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Which gen do you have a bias towards?

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User Info: RedShadowww

4 years ago#11
Mine is gen 5 also.

User Info: iKhanic

4 years ago#12
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User Info: Estheimaster

4 years ago#13
Gen 1: First one, and the anime cemented some of my opinions about the Pokemon.

Gen 2: The gen where I feel like my Pokemon fandom blossomed

Gen 3: The gen where I first spent hundreds of hours in

Gen 4: The revolutionary gen that sparked online interaction.

Gen 5: Hated the Pokemon at first, but they all grew on me. The region itself is glorious.

Yeah, I have a bias towards all of them. I think my biggest bias is towards Gen IV, because the WiFi connectivity made the games remarkable, and I've clocked over 500 hours between Pearl, Platinum, and SS in it. Gen V merely improved upon Gen IV, but VI has the potential to surpass it. My favorite game to date is Pearl, despite Platinum being technically superior to it.
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User Info: gamezrochard

4 years ago#14
I hate the 3rd gen. It caused me to quit Pokemon for a couple years. Love gen 2, ah the memories.
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User Info: gamester_12345

4 years ago#15
I have positive bias towards gen 2...

...Mostly because it built upon what was a potentially breaky generation (mostly from Psychic being the best, bug moves only consisting of Pin missle...on something like Jolteon) to something quite expansive.

• Sprite quality went up
• Added more moves to types such as Bug and Dragon
• Adde Steel and Dark types to balance the existing types
• Added time/Day
• Hold Items!

As an overall thing, Gen 2 added the most from a standard point of view, however the 3rd Gen added the standard of a Battle Frontier-esque a...though R/S is a bit sour for my tastes...but thats because of changes and problems they...

• Removed Time/Days to boast something trivial as TV gab.
• Heavily expanded Berries, some more feasible than others.
• Added Abilities!

Little qualms with R/S itself.
• Pickup is pretty OP in R/S, though Emerald balanced it to an extent.
• Aftergame content is non-existent. again, Emerald added some.

Maybe G/S was where the series grew the beard because they truely intended for the game to be a sequal to R/B, but then they found out Pokemon was a cashcow franchise long before they released G/S in japan, thus the large revamp of the battle system and links to the previous generation's locations and plot made it a bit progressive.

Though R/S started off on a whole new slate that almost made the audience felt like Continuity Reboot-levels....most older Pokemon wasn't even obtainable until they released Colosseum, XD, FR/LG and felt like the largest cashgrab for the franchise for the moment. :x
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User Info: NumberXI

4 years ago#16
None-until I saw how worked up some people get over Gen 1. No reason just me being a d*ck.
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