the-box thinking to defeat. Oh and progress against them should be independent of the badge quest, i.e. they can be defeated before the first badge or in the post-game.
-Minor things: Shuckle should be able to create Rare Candies again, Someone's PC should have the PC admin's name from the start.
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