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Pokemon Fusion: Part 5!

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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#301
Thank you, Chandler. Now I can write without fear of messing things up :3


"Well, it was kind of a--" Chandler began, then he noticed something below them. "Hey... Have you ever seen that stone monument down there before?"

"I can't say I have," Mephistopheles answered. "But maybe that's just because I've never been here before, heheheh."

"That is one of the Shrines Will was talking about," Belial explained. "It'll reveal the innate powers of one who feels... An odd feeling. Like a connection to it, or something."

"Well, that's good," Erika spoke. "That means I'm not going crazy. Can you land?"

"In all my years, I've never seen a Shrine grant its blessing to anyone, mortal or not," Belial answered. "It would be my honor."

The massive hulking demon gestured to the other flying party members.

"Gather before the structure below us," Belial called out. "We are to witness what few mortals have ever experienced."

They all landed, and stood at a respectful distance from the mystical monolith. They then looked in wonder and curiosity as Erika slowly approached the Shrine, staring as if possessed. Her eyes glowed bright gold as she placed her hands on the stone, the engravings on the Shrine glowing just as brightly.

Erika backed away, now looking at a great blazing bow, floating in mid-air above the shrine. The glowing bowstring drew back, a golden ethereal arrow in it. Erika extended her arms, as if welcoming it. Then the arrow was released.

"ERIKA!!" Tyler cried out as Erika was impaled by the arrow. He dashed forward, but he was held back by his father.

"Do not interrupt the process," Belial spoke. "She will be okay. All you can do is watch and wait."

Then the ethereal arrow faded, leaving Erika on her knees. Belial let go of Tyler, and he ran over to embrace his beloved.

"E-Erika! Are you..." Tyler began.

"I'm fine, Tyler," Erika assured, looking up at him. Then she smiled. "In fact, I feel great. There's something you may want to see."

Erika then stood up and grasped her bow. "Stand back, everyone."

She aimed into the sky, then her bow suddenly became huge, glowing and magnificent. But to Erika, it was light as a feather.

She drew the bowstring back, and an arrow formed from thin air... The same arrow that had impaled her moments ago. She released it, and it streaked through the sky, leaving a stream of golden light. It released all of its energy within the red, cloud-covered skies, momentarily turning it a magnificent gold. All the while, the rest of the group stared in wonder and bewilderment.

"Wow," Angelica sighed, smiling. Her expression then turned serious, her head turning to Mephistopheles.

"Mephistopheles," she called. "There's something I need to ask you. But I want to do it in private."

"...Fine," the demon answered. "Just remember that I have a tome of satanic magic, whereas you have nothing."

"Not a good idea to go alone with her," Pryce said, getting ready to follow. Mephistopheles gestured him to stand down.

"I said I have the advantage, Dewott-man. You have no reason to worry." Thus the angel and demon strolled into a nearby grove.

"Right, then," Mephistopheles said. "I am ready for the latest round of verbal abuse."

"That's not what this is about," Angelica responded, annoyed. "Look, I just want to... Ask a favor."

The demon tilted his head. "That's not very--oh, never mind. Go ahead."

"I... Even if I do come across my sword, I want to keep traveling with you."

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#302
Exactly 4096 characters in that last post. Heh.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#303
"Traveling... With me?" Mephistopheles asked.

"And the others, too, I mean," Angelica said quickly. "My adventures on PokéEarth have made me realize something... Heaven is boring. I... I don't belong there. Where I belong... Is here. This place is my home. Right now I couldn't care less about my mission, because I couldn't care less about going to back to Heaven."

The demon smiled. "You and I have more in common than we both realized at first."

"Pfft. You wish," Angelica retorted. "Anyway, back to my original question. Can I tag along with you guys for an indefinite period?"

"Of course you can," Mephistopheles answered, then smiling again. "You've matured a lot, Angelica."

"I'm 8800 years older than you."

"And you act like a 400 year old. At least you used to," the demon replied.

"It's kind of amazing," Angelica remarked.

"What is?"

"Death threats and verbal abuse have turned into playful banter," Angelica pointed out. "I must be getting soft..."

"I, for one, welcome this change," Mephistopheles responded.

"Yeah. Me too. But you still piss me off," Angelica said, punching the demon in the shoulder. "We're still nowhere near being friends, mind you."

"I wouldn't have it any other way. Now let us rejoin the others."

The pair emerged from the grove, finding the rest of the group ready to take off.
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#304
A hooded figure steps in a puddle as it runs through the heavily-pouring rains.

It reaches its destination, a small antique shop situated in the far corner of the city. It slips inside.

The interior of the shop is pitch-dark, lit only by the meagre light streaming in from outside. The hooded figure begins searching the shelves and cabinets of the shop, knocking collectible items aside and rummaging through sacks of goods.

Then, light begins to come into the room. The figure turns around.

An odd-looking middle-aged man, holding a candle approaches. He wears small glasses, and wears a hat from a foreign land atop his head.

