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Think of 2 pokemonz before entering

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User Info: GoldenSun3DS

4 years ago#51
Pikachu + Snivy = Snivachu
An electric grass snake with Pikachu's legs, head and tail. Cool.
Camelot asked for your support of Golden Sun 4!
"Why? Because of... DESTINY? PAH ha ha!" - Basilio

User Info: Defender31415

4 years ago#52
Relicanth + Arcanine= Arcananth? Cool name, but I can't see it happening...
--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), Eremos (Sandslash), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax)

User Info: ShinyDittozero

4 years ago#53
any one want to guess who I fused

User Info: wahaha199

4 years ago#54
my mind went blank
So... Asianwide is on yo side!

User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#55
Freaking jirachi with quiver dance? confirmed for a tier beyond uber.
Jirachi is the best pokemon
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