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Pokemon Fusion Part 4

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#421
[Mt. Pyre]

They landed at the mountain top.

Gloria -------- "Blast it all, can barely see a thing in this fog!"
Nightmare --- "Leave it to your future hubby, he can see clearly no matter what, rain, sleet, or fog."
Sonya -------- "Poli?"

Poli was preoccupied. Another of the Satomi Power Orbs were flashing. Not looking where he was walking, Poli walked into the center of the shrine that held the Blue and Red Orbs...

And fell.

Poli ---------- "WAAAAAAAAAAHH!"
Gloria -------- "Poli!"

Poli got up. He looked around, shaking away the fuzziness. The cave he was in looked identical to that one of Mt. Chimney. He approached the Fountain.

"This is the Fountain of Faith."

"Why did I have to fall to find it?"

"Faith is a blind guide...and sometimes the only guide."

Poli checked the gauntlets. Now two Orbs glowed vibrantly. A light enveloped Poli.

"And it appears that you have been granted free access to the Power of Legend's Beast abilities. When active, you will have the ferocity of Entei, speed of Raikou, and grace of Suicune."

"How many abilities does the Power of Legends grant anyways?"

"Thirteen. The Legendary Beasts' will, Lugia's Aeroblast, Ho-oh's Sacred Fire, Groudon's sun, Kyogre's rain, Rayquaza's wind, Dialga's time warping, Palkia's spatial distortion, Giratina's shadow, Zekrom's Thunder, Reshiram's Fire, Kyurem's Ice, and Arceus's rejuvination."

"But my fusion with Kyurem has given me the Tao Trio's abilities already!"

"True, maybe they'll be different than mine were."

The light grew, and Poli was taken back to Mt. Pyre.

Gloria -------- "Poli!"

She rushed to Poli, and hugged him. As Poli felt her warmth, he glanced at the shrine. The hole he fell down was gone.

Poli ---------- " up is Knowledge. We're off for Origin Cave."

For those who haven't been part of TWG TIP, the abilities the Power of Legends grants somewhat mimic Okami's Celestial Brush Techniques.

Groudon --- Sunrise
Kyogre --- Waterspout
Rayquaza --- Wind
Dialga --- Veil of Mist
Palkia --- Power Slash
Ho-oh --- Inferno
Arceus --- Rejuvination

These are the closest comparisons.
Life is but a cruel Mistress.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#422

---Castle Pudding----

The Fabulous Furret, the Wizardly purple haired woman, the Togetic, and the Scientist all readied themselves from the information that the Clipboardman say on the phone.

Martini---------''Ah-ha! We have found the great fiend's weakness!''
Rhapsody----''But we don't know where the shrines are in the first place!''
Martini--------''Don't worry about such petty things, my darling.''
Celeste-------''Guys, shouldn't we call the others?''
Martini--------''And have them stop our plans to usurper the great villain? I think not!''
Octy-----------''Alright, but why did we capture him in the first place?''
Martini--------''To put all of you to the test of course! Can't have us be rusty once our chance to come out on top comes!''
Celeste-------''So.. where do we go anyways?''
Martini--------''Don't worry, Octy? Aren't you good with potions?''
Octy----------''Heh, I dabble.''

Octy heads for the cabinet, takes out a few Flasks, Graduated Cylinders, Test Tubes, a lot of beakers filled with colorful liquids.

Octy-------''Alright, this might..''

He starts mixing the liquids.


He then turns on the small flames on a test table.


Colorful smoke starts to engulf the room.


Within the colorful smoke, Martini, Rhapsody, and Celeste stare at the silhouette of the scientist marvelously looking like a mad man mixing the chemicals, twirling the tubes, the flasks, and making various expressions with his arms as a large bubble comes up to engulf the smoke!

Celeste-------''Are you sure it was okay to take him out of the jail?''
Martini--------''Oh my dear, why do you worry about these things?''
Celeste-------''It's just.. I mean, look at him!''

They see Octy start punching the bubble with plastic.

Martini--------''My Darlings, he is just simply within his zone!''
Rhapsody----''And what does the old man think he's doing?''
Octy-----------''Let me show you!''

He comes back with five small balls filled with the rainbow colored gas.

Martini-------''My my, and what do you plan to do with these Fabulously colored spheres?''
Celeste------''Watch, he's gonna-''

Octy flings one of the balls towards the ground, and upon breaking, the gas covers everyone within the group.

Rhapsody----''You're gonna kill us!''
Octy-----------''Oh hush, look around you!''

The smoke clears, and they all find themselves within a strange place not covered by the red sky, and in front of them lay two Cream colored grunts wearing clothing labeled with NER.

[Ugh, that TV is distracting.]

Alright.. I do think I am gonna mess up the next part.. mostly because I'm still currently confused on the Shrines thing... and probably something else, but I'll save that for later.

