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It's time to receive your starter from the prof!

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User Info: Numbbi

4 years ago#151
Starmie. I'm fine with this.

User Info: Rock_Howard87

4 years ago#152
Hell yeah! Nidoking, one of my favorites.
Pokemon White FC: 2451 3987 6837

User Info: Shishio07

4 years ago#153
Feraligator lol, didnt really change much starter wise

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#154
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
Official Beheeyem of the Pokemon X/Y boards <3

User Info: delta242

4 years ago#155
Ho-oh, Not bad!
KOS-MOS:"I have analyzed the situation,and by my current calculations I would say we are screwed." =3

User Info: Jaasce

4 years ago#156
Garchomp, aw yeah.

User Info: metaknight987

4 years ago#157
I got Nicki Minaj....

User Info: Metalmallow

4 years ago#158
Charmander? -facepalms-

User Info: Mishimon

4 years ago#159
Salamence! Suck it, Route 1 Rattata.
Currently playing:Tactics Ogre: LuCT (PSP), Mass Effect 3 (PS3), Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (DS), SaGa 3 (DS), Assassin's Creed 2 (PS3).

User Info: Decon082

4 years ago#160
I got Pikachu.

Not even lying here.
Official Chespin of the Pokemon X boards.
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  3. It's time to receive your starter from the prof!

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