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Pokemon Fusion: Part 5!

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#61
Jabba:How about Luna?


Zorua:What about me?

Mary:Would Illuse work? Like in illusion!

Zorua:Yeah! That'll work! Thanks!

Jabba:No problem.

Luna and Illuse walked to the back of the boat.

Illuse:Well,since you're a zorua like me now,I want to tell you something.

Luna:What is it?

Illuse:W-well,do y-you want to be friends with me?

Luna:I'm already your friend,silly!

Illuse:What I meant to say is...d-do you want to be b-boyfriend and...girlfriend?

Luna:Sure I will! You're have a cute personality by the way.

Illuse smiled and blushed.Peterson was watching the talk,and he grinned.

Jabba:Who knew she would turn into a zorua?

Emile:I didn't...

Tableflip:Me neither.I thought she was getting a spirit sign at first.Until we sar her face,I thought she was just a sign bearer.


Ocarina:Hm...Mary never told me about a second zorua...maybe something actually is changing the future!
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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#62
Ocarina: Thinking about it, I feel kinda left out. Everyone here but me has a Spirit Sign and can Shift into Pokémon or they are Pokémon... I guess I'm the "different" one...

Jabba: You ok?

Ocarina: Oh, yep. I'm fine... :/

Mary: Ninetales have psychic abilities. I can tell you're lying.

Ocarina: Hehe, what? Nah...

Jabba: Eh...whatever. Where to next?
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#63
"...uh... hello?" Katherine said awkwardly. She didn't know what to make of the situation. On one hand, the creature she was greeting looked an awful lot like something she and Pryce would kill. On the other hand, she knew better than that. After all, this creature was, apparently, Mephistopheles's dad. "...nice to meet you?"

"I know, I know." Belial said. "I look a little... intimidating to you."

"Sorry, didn't mean to be rude." Katherine said. "It's just, I've met big demons before."

"Yes, I know. You and Pryce did well in slaying King Gallon. Shame that he was revived..."

"Well, that just means we can keep fighting him. Heh, heh." Katherine was slowly warming up to the lumbering demon.

"To be completely fair," Will said to Belial. "There's only three mortals here. Me, Gale, and Selena are, for all intents and purposes, gods and goddesses. Angelo and Angelica are angels. Sadie's a demon. That leaves Sol, Katherine, and... where's Pryce?"

"Probably in the fight of his life." Mephistopheles said. "I saw him go off with Zora. Wanna wait for him?"

"Sounds good." Will replied. "I've been meaning to talk with your dad in private anyway."

"Uh... all right. We'll be right back." Belial then went off with Will. "So, what did you wanna talk about?"

"I want your advice. Specifically, on parenting."

Meanwhile, somewhere outside Mauville, away from the rest of the group...

"I thought you were gonna let the demon face his own battles." Zora said with his rapier drawn.

"That was before he started using strategies, and lines, from battles he lost." Pryce said, summoning his Keyblade.

"So you would stand in my way..."

"Not just me. If you want your revenge, you'll have to go through a god, two goddesses, two angels, another demon, possibly yet another demon, and a shaman who's incredibly good with a pair of chakrams. You might make it past Sol, and I encourage you wholeheartedly to axe him, but everyone else... just how badly do you want to kill Mel?"

"I will kill the demon, no matter who stands in my way! And you can have the honor of falling to my blade first!" Zora then got in a ready stance.

Pryce then turned on the Satsui no Hado, and grabbed his Keyblade by the chain. "Let's make this quick! I've got a very large group to get back to!"
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#64
Location---Shrine|Region XX|PokePlanet
Status------Green Light

The NER grunts, Creamily Dressed for adventure, continued to run up the stairs of the large grey shrine, their black binders in hand. They continue to run up the stairs, knowing that the Fabulous Furret, the Togetic, and the Purple haired woman of Wizardry are close behind them.

NERG 1------''We gotta find a way to get away!''
NERG 2------''No duh genius.''
NERG 1------''Why do I feel like the ground below us it falling?''
NERG 2------''Just pay attention to-whoa!''

A small section of the stairs they are climbing on collapses, dragging them down into the inside of the shrine! After tumbling down a large decrepit wall filled with rubble from above, the two Nergs find themselves in front of a small shrine within a room only lit by the light coming from the reddish outside. All the while, one of them sees a metal cylinder right next to them.

NERG 1------''Ugh, did we make it?''
NERG 2------''Nope, but we did find-''
Rhapsody---''Something that belongs to us!''

Rhapsody came in, and unleashed a force that tried to entombed the two Nergs.

Rhapsody---''Ha! Now tell me why you were looking for this shrine!''
NERG 2-----''Do we got it?''
NERG 1-----''Yep.''
Rhapsody---''Got what?''
NERG 2-----''None of your business.''

Before she knew it, her sight of everything became shrouded by what would be described as 3D Glass vision. The Fabulous Furret, and the Togetic came in shortly after Rhapsody's vision became normal.

