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Pokemon Fusion: Part 5!

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#401

Within Space Station 368, a woman within blue and red, who has the powers of the cosmos stares towards the countless stars out of the reinforced window.

''You know? Being out here has got me thinking..''

A man with grey hair, within a black and white suit, whose white gloves hold a solid black circle, responded. But only after taking in the sight, the silence, and the realization behind the beauty of the sight of all.


''Call me Sonya, and I'll call you Muter..''

''Well, Sonya.. what exactly are you thinking?''

She continues to stare solely at the beauty of the stars, the sun, the planets, even the colors of the gasses that litter the endless vacuum.

''When I'm done here.. I want to go out there.. and explore.. everything!''
''I mean, traveling this solar system was nice and all, but now.. I can go anywhere!''
''Now, I can see the colorful stars, and see the beautiful space formations, like the three pillars of Arceus! Even take a trip to the center of this galaxy in my spare time!''
''I just.. want to see it all..''

The man within black and white, who thought on what he could do with the short time he has a full team, leaned on the railing the two were in front of.

''Heh, If only it were that easy-''

''But it is!''

''Yes, for you.. seeing the beauty of all things, will not come at a price..''

''I'm sensing a speech coming up.''

The man acknowledges the woman's response, but with a shrug, and a content smile, he continues.
But like Prindle, and Monicle, he paces, hiding a very negative realization.

''For you.. Sonya, the one that holds Deoxys as a sign bearer, the one who can change from the frail human body, to the armored might, the evolutionary miracle that is a pokemon, a legendary no less!''
''For you.. Sonya.. You can travel through the endless space, explore countless stars with ease.. If years pass by, you won't age as a legend, but you will grow ever more knowledgeable at everything.''
''For you.. Sonya.. You will be able to see, to touch, even hear the shear beauty that is a Super Nova, that is a Neutron star formation, that even is a planet being formed in front of your eyes.''

He stops pacing, and folds his arms behind his back, tightly holding his hands together, looking out past Sonya, past the large hole within the moon they're on, and up, up into vast reaches of no thing, and every thing.
His expression to Sonya, earns him a smile from her as a response, ever enticing the very gifted lady to think on what he could possibly say next.

''I know that you will see so much things.. so much.. that humans like myself will not be able to see, not now, nor ever. For the colors you can see passes that of my own eyes, that needs a computer to generate the lush beauty for me, so I can see past the red, red, and red, and open myself to a vision of green, rainbow, and ghostly light blue.. If Marknam' were here, she would gladly say that..''
''You have soo much potential within you.. that a gift to you, would mean wrapping the world three times over, encasing it within the largest time diamond one would ever find, and humbly presenting it as something of honesty, of great nobility, of such beauty that could only ever wish to be as amazing as you..''

She comes up to him, and takes the bowl cap he has strapped on his belt.

''You know.. I don't need the world to be impressed''

With a smile, she puts the white hat ontop of the man, covering his grey hair.

Well, there's a good eight months I have left here.. Let's make the most of it, shall we?

The two leave, off to start another mission.
(Hope I did okay)

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#402
Quickly, Serah was dragged along against her will by the Phantom...

Serah: (crying) Why did you do this to me?!

Phantom: Oh pah... it was a natural event, not only has it increased your strength, but you now act as a beacon for the final part.

Slowly, Serah looked down, nearby she saw a puddle... the puddle was just reflective enough to show herself what she looked like in whole.... She was a humanoid mishmash of terrible things... her bodyparts looked like a mishmash of various legendaries, while her entire skin seemed so mercurial... It looked like it was boiling at times, and sometimes random faces and such appeared on it... She had six different wings placed along her back.... and a weird cannon on her arm...

Serah: (Hurgh...) (It's even worse than I had thought.....

Phantom: Ohhh.... don't worry.... We're going to a concert.... There we can pass the time until the final member of our party arrives... (smirk)

With that, she is forced to continue on, until finally, she makes her way to Puddveil.
Official Team Miror (subdiv. of miror infinity) Leader
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#403
I had no space left after that flashback, so..

[---Killer of Glory Air Space---]
(The day time died)

Outside of the set piece that is the killer if glory, the space ship that Arceus fears its meaning, the spacecraft that black holes bow to, the space home whose occupants release senseless hate, disk shaped spacecraft were boosting about with fuel consuming rocket thrusters, energy producing Spacial rupture engines, even a few Unowns were orbiting the sleek, shiney, Orange, half disk craft itself, as if there was great power being stored within.

The radio breaks, just as one of the space crafts took a good, long hour flying at full speed, only to have traveled a quarter of the length of the entire ship, where four large, golden, flat, sphericle dishes lay on both sides of the massive ship, emitting some gold glow that seemed to almost be connected to the invisible pulling force of the hole that is currently making one large light blue sun ring, a safe distance away.

Radio----"Alright, we had out fun racing to the.. Middle, now let us get back to the main mission."
Cap-------"Will do."

Cap made the small, nimble space ship, whose underside was disk shape, make an effortless U-Turn over the gigantic, rotating, planet shaped sphere of the enclosed housing sector, and back towards the Holding bay where Dialga is being contained.

And after another hour, the spacecraft, dubbed Gibble-4, reached the holding bay, seeing the Legend of Space search for the ship it can actually get through a telepathic signal.

These humans do not know what they will create!
And that is why we do this, to know..

