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Pokemon Fusion Part 4

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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#11
Giratina's in the Distortion World, with Saga.
Official Shadow Blaziken of Team Miror Infinity.
"Don't worry! The worst that could happen is that we all die!"-Jade Curtiss

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#12
Alright, where was i?

*Points gun at Tableflip*
Official Fan Rotom of the Pokemon X/Y boards.
Official Shadow Jirachi of Team Miror Infinity.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#13
Garioshi posted...
Giratina's in the Distortion World, with Saga.

Thank you, and Luke Isaac, and Cress are adventuring around LotSS.

--RE for Arckson--

---After enjoying her vacation in Verdanturf town, she sees the Aggron hybrid Student that Marknam' sent to the place!
---A casual MD guy comes up to her, and they both decide to spend their vacation elsewhere!
---Going through Cycling Road, they see Willingmess' group fly towards somewhere!
---The Cyclist Rater is amazed at their speeds!
---The two decide to take him with them to SlatePort!
---Arckson splits off to get make a Black Soda Drinky with Dr.Sudds!
---The other two make Wonder Powder!
---Winona gets angry at Copper for being Ignorant at the destruction! And Flies off to warn other gym leaders!
---Lucy(Not Lu, she's been on adventures within the afterlife universe) seeks a target on the beach!

Two Hours till SS Anne Leaves for [Paris Region]

Dr.Sudds--"Hold there!"
Arckson----"Great Lass! I've been pressing this one button at the speeds of light! How do you expect me to hold it there?!"
Dr.Sudds---"You wanted Perfect Soda. You came to want do. You don't want perfect?"
Arckson-----"Ugh, if I only knew Spanish..
(TBH, Spanish in the Poke'planet would be named after the equivalent to the people who invented that language, but meh, this is less confusing.)"

After hours, and hours of mixing in the seltzer, the seeping black liquid from the starry Enigma berry, and even concocting a chemical that, to pure pokemon, would cause them to start inflating into balloons! The Black misty bubbly drink poured down into three large Blue Bottles!

Session Complete!
Flavor---Perfect Anti-Magic Filled Wonder!
Color----As Black as Space!

Arckson-----"Thank you wise one."
Dr.Sudds---"No problem, now give Berry."
Arckson-----"Alright, here it is."

She starts to take out three yellow rigged berries, and hands them to Dr.Sudds.

Dr.Sudds---"Now I rule drinking world with whistle drink!"
Arckson----"Alright, thanks for the help anyways."

She tried to move her left arm to wave goodbye, but she couldn't. So, she left for the beach, with the three black Soda drinks in hand.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#14
Yorr can effect people's spirit pokemon.When he used Dragon Pulse on Tableflip,he ereased Spirit Rapidash,Eevee,and Salamence from existance.He also caused Tableflip to shift uncontrollably

Emilas:So why can't you shift?

Tableflip:I don't know...I feel like I don't have controll over my shifts...

He shifted into a haxorus.

Taborus:See? I can't controll it...

Peterson:Shifting? How do you do that?

Emilas:You just concentrate.

Peterson:Hm...I can't do it...*sigh*

He shifted into a jellicent.

Taborus:Hey! You did it!

Peterson:I did? Yes!

He shifted into a breloom.

Jabba:I guess your shifts depend on your emotion.

Peterson:I think it does.

Mary:By the way,Tableflip,you know you have the crystal,right?

Taborus:Oh yeah!

He used the crystal.


Mary:No problem.

Emile continued swimming towards Fiorre.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#15

A woman silently stared at the looming Fortress of S.o.U.L. The fortress, which held the crime syndicate's boss, stood admist the land, ever imposing, ever fearful.

??? ------------ "So...Maximillion's there...I've overheard them speaking of capturing something..."

She gripped the lance in her right palm harder, as she watched the fortress bustle with activity, and beep with the noise of sentries. Through her binoculars, she saw the countless Engineers busy keeping their mini bases maintained.

