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Question About Black 2 and trading

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User Info: TacoOfTheOpera

4 years ago#1
Since that board is no where as active as this one, here goes.

Is it possible to like mass trade or transfer pokemon from Black to Black 2? I want to start a Black Nuzlocke Run, but i have like 400 pokemon on there from all previous generations. I really dont want to trade them one by one.
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User Info: jayman7

4 years ago#2
You can trade from the box in the fifth gen unlike previous gens. But no, you still have to trade one-at-a-time and watch the trade animation each time.

And I have a lot of difficulty believing that the Pokemon Black 2 board is really that slow.
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User Info: UltimaZangetsu

4 years ago#3
Sadly you have go through each Pokemon individually. Transferring over an entire team from White to White 2 was a bit of a pain in the ass. Hopefully X and Y fix this.
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