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If Croco is coming any day now, then why isn't it here?

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User Info: keflyn

4 years ago#1
Thanks Obama.
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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#2
"Croco"? Croconaw?

User Info: Vycoul

4 years ago#3
My name is Croco
Gimme, gimme
Gimme, gimme
In the end of the game
Gimme, gimme
Something rare
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User Info: King-gamer

4 years ago#4
Is this Croco a new Pokemon?
This is a sig. Yup.

User Info: AlI_About_The_U

4 years ago#5
CoroCoro's dousing a tail fire...

User Info: AngryGFAQer

4 years ago#6
King-gamer posted...
Is this Croco a new Pokemon?

Sandile's fourth evolution.
"I was garbage, the writing transformed," - Raiden
I'm Batman. I don't enjoy anything.

User Info: Socran

4 years ago#7

...Hell, I want that as a Pokemon.
Socran's Razor: "Never attribute to massive stupidity by someone else, what could be explained by a tiny bit of stupidity on your own part."

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#8
You leave Obama out of this.

Blame Kim Jong-un.
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User Info: Solar_Crimson

4 years ago#9
Croco's coming?

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  3. If Croco is coming any day now, then why isn't it here?

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