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Pokemon Fusion: Part 5!

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#41
[Late post, ignore]

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#42
[---SS Anne---]

The sight of the frozen hybrid being shattered was painful to watch for the two woman, causing them both two instinctively look the other way. But, even they knew that they both would have to bring their sight back to Poli, who after getting all of the hybrids off of them, deshifted, and turned to the two who were visibly concerned at the sight of the dead, broken, and frozen carcass that lay on the floor behind him.

Poli------"Sorry you had to see that."
Anna----"Yeah.. We-we're fine.."

Before the moment got awkward, a few MD grunts now freed from having to deal with the hybrids, came in to pick up the dead hybrid, and chuck it into the red sea, while Anna began to bring up a conversation with the sparkling Dracid.

Anna----"So.. Poli, what brings you here?"


[in retrospect, I could've just edited this post into my previous one, but.. I didn't think of that first..]
[Anyways, I sadly have to go to sleep, so I can wake up early, and race to type in a few post for team Martini.]
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#43
Slowly.... we pan in to see Willingmess.... sitting there, twitching irrationally within a small bedroom....

Willingmess: Serah!!! Where are you?! Why can't I find you!? No! You can't take her away from meeeeeee!!! Nooooooooooooooo!1!11!!!one!!!1 cghjnrhjknndhimdwfbhgfsdfjnndedc!Ungvb!!!!!!!1!!!!1111

He gazes around.... only seeing dark images.... plastered around the wall... taunting him... Mocking him.... they know they have him cornered.... Well that's not good enough!

Willingmess: Rrrrraaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh!!1!!!1

He starts launching hyperbeam after hyperbeam until he's all pooped out.... yet still.... the images mock him!

Willingmess: Please! I beg you! Please oh please! (sob)

Suddenly, through a slot, a metal tray of a gelatinous gray substance is tossed through, and a recording starts to play.

Recording: Oh be sure to eat alot and be healthy!
Cause pretty soon you'll help make pudding wealthy!

Willingmess: Ahahahahahaha! what they don't know is I have a plan of escape!

He quickly scarfs down the gelatin and starts to mess around with the fork!

Willingmess: Aha! shouldn't have given me a fork!

Pretty soon, ha fashioned it into a key!

Willingmess: I'm coming my love!

He opens the door and runs down the hall. Pretty soon, as though alerted to his escape, the dark figures rise up to take him back!

Willingmess: No! not this time!

He launches a few dragon pulses and hurries on through the wreckage!

Soon however, he comes across a huge hall, full of the dark figures!

Willingmess: No! I can't allow it!!!

He starts shaking the ground in a tremendous earthquake, making the figures all disappear!

After he does that, he searches around until he finds a key.

Willingmess: This must be the key for Serah's cell!

He quickly sprints away searching and searching, until he hears a subtle crying.

Willingmess: Serah!?

Serah: Yes! You came for me! I-I never thought you would!

Quickly, Willingmess rushes up to the cell and uses the key on the door.

Willingmess: We're free!

Serah: My hero! But.... how will we escape?!

Willingmess: I've got a good idea... heh....

Lovingly, he grabs up Serah and leaps up into the air flying through the roof!

Serah: We-We did it! we escaped!

Suddenly, she reaches forward and gives him a big wet kiss.

Slowly... together... they fly off in their loving embrace....

Suddenly, a huge beep erupts. a hand comes through the slot in the door and snatches the empty tray from a glaze eyed Willingmess...

Willingmess: Let's never part again Serah.....
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#44
Suddenly Zora leaps from the sky and attacks Mephistopheles! The demon barely dodges the lunge.


"You! You sign-bearing demon scum! I'll destroy you before you can commit any more crimes!" Zora shouted.

"If I had a penny for every deluded individual who has tried to take my life in the name of 'justice', I'd have a bunch of pennies," Mephistopheles quipped. "And guess what? I'm still alive. Now how do you think that happened?"

The rest of the group stepped forward, but the demon gestured them to stand down.

"Please, allow me to squeeze the life out of this fool myself," he requested. "I'd love to see him have the faintest glimmer of hope, then for it all to be crushed like rotten Salac berries."

"But you don't even have your Hookblade," Pryce pointed out.

"Relax. I have Dusky with me, too. With the two of us working together, this clown doesn't stand a ghost of a chance."

"Huh, it's not like him to be acting this rash," Angelica thought. "Weird."

"If you were smart, you would've attacked me by now," Mephistopheles laughed at Zora. "What is your name, anyway?"

"...Zora. And it's the last name you'll ever hear," Zora growled.

But the demon simply shrugged. "A certain someone said that exact same thing to me once. And now we're best friends."

Zora had heard enough. He dashed forward and thrusted with his rapier...