If they're capturing a being, I wonder if it's human....male...hopefully handsome...

She shook her head.

??? ------------ "Gloria, get it together. You're here on a self-imposed mission. FInding love can wait."

The girl continued to watch, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

[Abandoned Ship]

Poli went out, not noticing the rousing group members behind him.

As he reached the ship's entrance, he was greeted by the sea breeze.

Even though I promised myself not to Shift...with Akuro's looming threat, we'll need all the firepower we have. Especially with those Rahkshi roaming about like they own the place.

Poli rendered his promise void, and Shifted into Kyurem-W. As he examined the form he hasn't taken in 5 years, he hears noise behind him.

Pryce, still waking up, was the noise.

Pryce -------- "Poli? Is...that you? I thought you said you wouldn't Shift."
Poli ---------- "Given recent circumstances, it's time I abandoned my inner qualms and helped with my full abilities."

As Poli and Pryce went inside to rejoin the group, a purple figure flew near.

??? ---------- "There's Poli! I'm coming Poli!"

1.) Guess who's the purple figure.

2.) S.o.U.L. stands for: Syndicate of Universal Larceny.
Life is but a cruel Mistress.
RIP: Sadie, my beloved Golden. 9/11/2000 - 3/11/2013

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#16
After hours of travel through forests mountains and deserts... The group arrives at the base of mount leavnau....

Hyacinth: Wow... it's like I've been here before!

Suddenly, a huge crash is heard.

Guy: What was that?!

Hyacinthe: Ohh... don't worry... it was just the 4th wall breaking... It's been happening alot lately.....

Serah: (Hehehehehe) Let's just go and finish this!

Everyone: Woohoo! No more Evil in the world!

With that, they enter the cave... traveling deeper and deeper.... As they continue though.... Willingmess begins to get antsy... In the corners of the rooms he sees the dark figures that had taken Serah away...

Willingmess: No you can't have her!

Guy: Woah, Woah... Careful there.. there's nothing there!

Willingmess: Yeah... yeah... sorry....

They then continued on... until finally... they reach the end of their journey.... they reach the room that they have been seeking to see their entire quest.

Serah: Now then... To place the orbs on the pedestal!

Slowly, and with much reverence... Serah approaches the altar and places them down....

Suddenly... They begin to glow! Hugely and tremendously! Upon seeing this, Willingmess kneels down, a glazed look on his eyes!

Everyone gathers round in shock! All except for one person.....

Standing alone, on the pedestal.... Is Serah...

Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
Shadow pokemon: flygon

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#17

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#18
Jabba was staring at Mary's tails,flowing in the air.



Jabba:Are you a furry too?

Mary:Now that I think about it,yes.Yes I am.

Jabba:I love you,Mary.

Jabba hugged her.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#19
XEvent-HorizonX posted...

GenePoli is dead.

Hint #1: This character's owner has him stalk Poli.
Life is but a cruel Mistress.
RIP: Sadie, my beloved Golden. 9/11/2000 - 3/11/2013

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#20
Xalier: Tyler! Wake up!
Tyler: Ugh...
Tyler got up.
Xalier: What happened?!
Tyler: I don't-
Then Tyler remembered about Arceus' Vision to him. The future. He explained everything to Xalier.
Xalier: So the world is going to be destroyed by an Ancient Evil?
Tyler: Pretty much.
Xalier: Well, that's just great...
Tyler looked at the root.
Tyler: ....Erika!
Xalier: oh, Right!
Tyler and Xalier ran towards the city.

A figure was sanding near a dark beach. another figure walked towards.
???: I've been to see him. He looks alot like his mother and father.
???: Is he?
???: Yes. Gubbival is also alive. I sensed his presence when i left hell.
???: That is good. I will await for when I can meet them again. Let us go.
Alcheroff: yes, Lord Belial.
The two Demons left.
Official Co-Leader and Supreme General of Team Miror Infinity.
Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar.
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