"May I help you, traveler?" he asks in a friendly tone.

He strolls behind the counter. "Hmmmm... Something drew you to my shop, something powerful..."

The hooded figure points to a mysterious artifact encased inside a glass jar on a shelf behind the counter.

"Ahhhh, you have a keen eye," the shopkeeper spoke smoothly. "The Bump is one of the most mysterious and powerful of all the known methods of message board posting."

The hooded figure then moved closer, but the shopkeeper gestured to back off.

"Aaah, I'm afraid this is far too dangerous..."

The figure threw a coin pouch on the counter, gold pieces spilling out. The merchant examined the payment.

He grinned. "Would you like that gift wrapped?"
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#305
Do I have the O.K. to write the first part of the concert?
Message board arguments in a nutshell.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#306
Draxis and Gloria arrived at Victory Road. Sonya and the others awaited them at the entrance.

Sonya ------ "There you two are! Almost thought you were in danger."
Nightmare ---- "Dear Astro Girl: They clearly went at it again. Love: Nightmare."
Sonya ----- "Funny."
Draxis ------- "He's right though."
Zenon ------ "Let's find this last Fountain."

They entered Victory Road. The large cave complex was devoid of Trainers, probably due to Pudding's concert mandation. Exploring was easy. They approached a chasm.

Draxis ---------- "What could be down there?"
Gloria --------- "Let's find out!"

Shifting, Poli took them down. The darkness ever surrounded them, silent forever. A baige-golden castle came into view.

Nightmare ---- "Looks busted. Perfect hiding spot."

They entered one of the holes in the castle wall. The main corrider was bothing but a long, ascending hallway, that ended in a large throne room. They went through the door.

The place was wrecked like everywhere else. Pillars half standing, debris everywhere. A large hole blocked by a rock slide. The Loyalty Orb glowed.

Draxis ------ "Huh?"
Nightmare ----- "I assume this room is the Fountain. Of course, it doesn't look like it now, but this room had to have water at one point."
Sonya ---- "Cool. Is that all of the Orbs, brother?"
Draxis ----- "It is. Off to the concert?"
Nightmare --- "Onwards!"

Sonya decided to teleport them out. When they left, a large stone Shrine stood tall.

Gloria ----- "Woah."

They all placed their hands on the Shrine, and power surged into them. Draxis felt his Fire and Electricity strengthen, Sonya felt like she held the cosmos in her palms, Gloria felt even sharper, and Nightmare felt even more imposing.

Nightmare ----- "I believe we just found a Shrine, and it granted us Techniques. Anyways, let us hurry."

They flew off, back for Driftveil.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#307

The group, at long last, reached Driftveil. With the Satomi Power Orbs glowing in their gauntlets, they approached the admission booth.

Igglybuff ---- "Name and faith, please."
Draxis ----- "I thought this was open to everyone."
Igglybuff ------ "It is. But Grandmaster Pudding wou-"

Draxis ate the Igglybuff. As the pink puff slid down his throat, the others gave a dissapproving look.

Draxis ------ "What? Nobody would miss him."
Sonya ---- "Yes, but keep in mind this place is crawling with them."
Draxis ------- "Fine, fine."

They moved on, spliting up to explore. As Draxis looked at the buffett, scarfing down various cooked fish Pokemon, he felt something. He looked back.

The hybrids and humans of the event were keeping their distance from the Dracid, all shivering by his cold aura.


He swallowed a roasted Unfeazant whole, then turned around, and walked towards the crowd. They backed away as he approached.

Draxis ------ "You scared? Why are you scared? I'm just like why run?"

He held out his arm, and the group scattered admist the rest of the crowd.

Hmmph. It's like my exile all over again, except of being cast out, I'm feared. Like a monster.

He contemplated this potential power gain, when he heard that voice.

Dirty Hybrids.

"Who said that?"

Draxis scanned the area, looking for the voice's origin. He felt its presence...but where?

The impure ones...they make me sick.

The shillouette of the floating figure became clear. Mew. Draxis shouted at the top of his lungs.


A sudden silence, and an angry Dracid, looking for the pink Legend, wanting to silence this torturing voice.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#308
ThatPersonGuy posted...
Do I have the O.K. to write the first part of the concert?

I'm really sorry... but if you want anything to happen at the concert at all then it's far too soon to even write about the beginning.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#309
*Gets back from a youtube video*

Oh shnapity..


Within the red skies of Driftveil, the escaped Monicle, Octillery, and Mew waved themselves through the tinted red crowd, passing by many Igglybuffs that were searching for them due to the two causing a scene some time ago, they reach a safe current of hybrids, and some humans that were currently moving to some obscure place.