Rhapsody----''Oh what now?!''
Martini---------''What's troubling you my dear? Are these two proving to be more formidable than they appeared to be at first?''
Celeste--------''Guys, look at that thing over there!''

The small shrine, looking like a white stone shape grail, was starting to emit a light. All the while, Octy looked down from the whole within the ceiling.

Martini--------''My, what is this wonderful sight for?''
Octy-----------''I recommend you all to approach the grail.''
Rhapsody---''Where did those two go to anyway?''

The room then is entirely engulfed by a strange white light.

[Continued after I walk the dog]
[Also, the two grunts got something unrelated to the current plot btw]
[And I would like some input from 0ne, and Event of what techniques Celeste, Martini, and Rhapsody would gain from this.]

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#65
Tableflip:To Opelucid City.

(I'm afraid a power-outage might happen when I make a big part)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#66
So... Should I or Willingmess make the part with Will's talk with Belial?
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#67
Gubbey posted...
So... Should I or Willingmess make the part with Will's talk with Belial?

I think you should. I'm not good at these sorts of things, and I think this is more about belial than Will.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#68
After the S.S. Anne fiasco, the group finally reached Celestic Town. Despite the red sky, the town of the past was oddly nostalgic.

Poli ---------- "Odd...I feel something here."
Nightmare --- "Hey buddy, this town honors Legends, and you are one of them."
Poli ---------- "Yeah, but aren't the Creation Legends this town's focus?"

They entered the Shrine. The plain stone walls guided them to the engraving Celestic Town was famous for. Poli, feeling some resonation, placed his palm on the engraving.

And was sucked in. The others tried, but the engraving didn't accept them.

Poli found himself in another Paradise Garden...except this one was different.

Three statues stood tall around the Fountain, each one a member of the Creation Trio.

As Poli approached the Fountain, activating the Wisdom Orb. A voice that wasn't GenePoli's echoed.

"I trust you are well?"


"Yes. I am aware that you have done terrible things, Light Frost. But the time will come when you can undo it all."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You will know in due time. My power inside you has now granted you my Rejuvination, as well as the abilities of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina."

"That makes...eight out of thirteen now?"

No response.

No farewell? Oh well.

Poli looked at the statues. While beautiful, they were damaged.

"Rejuvination eh?"

Poli pointed at each statue, and a white beam flew, enveloping each one. When it faded, each statue was flawless. Poli was returned to the Shrine.

Gloria -------- "You're back! What's next?"
Poli ---------- "Hold it.

The Fountain of Brotherhood is located in Greenleaf, Ransei. But, there's a catch. We have to travel through the Distortion World to get to it."

Sonya -------- "And how will we get there?"
Nightmare --- "Ahem."
Gloria ------- "How can you get us there?"
Nightmare ---- "Fair lady, I can warp anywhere and everywhere. Just give me some time."
Poli ----------- "Very well."
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#69
Emile:I think I see it coming up!

Tableflip:Yep.We're almost there.

Jabba:The place actually does look futuristic.

Peterson:Luna,Illuse,you two should stay close just so you won't get caught.

Luna:Yes sir!

The group got off the boat and onto the port.

Mary:Remember when this place got frozen a few years ago?


Ocarina:Lets find the next treasure now.It has to be somewhere...
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#70
"Parenting? I'm... Not sure I'm the right demon to ask," Belial spoke. "One of my sons was driven to kill his mother, I abandoned the other, and Mephistopheles was exiled from Hell. Not a very good track record, if you ask me."

"But they still love you," Will pointed out. "My daughter, I'm pretty certain she hates me."

"Oh. Well, why does she feel that way?"

"She thinks I abandoned her, that I didn't want her after she was born..."

"DID you abandon her?"

Will looked away in shame. "Yes... Yes, I did."

"Then you need to prove to your daughter that you love her, and want her, and that abandoning her was just a silly mistake. Be on her side. Be there for her. When she has a problem, talk to her about it. Communication is everything, uhh..."


"Will. The point is, if she doesn't think you're a good parent, you don't need to try very hard to show her she's wrong. If you truly love her, and want her, your parental instincts will come naturally to you. As long as you're there for her, and give her the love and care she needs and deserves, then given time, she will come to see you as her dad. But you can't rush things like this. Love is too fragile."

"...Thank you, Belial," Will said. "I never thought a huge, hulking demon would be such a fount of parental wisdom."

"Then why did you seek my help, if you doubted me?"

"The only other parent that's with me is Pryce," Will explained. "And he's none too pleased about the situation either."

"Ah. Well, let us make our way back to the rest of the little group, then. I have many things to discuss with both of my sons."

"You have another son here?" Will asked, puzzled.

"Yes... Tyler. The one I abandoned. It seems he's a little more forgiving than your daughter, and for that I am thankful."

"Oh. Thanks again for the advice."

"No problem. It's the least I could do for a friend of Gubbival's."

The two hulking monstrosities emerged from the alley and made their way back to the group.
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