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It's time to receive your starter from the prof!

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User Info: Thefatness16

4 years ago#271
Nidoran F. Nidoqueen is alright, so I'm okay with this.

User Info: BlueMage02

4 years ago#272
KYOGRE! F*** YES. One of my favorite pokemon. :D
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User Info: darkheartVegeta

4 years ago#273
sweet i got zekron as my starter. i like that legendary too
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User Info: Fish_Soup_64

4 years ago#274
#139 - Omastar

Yeah baby!!!
Let the good times roll :D
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User Info: H-L-W

4 years ago#275
Pokemon Black Version FC: 1506 5124 1112

User Info: poporulez

4 years ago#276
I got a Pumbloom!
PSN Tag: soulofrebirth
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User Info: jakestar0306

4 years ago#277
poporulez posted...
I got a Pumbloom!

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User Info: Silver_Sparklet

4 years ago#278
Sweat! I got a Gun! ^ ^
simple & effective

User Info: jobacohue

4 years ago#279
Camerupt's alright
Official person of everything.

User Info: Heracross17

4 years ago#280
Slowpoke. Dude turns into a beast. Couldn't be happier.
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