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Stupid things you did on your first time playing through Pokemon?

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User Info: infernopro

4 years ago#121
-Used a masterball on a Ditto on accident on Pokemon Blue, damn my concentration problems at 9 years old.
-Accidentally released my Slowbro thinking I could get it back.
-Boy my stupidest move yet. Used ember on Geodude with my level 14 Charmandar. -_-
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User Info: Cosmoesis

4 years ago#122
Pokemon Red Version: I wanted to collect all the TMs so I didn't use any of them.

User Info: sambar1992

4 years ago#123
using master ball on dunsparce
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User Info: MrZeldaNerd

4 years ago#124
ok Yellow version came out. Im running through on my very first run of pokemon ever as happy as can be for my 10 year old self. I spent an entire day beating brock with nothing but pikachu and 5 pidgeys. the other mistake well....... I beat the E4 about 30 or 40 times cause i heard I could get a togepi if i beat the elite four like 10 or 20 times.
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User Info: FatReuniclus

4 years ago#125
LadyBow posted...
In Silver, I named the rival "???" because I didn't realize you were supposed to make up a name for him. I thought it was like a test and you were supposed to tell them what he had been called in that first battle.

My older brother did this exactly.
"Well, it was what the name said!"
I wish Reuniclus was my dad...

User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#126
Despite likely having used electric attacks on Lance's Aerodactyl at some point and knowing a decent amount about the type effectiveness chart, I thought that Rock was immune to electric attacks for quite some time. This lead to a battle between me and my sister on Pokémon Stadium 2. Switched a Macargo into her Zapdos expecting to wall it. I got swept by a Zapdos that day. In my defense, she was damned lucky with thunder...

Man, I got into a verbal fight with two of my friends over this. GS had come out a few months prior. They kept claiming that rock was immune to electric in RBY, but changed in GS. I claimed it wasn't because I pretty much memorized the type chart at that point.

I'd tell them how come the fossils are weak to electric. "Derp, derp. They are water and flying."

"Okay, so why does why does Charizard not take damage from earthquake?"

"Derp, cause he's flying. Duh"

"So, what about Sudowoodo?

"Gold and Silver changed it"

I gave up cause no matter what, they were always right. Still, I feel good knowing that I was actually right that one time.
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#127
Using Master Ball on Zapdos
Only ever using attack moves
Catching mostly Water Pokemon
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