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Which 6 Pokemon would you carry with you on a journey and why?

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User Info: CM_Ponch

4 years ago#1
What roles do you see them playing and what traits do you see them having?

Charizard - Best bro for life. He also provides fire for food and transport. Team leader.

Lucario - Second in command. Possibly best fighter.

Breloom - Fast and powerful, can put anything to sleep and take it down quick. See him being the team kid.

Espeon - Smart, friendly, could take care of things with psychic. Keeps team in check.

Lilligant - Dances under the sun and clears everything in her path. See her as the team mother/caretaker.

Rotom F - Keeps our food and drinks cold. Team prankster, likes hanging out with Scraggy and Metang.

Alternate 6(At lab, home, where ever)

Nidorino - Stubborn but strong. Could be strongest pokemon. Constantly training, has a rivalry with Darmanitan.

Darmanitan - Young and full of energy. Could be strongest pokemon. Prefers to relax, has a rivalry with Nidorino.

Scraggy - Jolly as possible. Prefers to joke around. Shows potential when serious. Didn't get Inception.

Metang - Kind of out there, best friends with Scraggy. Likes watching tv.

Scyther - Determined and adamant. Prefers to stay at the lab to make sure the others don't get lazy.

Ninetales - Calm and motherly. Doesn't like battles, comes in for the occasional contest, bff's with Lilligant and Espeon.


User Info: RaidenHero

4 years ago#2

Emboar ( The tough guy of the Team. My Starter)

Stoutland ( The kind Pokemon that loves everyone.)

Weazing ( The happy-go-lucky Pokemon)

Sigliyth ( The Mysterious One)

Zoroark ( The Cunning quick one)

Haxrous ( The brave powerhouse)

User Info: King-gamer

4 years ago#3
Mew - The Jack of all trades, Master of everything

Infernape - The Monkey King mixed attacker.

Hydreigon - 3 heads are better than 1.

Skarmory - For when you need a meat shield. (Or metal.)

Metagross - Just because.

Cottonee - when you need a pillow to sleep on.
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User Info: GlitterGuns

4 years ago#4
Jynx (F)- My BFF Pokémon. She's fierce/aggressive when it comes to battling. Her pining for evolution has led to myself comically attempting to evolve her through various ways over the years. Perhaps one day I'll discover her evolution! She once mothered a few children for a beefcake Machoke. Because of her attitude, we felt it best to leave the little ones with him. As of more recently, on our travels through Unova she has become a partner with my boyfriend's mischievous bad boy, Scrafty.
When not battling she likes to dip in a few Contests. But because of her extravagant beauty and powerful vanity, she dares not to suffer the others to loss too frequently.
(Jynx has been with me since childhood. Her skin tone was once much darker.)

Teddiursa (M) - My little pocket powerhouse that loves to be carried around. Constantly engages in innocent mischief. He's better against weaker opponents like Bug Catcher, and rarely is used in Gym Battles. Has been known to earn a few Cute Ribbons. His male partner is a Phanpy that resides at our home in Fallarbor Town.
(Obtained Teddiursa in Orre as an egg.)

Sealeo (M) - My go to water Pokémon when there's need for crossing water routes. Also my partner when it comes to Contests (especially beauty). He's very calm and reserved, but has been known to be playful when it comes to water!
(Met Sealeo in Hoenn as a Spheal.)

Roserade (F) - Another Contest Pokémon, this one is also used heavily in battle. She likes to walk around outside of her ball a lot. Sometimes she a flirt to the men I meet along the way. Her battling styling is usually fueled through lust (Attract is her favorite move.) On a couple occasions some battles have ended with eggs in the battlefield..
(Met Roserade in Sinnoh as a Budew.)

Bastiodon (M) - The defensive and dominant Pokémon of my team, he's like our daddy. When the day has led to exhaustion, he's always there to give myself and others a ride.
(Met Bastiodon in Sinnoh.)

Garbodor (M) - Always there for when the battle calls for a physical force. Or when the opponent just needs a good punishment full of stank! Outside of battle he eats like a voracious swine, but is always there to protect us when in trouble.
(Met Garbodor in Unova as a Trubbish.)


User Info: ecylis

4 years ago#5
Empoleon - Starter and nice dual-typing/moveset.
Krookodile - Great physical sweeper. Strongest on the team.
Arcanine - Just a good bro. Probably give him Wild Charge and Extremespeed along with a nice fire move.
Crobat - Flyer, cool looking, great moveset.
Gardevoir - Good special sweeper.
Magnezone - A nice wall that can fight too. | Pokemon White: |

User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#6
Ninetales - Pretty much my all time partner.
Gardevoir - Takes care of everyone. Teleports me around.
Furret - Shoulder buddy. Fast hitter and scout.
Azumarill - HUGE! POWER! Good friends with Furret
Glaceon - The princess. Her attitude melts when with Ninetales. (thought of this before considering the types lol)
Feraligatr - Pretty lax, mostly cuz of age (based of my lv.100 Feraligatr back in Silver). Pretty much the one to never anger.
Rule Breaker!
Larvesta - Reckless guy. Difficult to handle but trustworthy nonetheless. Ocasional replacement for Feraligatr. They have a grandfather-grandson relationship of some sort.
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User Info: 12Rouge

4 years ago#7
Luxray - Main bro. Use him for transportation.

Claydol - Psychic powers used to move things. As well, he can levitate so I'd use him to get over things.

Skitty - We need some adorbs on the team, plus she be all doing stuff.

Ninjask - Fly fast. Fly high. Fly far. Flies. Can fly. Flying. Is a ninja. Will fly places.

Absol- Besides being amazing, she can warn me of natural disasters, and be amazing at it.

Glaceon - Majestic as f***. As well, ice types!!
There used to be something important and intelligent here, but I deleted it.

User Info: ninjaraui

4 years ago#8
If this were in Real Life My team would Be

Rapidash- My trusted Partner and Mount, also able to put stuff to sleep with her PONY HYPNOSIS.
Ampharos- He will hide behind the others and unless beams of fury!!!!!
Nidoking- The overprotective type. Will cut a bro who comes at me.
Gallade- A stalwart soldier who follows my every command flawlessly.
Weaville- My spy, who will scout the area with his lightning speed.
Tropius- To fly me places.

User Info: NumberXI

4 years ago#9
Murkrow-Bff would always sit on my shoulder and be my go-to recon Poke.
Dragonite-Team MVP. Can fly, swim
Gyarados-Intimidation, can fly, swim.
Volcarona-because FIRE!!!
Serperior-cuz I love it/ sake of variety
Bibarel-goofball I can still kick someones ass with.

User Info: Nidoprime

4 years ago#10
A huge Torterra that my Emolga and Hoppip like to ride on and hang out on its tree growth. An adorable Corsola. Also a Nidorino and Nidorina team.
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