Finding the one who can't block the telepathic signal, the legend continues to respond.

And you wold risk total aniallation from the legend that keeps you from-
The twilight storm may be long gone, but that doesn't mean that we stop remembering, or existing.. For that white orb, the product of the white lady's Want, Will, and knowledge, is all we need to keep us in line.. Now then, why don't you check up on the future, oh legend of time?
Why, knowing that I can't function, do you mock me so?
To simply see if you can freeze us, before we carry you into he whole.

With that, Dialga continued to be carried by the countless spacecraft. From the metal, firm ground of the open bay, to the cold, dangerous, vacuum that holds a sight of such beauty, and such hostility.

Hours past,
And they all got into position.

Hours past,
And the legend of time prepared itself.

Minutes, seconds, and moments slowed,
But all still went on as normal.

For now, the Killer of Glory would find out who is the fool;
The legend of time?
Or the Men, and Women that experiment?

Goodnight everyone!

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#404
Sorry, but first-world problems have given me little time to make a midnight post.

(Stealth Bimp)
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#405
XEvent-HorizonX posted...

A little girl carries a large wheel with harp cords through a neverending field of snow. She stumbles upon a library.

Message board arguments in a nutshell.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#406
willingmess posted...
Slowly, very slowly, Sphereo (Wakes up?). (He?) (looks around?) only to fail to find either of (his?) masters.... This makes (him?) (sad?), which makes (him?) (mad?). (He?) sets out then and there to reunite (himself?) with (his?) masters. Sphereo floats around aimlessly, miles and miles, constantly getting angrier at the world (except for (his?) masters) Suddenly, he comes across a weird man dressesd in red.

Shulk: Ho there! weird beast! what are you doing?

Sphereo tries to just continue along, but shulk steps in front of Sphereo.

Shulk: Oh no you don't! I won't be run away from agai-

Finally snapping, out of anger, Sphereo swallows Shulk whole.

Shulk: I'm telling Nintendo of America about thiiiiiiiisss

With that, Shulk was swallowed whole. And further unencumbered, Sphereo continues his search, still mad at the world.

Too Late Shulk, your game's already been released in the US.
Message board arguments in a nutshell.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#407
"What is balance?"

"It is a meaning, a reason, a curse.
Balance is what gives negativ events positive endings.
It is what makes two into the whole.
But, it also means perfectibility cannot be obtained.
For no matter can have only good, or only evil.
It is why great gain requires great loss.
It is why Hell and Heaven exist, not one, not the other, but both.
It is why my kind serves as a counter to your kind, my wife."

"What about those that experiment upon the Legends?"

"Their cause is grand.
Their desire to know, to learn, to advance is commendable.
But they cannot escape Balance, as they are aware.
For great costs have came with their knowledge,
For why others do bad, they do worse."

The female angel rested upon the male.

"What would've happened if we kept the baby?"

"If we kept it, and some miracle prevented Belial and Arceus from raging down on us?

One born of the Light, and also the Dark...
They would be the very fabric of the concept of Balance.
They would be the gray that connects Good and Evil...
They would be the divine that has fallen down from the Heavens.
They would be the reminder of why, though us demons seem different to you angels, we are really one and the same.

The male, the top Historian of Demon History, looked down to the planet, of the status of his superior, Belial, and the sons of his creation.

"Belial has found his sons."
"So why is he down there still?"
"I presume to catch up. They seem to be looking for someone."
"Well, best of luck to them."

Her husband vanishes, to oversee Hell in Belial's absence. She begins to enchant, looking for that which she gave up.

Son...our child...where are you?

I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#408
Markus kept flying across poke'earth.

Markus:Master? Where are you?

He sees a group of people and pokemon riding on a flygon.

Markus:Are one of them my master? I must see!

He flew towards the group.

Flygon:Eep! It's Markus!

She braced herself,as Markus landed on the flygon.

Markus:Are any of you my master by the chance?

Tracy looked around.



"Who's going to be his master?"

Tableflip:I guess I will...Markus.

Markus:ANALYZING..,ANALYZING COMPLETE.Hello,master Tableflip.I am MarkusV7.4.I am to function as your pet and partner,with multiple forms.

Emile:It's about time we got a pet.

Mary:He might be useful.

Tracy:Might? He's the best pet in the world!

Ocarina laughed.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#409

Poli Draxis, surrounded by LotRS grunts and his sister, and Nightmare, noticed Gloria off in the distance.

Draxis ---- "There she is!"
Espanola --- "Who?"
Draxis ----- "My gal Gloria!"

As they prepared to do that sword trick, Poli Draxis heard something.

Son...our child...where are you?

Draxis ---- "Who said that?"
Octillery ----- "No one."
Draxis ------ "...Strange."

Son! Can you hear me?

The voice again. Draxis telepathically communicated.

I can hear you! What do you mean? IS you. I've waited ages to speak with you!

Who...who are you?

I'm Twila, an Angel. I'm also your...

My what?

Oh dear, it app...thr bein....block...have to

The voice faded.

Twila? Who is she?

And why...why does it ring a bell?
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#410
Whoa, whoa, time out Polimario. Draxis is an angel/demon hybrid? Don't you think that has a couple of plot holes?

1. Would he have been able to be killed by Pryce in the Land of the Rising/Setting Sun?

2. Why did he get the same terms of afterlife as all the other mortals?

But if you can write your way around all that, answer me this. Can he regenerate?
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu
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