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A "purifying" evolution chain?

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User Info: Minjo26

4 years ago#11
Missing Number posted...
Immediately your topic conjured up:

The spiny curse Pokemon
Rumor has it in ages gone by these Pokemon were used to purify the accursed to the point that the entire species has become tainted

Evolves into

And again into

But in recent times it has been found the cursed spirits could become unbound again by human intervention

Dawn stone "shedinjas" a ghost type from curchin evolving them into a pure Pokemon and a ghost respectively, which go on to have their own evo and prevo, effectively merging 3 lines.... however you can breed egg moves from one to the other as breeding between all 3 final forms is acceptable least thats the idea the name of this topic gave me

I'd go into more detail but it is just a fakemon... perhaps if I ever get back into poke hacking I'll use it

PS: I think this is the only Pokemon our fearless immortal unaging peterpan hero Ash Ketchum would choose to evolve, as it would be "lifting a curse" and a positive move

PPS: think slowpoke n shelder could do the same thing sorta?

Cool idea, but when I said purifying, I meant it in the type of selection. It's when a trait narrows in on an optimal value from both extremes. ie A pokemon with a long tail, and short tail both evolve into a pokemon with a medium length tail.
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