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Think of improvments to the main franchise.....

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User Info: Twilight_Sonata

4 years ago#11
Trainers also have abilities that can be used during battle (other than the ability to use items). Think of these as being sort of in the same terms as the Warrior abilities in Pokemon Conquest, only combined with an ability tree system.

You progress in the advancement tree not by your own levels but by earning badges. You gain your first ability after you earn your first badge. You have a few very simple choices. Maybe you can make your Pokemon go first (like Quick Claw where it doesn't change priority), maybe you can increase your Pokemon's accuracy by one stage, maybe you can cause your Pokemon to use its held item on command, whatever. Maybe these examples are even too powerful for initial abilities. They end up advancing to powerful things like using Protect on your Pokemon while still allowing it a move of its own for the turn (as long as it doesn't use an attack move), switching your Pokemon out and allowing it to move in the same turn, bringing back a Pokemon on your team as though by Revive, whatever.

Unless otherwise noted, each such ability would only be usable once, recharging when you heal your Pokemon at a Pokemon center. These abilities naturally would probably not be available in competitive matches (much like items, even with Wonder Launcher), but they'd be a cool addition to the in-game.
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User Info: KingTauros

4 years ago#12
Make everything exactly the same as the gen 1 mechanics, except for the new "do you want to use another Revive" thing. Keep that, everything else is exactly like gen 1.

User Info: jneal57

4 years ago#13
the series ends on the 9th gen and that gen only has one game...simply called Pokemon.

on this 9th gen you get to pick where you want to start and then you go about your adventure. when you get done with a region. you get a region badge and go to the next region. you keep doing this till you get all the region badges then you go to an island to fight the final 4 and the grand champion. the final 4 being picked in a official pokemon poll and the choices being past MC's and the grand champion being Red.

why is this gen 9. because this takes place 10 years in the future and new pokemon have been created by nature and what not so you can have new pokemon. also the main villain will be revived team rocket and they are taking on a new plan of making pokemon to take over the world. also because of the fact your pokemon would be OP by the second region. in the end of the 8th gen. team rocket will of had created a device that changed pokemon everywhere allowing them to get stronger. new lv cap is 1000.

on the 9th gen. the final pokemon count will be 1511. 1 more than 10 times the first generation...kind of symbolic.

also custom MC

User Info: xyzlactic

4 years ago#14
Add gay chracters
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User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#15
Revoke Cut's HM status, but still require it to be used.
Allow assigning item shortcuts to up to three buttons (Y, Start, and Select).
Allow the player to see their Pokemon's actual IV and EV values (could be as simple as pressing Select on the status screen to see a whole bunch of seemingly-meaningless numbers.)
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