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Pokemon Fusion Part 4

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#371
TVirusPredator posted...
@Gubbey, if you're not gonna write a part, tell me this. Does Sadie catch up with Angelica? I want to make sure it's all right for Mel to rejoin, possibly with the angel.

@TableFlip, is she the Zorua's old trainer?

No.Zorua's a wild pokemon,therefore he never had a trainer.

(I'll not respond to anyone else and I'll PM someone if they're right to prevent spoilers)
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#372

White/Hilda from the Adventures manga?

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#373

A flash of light. A stage descends, and lands in the clouds. The audience, composed of the characters of the 3 RP's, hushes in anticipation. The curtains split, revealing Martini and Draxl the Magmortar in a bedroom, reading a story to a Waddle Dee tucked in the bed.

Martini ----- "Young one, we are going to tell you a fabulous story..."
Draxl ------- "A story of many proportions. A story of heroes, villains..."
Martini ----- "A story of crossovers and those in the background."

The fabulous begins.

"A long, long time ago, there was a Genesect, whom was a mighty bounty hunter. In the quest for a pendant, his life would be entwined with many beings, the first being Jabba the Fennekin and Changlini the Maractus. They would gain many allies, like the frosty Kyurem, the mysterious Scizor Willingmess, the background warriors above glory, the DST, and others, in the quest to defeat the villainous Pudding the Jigglypuff. Many crossovers and a Reset Button later, the Genesect would sacrifice itself to save the world from Yami."

Draxl picks up.

"Fast forward a thousand years, and the Poké-Earth is drastically changed. The DST gave way to the Land of the Setting Sun. Special signs appeared, and a select few would rise up to new challenges. Tyler and his company would fight to stop Vortex and the gods Arcuextra and Kuro. Mephistopheles would rise up against Leventhan. Pryce would face King Gallon and an unknown role foreseen by the Shamans. Poli would struggle with his orientation as he learned of himself and his destiny against Yami's remenamnts, the Heir of Darkness, Akuro. The LotSS would combat the forces of cheapness as they studied Legendary Pokemon for advancement, and sent a squad to reconnect with the mysterious Killer of Glory. "

Martini closes the book.

Waddle Dee --- "What about Chapter 3: Fusion? "
Draxl ---------- It's being written as we speak. Good night, son."
Waddle Dee --- "Night Dad."

Draxl and Martini left the room. The stage darkens, and lights up, re-revealing the three. They bowed.
Life is but a cruel Mistress.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#374
Well done!

RE for KOG---

---After traveling through a decent length of the ship, Led starts to compare her team to Sonya.
---As she gets angrier at the fact that Sonya's most likely enjoying her time as a Deoxys, while she and her team are stuck within the Killer of Glory, ever detatched from any other form of life, Muter tells the group that they must rest.''
----After setting their things down within a room inside a hallway away from windows, they all sleep, floating.

[--Killer of Glory---]


The view of space, the site of stars, the sun, and the crater filled moon was filling the crew of Victory-1 with such joy. But alas, there was a mission to complete, and the sight of the large expanse of the lunar surface only furthered the realization.

''...Cap, when are we suppose to see it?''
''.. Led, just in a few..''
''You know, I could easily-''
''Yes you could Red, but I'm more for the honest way.''
''Heh, Cap, you really need to wor-wait, I see it now.''

The site of the bright, and white crater filled surface was then met with the view of large, sleek, shining white man-made structures.

''Isn't the sight of it amazing?''
''Red, only as long as we're still within these suits.''
''Really Tap? Thought you all would ap-''
''Red, we do.. it's just..''
''Led's right that we do, it's just that we worry about every single danger out there, waiting for us-''
''Cap, waiting for you, me, and tap, Red's pretty much gonna survive anything thrown to her out here. Unlike us, who will parish the moment we lose air, the moment the pressure from our suits malfunction, the moment where something gets scratched, leaking the air into that cold, horrible, and dangerous clean space just outside us.''
''Sigh.. Led, let's just think positive, even for a moment.''
''Cap's right on this one, no use in us letting our worry stop us from doing the mission.''
''Words to live by, Red.''

Tap forces the V shaped space craft to considerably slow down, giving time for Cap, Led, and Red to exit out of the ship once the pressure was stabilized. And as Led, and Cap floated down, towards the shining space station, a Deoxys was scene heading towards it.

''All that training, for what?''
''Led, just enjoy that we don't have to worry about Red.''
''Of course, while Red can have all the fun enjoying, showing off, even the ability to frolic within these conditions, we have to be stuck with the notion that doing ANYTHING wrong will kill us!''
''Led, just stay focus, that's all I'm asking from you.''

The two start to float down, balancing the release of their thrusters all the way down.
And then, they saw the four DNA like strings of the normal Deoxys form into hands, as it searches for a way to open the door.

''Red, just-''
''Cap, please tell me she didn't-''
''Led, just worry about our decent speed.''

Of course, after many tries on opening the door the right way, the Deoxys tries to use psychic. And as it pries open the pressured door, unknowingly damaging it, the burst of air coming out forces the door to break, and be flung directly the two floating down.

''This is V-1-''
''Too late on that Tap, already on the procedure.''

Cap, and Led prepare for the impact, trying to thrust themselves just away from incoming projectile with the thrusters on the large backpacks they've been placed with. Both of them get hit, and their suits retain damage from the force of impacting the broken side of the projectile, leaking air, and fuel. But most dangerously, the pressure started to change.

''This is V-1, assisting.''

As Tap tries to point the ship towards the two, he sees the Deoxys fly towards them.

[I finally got momentum, making next part]

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#375
Two things to say, then I'll begin writing.

