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Pokemon Fusion: Part 5!

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#1
***~~~Pokémon Fusion Chapter Five!!!~~~***


Previous Treads:

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Thread 2------
Thread 3------
Thread 4------


(In space with a view of PokéEarth, the you see the rocket Sonya and co. blasted off in)

(Camera switches to a zoomed-in view of Sadie's face, looking upwards)

I wanna be the very best

(Zoomed out camera, showing the Payne clan in an arena, ready for battle)

Like no one ever was.

(With each guitar sound effect, it shows characters in this order: Poli, Pryce, Tableflip)

To catch them is my real test,

(Shows the Menace wrestling with a Shiny Bulbasaur)

To train them is my cause.

(Jabba and Emile sparring)

I will travel 'cross the land,

(Pryce and co. riding on Sol as a Zapdos)

Searching far and wide...

(Zenon as Mewtwo tracking Poli down as he floats through the sky, more guitar sounds, showing Jabba, Mephistopheles, and Gloria)

Teach Pokémon to understand,

(Willingmess, Serah, Hyacinthe and Tear examining the six orbs)

The power that's insiiiiiiiiide!!

(Martini explodes into flowers and rainbows)

Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all!

(Pryce dodging a purple fireball from Akuma)

It's you and me.

(Tyler and Erika embrace, then King Gallon smashes a building)

I know it's my destiny! (Pokémon!)

(Poli examining the remains of GenePoli)

Ooh, you're my best friends,

(Team Tableflip pulling each other in for a group hug)

In a world we must defeeeeeeeeeeend!

(Pudding on a Jigglypuff-shaped mountain laughing hysterically, while Leventhan circles about in the sky. Then Vortex moves in front of the camera with an evil smirk)

Pokémon! Gotta catch 'em all!

(The camera zooms by every character standing in a line, striking different poses)

A heart so truuuuuuuue!

(Jabba and Mary sharing an intimate moment under moonlight)

Our courage will pull us through!

(Hyacinthe faces the Reapers)

You teach me and I'll teach you!

(Gardevoir embraces Sadie)


(Shows a photo of EVERY character together.)

Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!


Pokémon Fusion


That's about, then.

Post post post!
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#2
You forgot Jace! Lol jk
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#3
I'll get working on a recent events for the groups that I control.

[---SS Anne---]

---Octillery operates on a hybrid, Mew tries to get her to torture it!
---Octillery's screaming Onix hybrid patient sets off a ruckus that makes the other hybrids angry that the humans get treated by a less painful Monicle!
---Jealous Hybrids start to Attack Monicle!
---Octillery with the Mew turned Dunsparce, and Arckson counter the attacks!
---After the two Protect Monicle from the hybrids, Igglybuffs come down to order them to go to Pudding's concert!
---The Igglybuffs get restrained by a furious Anna!
---The Captain then comes in to know what's going on!
---After the Captain agrees to take everyone to where the Concert of Pudding will be, the ship sets off!

---Looking out to the red sea, Anna asks the Woman with the stained sword to tell her name!
---The woman tells Anna to tell her something Private, so she can give her name!
---Anna then tells the woman her private story, about coming from a warring family, seeing both of her older brothers be ruin, and forcing Cap to date her!
---She then reveals that she had a fight with Cap, just before Anna left to OPL!
---Because of the story, the woman with the stained sword breaks the silence, and reveals her name!

[---Killer of Glory---]

---Cap, Tap, and Led float through the hallways filled with remnants of a once bustling competant research team!
---They find a statue that explodes, and makes them go back to a lively ship!
---After completing a procedure that ejected white liquid out of Palkia, a man gives Cap documents about the Legendary Egg Project!
---The three wake up back within the storage room, and travel the ship more!
---Led's hatred to Sonya's ability to become Deoxys, and be invincible(Compared to a human) within space!
---Cap dreams about the entry mission that Sonya accidentally almost got Cap, and Led killed!
---He wakes up, finding that Tap was able to map out their location.
---They then set off to the Yellow floors!


---Chocolate seduces a refugee into liking her!
---They go back to the same restaurant!
---The chefs serve her ice cream that looks like Magicarp Sushi(Because LotSS doesn't eat pokemon meat)
---Angry, Chocolate drags the Refugee off to somewhere!

---Igglybuff statues rain down!
---Sam hates magic!
---Angry Sam deletes a statue!
---Uka-6 takes action, and releases Falsefer 1-8, along with Flygon swatter missiles!
---Igglybuffs then try to invade LotSS through the valley!
---In a stalemate between Sam's DP units, and Pudding's army, Chocolate comes in and seduces the igglypuffs!
---Everything then quells down for the Land of the Setting Sun!


---Inside Puddingdom, within Castle Pudding, Martini and friends find out that a concert will take place!
---They also listen to Clipboardman indirectly tell them the weakness to Pudding!
---After Octy makes a few rainbow spheres, he teleports everyone to a Legendary Shrine!
---They see two NER grunts that don't notice them, and have a conversation about something happening within the future!
---Martini asks what are they looking for, causing the two grunts to run towards the shrine!
---Martini and friends race against the grunts, while Octy tries to remember why the area seems so familiar to him!