It impaled the demon.

"Mephistopheles!" everyone said in unison, ready to jump in.

But the demonic Banette hybrid lifted his head, inching himself closer to Zora while impaled on the rapier. Zora could see the zipper mouth lined with razor-like teeth slowly grin, red eyes flashing under the hood.

Mephistopheles suddenly lunged forward, mouth wide open. He took hold of Zora's neck with his teeth, grappling the blue-colored warrior and tearing away at his flesh with his zipper-teeth.

Zora managed to toss the demon off, still impaled by the rapier. Mephistopheles slowly drew the weapon out of himself, grinning again. "Thank you for the nice new weapon," he taunted. "Still doesn't beat my trusty Hookblade, but I still have use for such a shoddy weapon."

Zora then lunged at him, aiming for the rapier, but Mephistopheles sidestepped and prodded Zora with the rapier like a matador.

"Aww, are you having a temper tantrum?" Mephistopheles taunted even more. "I think a nice DEATH will fix your attitude."

Zora attempted to grapple yet again, and the demon danced off to the side yet again.

"And now for the coup de grace~" Mephistopheles announced, gracefully twirling to the Zora's back, ready to run him through.

Instead, Zora whipped around, flinging his cape in the demon's face.

Zora was upon Mephistopheles, reclaiming his sword and throwing the demon to the ground.

"Perhaps you're not as much of an idiot as I-- OOF!" the demon began, then getting impaled once again. This time he was pinned to the ground.

"You're not squirming out of this one," Zora said. He was then grabbed by Dusknoir.

"Forgot about me, did you?" the Dusknoir remarked. "This is the part where I suck all the life out of you. Sadly, I cannot promise a quick and painless death."

Dusknoir began leeching Zora's life, the armored warrior writhing in the Ghost-type Pokémon's grasp. In a burst of adrenaline, Zora broke free, taking hold of his sword once again.

~**~To Be Continued~**~
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#45
"This time, you're gonna pay!" Zora shouted.

Mephistopheles sighed. "It didn't work out last time you tried. No matter how many times you struggle, you're never going to defeat me. So why not just give up? I'm simply trying to save you a bit of trouble."

"By now I would think you've figured out that people like him can't be reasoned with," Dusknoir chimed in.

The demon shrugged. "Never hurts to try. At any rate, let's have a little more fun."

"Not too much more fun, though. We've got a world to save, remember?"

"Hey Zora! Would you happen to be interested in the fact that we're trying to save the world?" Mephistopheles asked.

"Your demonic tongue weaves only lies," Zora hissed.

"You should at least try to distinguish yourself from the rest of the justice-coddling wackos."

"DIE!" the warrior responded simply, lunging for Dusknoir this time.

"Your fighting style needs work," Mephistopheles advised. "You're far too one-dimensional as you are. Although you did impress me with the cape-flinging, you need to use tactics like that far more often. Also, I think that you need to adjust--"

"Oh my Arceus, shut up and fight him!" Angelica yelled in the background.

"So boring," Mephistopheles spoke, rolling his eyes. He then opened up the Grimoire and bombarded Zora with shady spells, alongside Dusknoir's Shadow Balls.

But Zora weaved through the attacks expertly, and leapt up, chopping the Grimoire in half.

"Zora, please! Books are a dying medium as it is," Mephistopheles chuckled.

Zora payed no heed to the demon's mocking, instead focusing on dodging Shadow Punches being thrown by Dusknoir. Then he was clocked straight in the jaw, flinging him against a wall.

"Good boy, Dusky! Daddy's so proud."

"You know, the last time you said that, I got-- OOF!!!"

Zora ran the Dusknoir through with his rapier. He drew it out, leaving the Ghost-type Pokémon paralyzed on the ground.

"I think you actually hurt the poor fellow! Say you're-- AUUUGH!" Mephistopheles began, now getting slashed across the stomach.

The demon looked up from the ground, looking for his friends. They were nowhere to be seen; the fight had taken them all the way across the city.

"Hah, now you're afraid," Zora said, approaching the crippled demon. "I know your weakness, by the way."

He pulled out a lighter as he spoke.

"Say hi to your friends in Hell for me."

Then a massive black arm reached out and grabbed Zora by the legs. It then proceeded to repeatedly slam the warrior into the ground before flinging him into the horizon.

~*~*To Be Continued*~*~
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#46
The giant black hand gently scooped up Mephistopheles's body. After examining him for a moment, the hulking dark tapped the demon's back with its left index finger.

Mephistopheles then realized his wounds were closing up almost instantly. He rose to his feet, still in the hand of the huge black beast.

The monster and demon stared into eachother's deep red eyes.

"D...D...D-dad...?" Mephistopheles stammered.