1. Walmart is By far the most UN-Reliable Store in the Entire world! Those Nits Lost my Nintendo 3DS that I was picking up today, so i Have to order another one!
2. Sushi Equals.... Bleh!
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User Info: XEvent-HorizonX

4 years ago#376
Chandler014 posted...
Two things to say, then I'll begin writing.

1. Walmart is By far the most UN-Reliable Store in the Entire world! Those Nits Lost my Nintendo 3DS that I was picking up today, so i Have to order another one!
2. Sushi Equals.... Bleh!

I hate K-Mart. 'Mmkay.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#377
Chandler014 posted...
1. Walmart is By far the most UN-Reliable Store in the Entire world! Those Nits Lost my Nintendo 3DS that I was picking up today, so i Have to order another one!

Ouch. Sorry, dude.
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#378
Chandler014 posted...
(This happens Sometime after Poli's Posts. Whenever He wants to either leave or Stay and fight the Bionicle army is when this happens. If He leaves, I'll change this post.)

Tyler couldn't believe what he heard.
Tyler: My...Father? You're.... My...?
Belial: yes. You and Vortex are my Sons, along with Gubbival.
Erika: Gubbival?
Belial: You call him by his last name, Mephistopheles.
Tyler: Mephy's real name is Gubbival? Wait, so are we-
Belial: You and Vortex are Gubbival's Half-Brothers.
Tyler couldn't imagine that either easily. The person he blamed, He hated for Five years before his journey.... The person he wanted to kill, Was really His Half-Brother....
Tyler: Does Mephy Know about... Me and Vortex being His Half-Brothers?
Belial: No, Not yet. I believe he is coming here soon though, to Mauville. We will wait, and when he does come, We will meet him then.
Erika: But The city!
Xalier: It's being overrun by the Creatures there!
Tyler: They must be stopped!
Belial: Do not worry. Hold your book hard.
Tyler did as he was told.
Belial: Now... The Dark Purging spell.
Tyler got the memo, and nodded.
Belial/Tyler: Credillylad!
The Two Light spells Resonated to each other, and combined, Sending all the Bionicle Army away. Tyler saw a few people there Leaving though, One being a Kyurem.
Tyler: Poli...?
Belial: let's go down there. See you they are. I will explain everything along the way.
Tyler: Right.
Erika: let's go!
Tyler, Belial, Erika, and Xalier left to Mauville.

Fixed. Better Poli?
Official Co-Leader and Supreme General of Team Miror Infinity.
Shadow Pokemon: Tyranitar.

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#379
Chandler014 posted...
Two things to say, then I'll begin writing.

1. Walmart is By far the most UN-Reliable Store in the Entire world! Those Nits Lost my Nintendo 3DS that I was picking up today, so i Have to order another one!
2. Sushi Equals.... Bleh!

****ing ******** I hate Wal-Mart
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#380
[---Killer of Glory---]

The V shaped Victory-1 was now seeing the scene unfold. The lunar surface shined as brightly as it could to the yellow, molten, exploding star that shined its light across the space all around, revealing the endless black, and the endless amount of glitter shining within the background. And looking at the sleek exterior of the space station, a hole in an entrance releasing air as fast as it could, the pilot saw the Deoxy try to assist the two still conscious human astronauts.

Tap----''If you can still hear me, do not try to force any kind of psychic powers to aid them the way there.''

The communication evaporated into the silence of space, for the sound couldn't exist.
Tap then continues to see the Deoxys approach both of them, and almost seems like it's absorbing a strange energy that resides all around it, preparing to release a controlled force of energy that would engulf the two feinting astronauts in need of assistance.

Cap----''..Red're going to kill us.. if you do ..what I think you're going to do..''
Led-----''..almost.. there ..just a fe..''
Cap-----''Led.. hang in ..there.''

Cap was calm in the situation, he had to be, for shedding any emotion would surely ensure something else to go wrong. So, through the silence, he very gently as possible got hold of the controls of Led's suit, and activated the remaining thrusters to guide her along with him to the strong forces of air being released by the yanked open gateway.

Just a little.. more..

The pressure from the current of air still being released from the door caused the aproach to be near impossible. And then, he felt a very strong force of energy push him, and Led through the air current.

He lost sight, he felt the suit start to shift everywhere from the tugging of the force of energy, and as he tried to lift his sealed gloved hand to call off the move, he blacked out, hearing a loud suction sound, the footsteps of a heavily suited person, and a few words.

Tap----''Led should be fine, it's Cap that needs this shot.''

At the sound of that word, he regained consciousnesses, thrusting his right arm towards where he thought Tap was. Feeling that he grabbed a hand of someone, he mustered up a few words.

Cap---''Thanks but-.''

Even within the sealed gloves, he still could feel a strange force coming out of the hand he was grabbing. And when his sight came back, he saw it to be none other than a Red skinned blue palmed hand of Deoxys.

He then wakes up, seeing the other members of his team already awake, prepared, and eating a few Enigma berries as they float across from him. All the while, a monitor on the wall showed a map, saying that the team were located just just below the middle floor, just a few more miles from the Housing sphere. And then there was still that yellow bar with the 51%, ever mysteriously present. Cap then responded.

Cap----''What did I miss?''
Led-----''The usual, nothing.''
Tap-----''Alright, I think I know where to go from down here.''
Cap-----''And where are we going?''
Tap-----''To the yellow section, one floor above us, smack dab within the center floor of this ship.''
Led-----''It's where we will get to see the power source, along with a short ranged tram that will take us to the housing sphere.''
Tap-----''Alright, ready yourself, and we will leave.''

And so, Cap used the restroom that was located at the other side of the room they were in, and after a good while of preparing himself for another, silent trip, he then had Tap lead the group to the yellow floor, all the while Cap carried the Green Canister, and the file.

[Alright, I'll leave this there for now, and start on another group]
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