Why are the people labeled with NER showing up in a lot of places?!
Martini, Celeste, Rhapsody, and Octy turning into Villains?!?!
What will the shrine hold in store for Team Martini?!?!
Could the team within the Killer of Glory have done it!? Could they have forced Dialga into a black hole?!

All that, and more.. Next time on.. PF!

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#4
Emile and Tableflip were outside,under the moonlight,making out.Markus was watching them from a distance.

Markus:I guess I'll force them to tell me where the water is.

His hand morphed into a sword made of stainless steel,and he sneaked over to the kissing couple.

Tableflip:I love you so much...

Emile:I love you more...

Markus got ready to decapitate Tableflip,until Emile saw him.

Emile:Don't hurt my husband!

She slammed her tail against Markus's face.

Markus:Damn...those *****es found me out.

He teleported.

Emile:It's Markus!


He turned behind him to see nothing.

Tableflip:It's just you,my love.

Emile:Oh well...

Tableflip:I guess Cupid's arrow gives you some side effects.

They both smiled at each other,romantically.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#5
Tell me if I need to change this.

ZORA'S Story
Zora flew towards a Fallen Building and hid, Eyeing at Mephy.
Zora: Why are you here...?
Zora then saw Mephy had Characteristics of a Banette.
Zora: ...a Hybrid. Hmph, In that case....
Zora drew his Rapier, His eyes glowing like Blue Fire.
Zora: I will Slay you and end your crimes, before they happen!
Zora Jumped up and Flew towards Mephistopheles.

Tyler and the others were running when they saw Mephistopheles.
Belial: There He is, My son...
Belial began walking.
Erika: ....No, Don't!
Xalier: Why?
Belial: I must see my son-
Erika: Not you, look! up there!
Tyler looked up. He saw Zora, Sword ready, Flying towards Mephy. He did not look happy.
Tyler: Zora, that fool. What is he doing?
Belial: let's hurry.
Erika: Yeah!
Tyler: Lets.
Tyler and the others ran towards where Mephy was.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#6
Non-Canon Part for teh lulz
(If anyone knows this reference,post it and I'll give you a cookie)

Marcus sneaked behind Mary,and he was about to kill her.Jabba saw him,and instantly reacted.He had to startle him somehow.Then he got a good idea.




Markus:(this guy's insane...I think he'll kill me)

He telepirted away.

Mary:What was that for?

Jabba:So I could protect you.

I don't even know anymore.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#7
Heya guys! I feel as though I've been ignoring her, so I'll get to work on something for Serah.... then...... a post about.... Willingmess...
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(message deleted)

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#9
Another Side, Another Story

Two fishermen find a body drifting through the ocean. Interested, they fish out the body, revealing a boy of fifteen or so. His face is young, almost like a female's. His hands are soft, but yet he carries a sense of courage and duty. The boy slept, oblivious to the changes that had taken place, both in the world... and in himself. Ah yes, for Markie Murrin, life was about to spiral out of control.

Life, so fragile and weak. And yet man cannot change it. What does this say of man?

A girl looks out over a darkened city. The lights slowly dim, one by one. She looks out to the ominous castle in the distance, and clutches onto a thin needle. Soon, she knows. Soon, Lucy Ventali would end the nightmare.. one way or another.

Fear, oh so powerful. It clings to life and burdens it with fate and death.

A young man wanders through the empty hallways of a once great castle. His fears, his frustrations come to him. His failures... his hopes and dreams torment him. Yet, Peter Murrin remains faithful in the hope that one day, he would escape this afterlife.

Fate, oh how you taunt man. With fears of what is to come. You remind us of our weakness, our duty... and our destiny.
Message board arguments in a nutshell.

User Info: Dreadtion2

4 years ago#10
Xerox: ow my face hurts and i *looks up* no no no this is not happening is it?
Axiom: well it is so do something about it
Temperance: yo Isthmus help me
Axiom: *punches him* you? what about me
Zenith: blizzard! *freezes everyone* ha ha
Isthmus: the heck man you killed them
the guys at the bottom of the mountain: wrong we are still alive Zenith
Xerox: zenith when i get up there i will kill you!
Axiom: not if i kill him first
Temperance: isthmus hurry up
Isthmus: oh right *runs down*
Zenith: oh yeah earthquake! *the mountain starts to vibrate* good luck
Isthmus: oop *jumps up* i'm almost there
Xerox: if you don't pick up the pace i'll make you wish you never saw me
Isthmus: relax *throws 3 rocks* my job is done
Axiom: GET HIM! *points at Zenith*
Zenith: eep i'm sorry *teleports to an underwater facility*
Temperance: where did he go?
Axiom: he's somewhere but where?
Isthmus and Xerox: face it he's gone to an unknown location
Axiom and Temperance: then Team Dimensional Killers will embark on our first mission.

as the group began to search Zenith was in his own problem.

i need some ideas for what happens to Zenith because, i've got nothing
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