"Son," the black creature responded simply.

"DADDY!!!" Mephistopheles screamed, leaping into his father's embrace. "Daddy..." he spoke again, crying tears of joy.

"Gubbival, it has been far too long," Belial said.

"Understatement of the century, dad..." Mephistopheles joked. "It felt like an eternity... I... I missed you so much..."

"Son, you can't imagine how much I missed you," Belial responded. "But that doesn't matter anymore, because now we're reunited."

"D-dad, I... I..."

"I'm so proud of you, Gubbival," Belial spoke, hugging his son even tighter. "But perhaps I should be referring to you as your true name, Mephistopheles."

"Really? But I'm still just a fledgling demon..."

"Perhaps in body. But not in mind or spirit. Your adventures on PokéEarth have helped you grow into a fine young demon. And I was watching you the entire way."

Mephistopheles remained silent.

"I saw everything... The 'pranks', your realization, you and Pryce, Angelica, you saving the world from Leventhan, everything."

Then Pryce and company finally arrived, surprised to see Mephistopheles hugging a great black monster.

"...Well, this is a side of Mephistopheles I've never seen before," Angelica thought.

"And they're my friends," Mephistopheles says, pointing at the group.

"I know that. Like I said, I saw everything. Hello, mortals," Belial greeted.
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User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#47
"Hi, you're Zade, right? Great to have ya here, it's awesome!" Miki told him. "You can transform into pokemon, right? That's amazing, show it again!"

Zade transformed into a Staraptor and back, making Miki even more excited.

"Hooray! You have to show me how to do that!"

"'s impossible for most people," Zade said.

Miki got annoyed,"Unfair! Come on, I'm sure you could teach me! Please! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!"

"No," Zade said. "Now tell me more about this place and SoUL."

"We're a wonderful organization! Right now, we're developing a cure for the Mio, and we're about to attack an evil dictator who just took over a large part of the world! Our long term goal is making the world better!"

Does she seriously believe that? This gunship is armed to the teeth, and from the few hours I've spent here, I can tell this is certainly not an organization for peace!

"Really?" Zade asked. "Good. That's such a great goal! Now then, why don't you explain my job to me."

"Alright!" Miki exclaimed. "Right this way!" she led Zade to the Research and Development department.
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#48
Crazy Idea: Could I get the rights to write a novelization of Spirit Signs?

A.K.A Make a Fanfiction based on the events of Pokemon Spirit Signs?
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#49
Poli ---------- "I was curious as to why this ship was out of the usual routes. Came down to ask why, discover this riot."
Anna -------- "Well, earlier an Igglybuff claimed that he was inviting us to a concert by someone called Pudding..."
Poli --------- "Concert? I was just in Puddopolis, and heard no such thing "
Anna ------- "Pudd...Puddopolis? Didn't you mean to say Sootopolis?"
Poli --------- "No, I said Puddopolis. Those insane puffballs changed Sootopolis in its entirety."

Poli noticed the stained sword belonging to the other woman. Instantly, he put his hand to his stomach, feeling guilt rack his body.

That sword! She...was she close to her...the woman that...that was the first victim of those terrible Dark Urges?

Anna ------- "Something wrong?"
Poli --------- "'s fine. Oh look, here comes my girlfriend."
Anna ------- "G-girlfriend!?!?"

Anna, surprised, could only watch as Poli beckoned Gloria over. She ran over to Poli. They traded kisses.

Poli --------- "Anna, meet Gloria. Gloria, this is Anna."
Gloria ------- "Pleasure to meet you."
Poli --------- "We have to be leaving soon, but I want to give you something."

Poli reached into Gloria's napsack, pulled out the vial of Mio curative, and handed it to Anna.

Anna -------- "What's this?"
Poli --------- "The cure to the hybrid epidemic. Judging by their recent actions, they'll probably reject it, but still."
Gloria ------- "And before you ask how we got it, I'll just say we took it from the organization that's been compromising your vehicles."

Poli looked at the sky and surroundings, taking note of the S.S. Anne's direction.

Poli --------- "Anyways, we've wasted enough time here. We should be off. Au revoir."

Poli ran and jumped into the sea, landing with a SPLOOSH! Shortly after, a Kyurem-W rocketed out of the water. Gloria quickly leapt onto the Kyurem's back. When Anna turned to resume what she was busy with earlier, a Deoxys, Mewtwo, and a strange cloaked being took off as well, and joined up with the Kyurem.

Poli's group resumed their trip to Celestic Town.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#50
ThatPersonGuy posted...
Crazy Idea: Could I get the rights to write a novelization of Spirit Signs?

A.K.A Make a Fanfiction based on the events of Pokemon Spirit Signs?

That'd be cool.
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