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Favorite wall Pokemon

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User Info: Daemonscharm

4 years ago#1
Mine is Magnezone because he can dish it if you need to put him on offense

Ferrothorn is second place. Leech Seed and iron defense.

User Info: Skyward_Sneasel

4 years ago#2
Ash Ketchum is a Timelord; he never ages!! That or a vampire...
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User Info: DBF__

4 years ago#3
My Sacred Gold Team

User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#4
Ferrothorn or Tyranitar.
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User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#5
Eviolite Togetic
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#6
B1 FC:1807-8830-3725 "Squids are evil!"
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User Info: Misdreavus573

4 years ago#7
Evolite Misdreavus.

Although, a lot of my favorite Pokemon make good walls.

User Info: JacK_1S_BK

4 years ago#8
The best defense is a good offense. So I'll have to say Charizard.
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User Info: ColtCababa

4 years ago#9
DBF__ posted...
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User Info: Shadow_Navi_EX

4 years ago#10
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