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What were your first impressions when you played gen 2?

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User Info: henriue

4 years ago#11
Those colors....
I'll have something to write here someday.

User Info: gamester_12345

4 years ago#12
Beginning: "The graphics are much more tolerable but probably slightly less than the jump from Red/Blue to Yellow, if only because of Anime Resemblance, though the Sprite detail was pretty nice. WOAH, there's hold items now? Cyndaquil is awesome!, all these towns...they're Japaneseish, still better than the neutral approach in Gen1, instills the feeling that Johto is quite different."

Cherrygrove, to about the end of the maingame: "Wow, guessing thats why there are genders now, baby Togepi! :D" "Silver still being cool as usual, holy hell, Team Rocket are still alive and kicking even without the head, Elite four was pretty particularly cool ones, neat that Koga became appointed to shove the nail in that time HAS passed"

Endgame: "WOAHH, we can enter Kanto? AND fight the Gymleaders too? :D...wait, that's it? what about Mewtwo and the Birds, and what happened to Giovanni? D:"

Future/Present Me: "The designs for the elite four are pretty nice,have to admit for the first time i like the designs of both a female and male member that's in the same elite four but isn't a champion, though Lance always looked like a flasher in 8bit."

Seriously; Will's old sprite made him look like some sort of blind...Batman, and Karen looked like a white/blonde-haired swimmer with a short least they had the decency at giving Will having some sort of Magician-based motif to him (down to the appearing pokeball) with non-blind Batman eyes, and Karen had sharp fashionable clothes but wasn't too off the top.
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User Info: kirbydude385

4 years ago#13
well considering crystal was my first game, my first thought was how to get out of the house

and then for some reason i couldnt get out of new bark town
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