Thinking that the cost is clear, and ignoring the sight of a few people carrying Black cases labeled with NER hurrying into the stadium, he started to talk with the Menace in Yellow, and Cream, who covered her short white hair with a cap, and had a Dunsparce on the very top, disgusted with the sight of the crowd around them

Monicle-----"Alright Octillery, we should probably lay low.. but that's just me."
Octillery----''Hey, don't look at me like that!''
Monicle-----"Octillery! Most of what just happened could have easily been avoided if-Hey, is it just me, or is it getting colder than usual?''
Octillery----''Beats me, probably just some weather mambo jumbo.''
Monicle-----''Huh, why does the-''

Monicle glances at the Dunsparce on Octillery's hat, seeing it stare through the crowd around it, as if it's scolding every hybrid it sees.

Monicle-----''What is that Dunsparce doing?"
Octillery----''Eh, it just has a severe dislike to Hybrids, nothing to worry-''
Monicle-----''I don't worry about your hatred to shinies, because they're so rare, and now you're telling me that.. that Dunsparce.. you know what?! Name it.''

Octillery, because confused at the sudden change of direction, and the Dunsparce above her Cap takes control. All the while, they see a angry Dracid scanning the crowd for something.

Monicle-----''You heard me, name that thing before that Dracid starts freezing half the crowd!''
Mew----------''Why don't you ask me for my name?''
Monicle-----''Oh, true, true.. Sorry, forgot I could understand you. Well, can you please tell us it?''

The crowd stopped going about their daily routine for a moment, looking at the doctor that shouted the name of the Mirage to the Menace within Yellow Cream.

Hybrid 3---''Hey look! He's going delusional from the cold!''
Monicle----''Oh yeah? And what about all those idiots on the GTS that keep wanting Baby Legendary Pokemon?!''
Mew--------''Can we go now? He's a ugly hybrid!''
Hybrid 3---''What did you say?!''

Before anyone can respond, sparkles were seen through the waves of people, and hybrids within the red tint being emitted from the red sky above. The Menace, the Doctor, and the Mew saw that the crowd was rapidly moving out of the way of something large.

Monicle----''Is ..that the Dracid.. Poli, parting the red sea?''
Octillery---''That idiotic shiny that killed mil-?!

Monicle covers the mouth of Octillery.

Monicle----''Do you want everyone to start a fight?!-- Wait, don't answer that.''
Mew--------''Ugh, that filth is standing in front of me!''

It was true, the cold Dracid was now standing before the three, ever unleashing a cold aurora that sent chills down everyone except the three in front of him.

Draxis-------''Did you say you know where Mew is?!''
Monicle-----''It was just this Dunsparce revealing it's name.. Oh, and... hi?''

[Did I do anything wrong with Poli at the latter half of this post?]

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#310
Pryce and the others were getting ready to take off, when Katherine noticed something.

"Hold on. I think I see some more shrines." she said. Sure enough, there were three monoliths in the distance. "Belial, you said these monoliths call out to those they bless, right?"

"Yes, giving the blessed an innate feeling that calls them to the shrine."

"Then I should probably get to one of those shrines."

"Innate feeling?" Pryce asked.


"Same here." Sadie said, shifting back into her Fuser form. "I'll go with mom. Is there a third coming with us?"

Pryce stepped up to his family. "Looks like this will be a family experience."

"So much for the rare blessings of the shrines..." Tyler said as the Payne clan went off toward the shrines.

"Let's go." Belial said. "These blessings weren't so abundant back in the day as they are now. Personally, I'm gonna take whatever opportunity I can to see the shrines hand out their blessings. Besides, if we follow them, we won't have to wait for them to come back."

And with that, the rest of the group set off to follow the Payne family. Along the way...

"Mom, dad, I've been thinking." Sadie said.

"Yes?" Katherine asked.

"So far, we've only let our Pokémon out of our Pokéballs when we were at a gym, or when I was exploring Whirl Islands with Selena, or when we fought Longal at the abandoned ship. And with all this business going on, I don't exactly think we'll be heading for another gym anytime soon."

"That's probably TVirus giving you that feeling, trying to make it so that his characters won't be forgotten." Suddenly, a rumbling is heard in the distance.

"And there goes the fourth wall." Katherine said.

"Always wanted to do that." Pryce said. "Anyway Sadie, we could use all the help we could get, so I still think you're right."

"Wanna let 'em out now?"

"Sure." And with that, Lucario, Zoroark, and Gardevoir were all let out of their Pokéballs.

Special occasion? Gardevoir asked.

"Just didn't want you all cramped in your Pokéballs all the time." Sadie responded. "Besides, we could use all the help we can get when it comes to battles."

"Fair warning, though." Pryce said. "Fighting, say, demons isn't the same as fighting other Pokémon. There'll also be times when we'll be too busy to give commands."

Like that'll stop us. Gardevoir said, and Lucario and Zoroark nodded to confirm that they thought the same as Gardevoir.

"All right, then." Pryce said. "Let's move."

TO BE CONTINUED (sorry, got called to go do schoolwork)
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