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Find a way to ruin this game.

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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#21
Gamefreak sells all rights to Disney between now and October
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User Info: RedShadowww

4 years ago#22
Saintpara posted...
Rahjik posted...
I was gonna say triple types... but then I decided, "What if X and Y was Gen 6 only with no backwards compatibility D:"

I'd be absolutely thrilled if backwards compatibility was omitted from Gen 6...

My suggestion: Give the fans what they want.

This would apparently include:

A light type
Every single vaguely reptilian Pokemon replacing one of its types with Dragon
Every Pokemon with wings getting Quiver Dance
Everything you can slightly argue has a shell (Skarmory, Steelix, Metapod) getting Shell Smash
Every Pokemon with a tail getting Tail Glow (I know what it means in Japanese, shut up)
Every plant or vaguely plant-like or poisonous Pokemon getting Spore
Ten difficulty levels
An entire second version of the game in 2d so you can toggle between the graphics you want
Six move slots
Two abilities, with every Pokemon having half a dozen initial abilities and a blank slot you can put virtually any ability into
Ash as the MC, as Ash, with Femme-Ash if you choose a female trainer
Your playing the bad guys now and this game is about slavery, war and oppression
Rated M for Mature
Is now a 3DS based MMO
...and a 3D SRPG
Includes two dozen new Pokemon which are really just Nintendo characters converted
Gets regular patches online to update mechanics and tweak balance, all changes being voted on at

You sir, won this topic.

User Info: 3PiesAndAFork

4 years ago#23
Stealth Ro...

Oh wait.
"I could care less" means you care right now.
The proper phrase is "I couldn't care less."

User Info: KillerMechanoid

4 years ago#24
Make the starter mammal appear on every single land route (Yes, in its unevolved form).

User Info: Lexifox

4 years ago#25
Go to an online forum and ask the fans what they want in the next game.

Implement their suggestions.
"Murder of the living is tragic, but murder of the idea is unforgivable." - Janus, speaker of the synod
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