Meh, if it's okay; I'll just have this place here be a shrine not on the list, and have the NER grunts take the thing here, and have Team Martini chase them down, and accidentally go to their world, for just one post.

Then during that very short trip there, describe the place, have the Fabulous, the Celeste, the Rhapsody, and the Octy take back that thingy, and come back to the Poke'planet.

All the while, setting up something with a conversation that the two grunts will have.


Basically, this shrine doesn't hold one of the things from that Okami game, so it's not relevant to stopping Pudding.

But, it will serve as a key thing once they find Ocorono, and Manly Manson Grand Slam AAA Triple B Triple C

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#423
Wouldn't Deluge work better for kyogre?
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#424
TableFlip posted...
Wouldn't Deluge work better for kyogre?

Deluge is a Waterspout upgrade, so it's essentially the same thing.

But technically, yeah.
Life is but a cruel Mistress.
RIP: Sadie, my beloved Golden Retriever. 9/11/2000 - 3/11/2013

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#425
Alright, I'll get back to try to quickly progress Team Martini through that idea spoiler(Hopefully, I can get them to appear within the concert, with Martini thinking that, that one thing is all its group needs to take down Pudding in front of the grand crowd.).

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#426
Changlini posted...
willingmess posted...
gonna be gone for about 3 hours.

Alright, but can you tell me if the legendary shrines are related to the objects that Poli&Friends were collecting?

I'm sorry... I left right after I posted that....
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#427
In Mauville, the Jigglypuff-themed scars of Pudding's tyranny were plainly visible for all to see. Banners of Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff shaped zeppelins, Jigglypuff statues, Jigglypuff-shaped buildings, an art museum dedicated to Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff documentaries on the televisions, and Jigglypuff ice cream that you're not allowed to eat.

While the blue-robed ice cream salesman wasn't looking, Mephistopheles swiped one of the JigglyCream cones.

"This is actually pretty good," he said, having a lick of the frozen treat. "Tastes like Pecha ice cream."

"At any rate, it looks like he isn't here," Pryce said. "Where does he keep running off to?"

"Can we stop screwing around and find him already?" Angelica sighed. "I wanna hurry up and find my sword already."

"Oh, so that's why you're relatively well-behaved?" Katherine asked.

Angelica rolled her eyes. "Yes, that's why Hellboy here doesn't have his guts spilling out right now."

"Angelica, they're trying to help you," Angelo spoke. "Show some gratitude."

"No, no," Mephistopheles said, waving his hand. "Let her go on. I find it pretty funny."

"You know, you're not being any better, trying to provoke my sister," Angelo pointed out.

"ATTENTION!" a mic-bearing Igglybuff called out. "Lord Pudding has decreed: Mauville City shall be changed to Puddingville City! Similar changes to city names shall occur in the future when announced."

"And there's the city gates," Pryce spoke. "Not a moment too soon."

But they were stopped by two burly Wigglytuff.

"Stop, citizen," one of them said. "Exiting the city is a class SSX felony, punishable by death."

"Isn't breaking any of the laws punishable by death?" Sadie questioned.

"Indeed it is," the Wigglytuff answered. "Which is why you don't break laws. Now return to Puddingville, citizen."

Then Sadie and Sol transformed into Lugia and Zapdos, respectively.

"But we can make an exception in your case," one of the Wigglytuff responded to this, oddly calm. They then stepped aside. "Please, go on."

"So, where in the bloody 'ell do you think 'e's 'eaded next, mate?" Sol asked Will.

"If he went to Mt. Pyre, then he's probably finished his business there," Will answered.

"He's right," Angelica said. "Since he's obviously trying to avoid us, I say we should head to where he's off to next to intercept him. But where would that be?"
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#428
"What?",said the girl,while her brown eyes turned blue.

Jabba:You went wolf on him!

Girl:I did? I guess I didn't notice that...(cute voice)are you okay zorua?

She picked the pup up into her arms. leg was scratched by the bullet though.

Girl(in a cute voice):I'll help it.

She kissed the wound,and zorua's eyes widened while he blushed.Peterson laughed.

Tableflip:We've went from Mt.Silver,to Dragnor,to here,all in one day.Lets go to bed...


Mary(whispering):Shall we? Tonight?

Jabba nodded while Mary smiled.Everyone splitted up into different houses to sleep at.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#429
willingmess posted...

I'm sorry... I left right after I posted that....

Don't worry, you still have time to confirm or deny that question.

Ssstill have time..

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#430
Changlini posted...
willingmess posted...

I'm sorry... I left right after I posted that....

Don't worry, you still have time to confirm or deny that question.

Ssstill have time..

No, they are not related.... though it requires both to be used along with a third force that will be revealed eventually to defeat Pudding.
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
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