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Post ideas for new games here.

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User Info: gamingrat

4 years ago#1
I know this has been done before, but all those topics are dead. Post ideas you would like implemented into a pokemon game, even if it is impossible to do. I want to see what people come up with.

This is my idea for a new game. I want them to include all the regions, kinda like what GSCHGSS did in Gen 2 with Kanto and Johto. Have it set up where when u beat the main region (perferably a new one) you are able to travel to any of the others.

For the story as far as the villans go, i have an idea for that too. Have the number of leaders in the orginazation equal the number of other regions. (Example, if there are 6 regions, the orginazation has 5 commanders plus the leader of the group). When you beat the main villan, the commanders split off to the other regions and start to cause havoc there.

These are the ideas that are possible, and i know that cause they did similar things with gen 2. And if they can put games like Occarina of Time on a small cartridge, they can put in multiple regions. Now for the stuff that is impossible, or would take so much time that its improbable

It would cool if, with the multiple regions system in place, if you had the option start your journey from scratch until u get your last badge in the region. If you choose to do this, you can start with a brand new starter, and all the trainers in the region are set to the appropriate level. The wild pokemon would have the same levels as if you were starting the game over. If you choose to keep your pokemon from the previous region, the pokemon are set so that you can still have a bit of a challenge while playing. And if you were to do all of the regions without starting over, the trainers would all be level 100 on the last region. That way it could be like an ultimate challenge or something like that.

So what do yall think

User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#2
Ocarina of Time was an N64 game; they improved the graphics, but it far from pushed the limits of a 3DS game. Pokémon, on the other hand, has 1450+ (Shinies, not just normal Pokémon) 3D animated models, not to mention all the base stats, moves, et cetera. Also, did you see the Gen II level curve? It kind of fell flat after the Elite 4.
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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#3
I'd like to see a game where they do away with the concept of the regional dex, and just give you the National Dex from the start. You'd be able to choose from a selection of every single starter (except for Pikachu and Eevee), and your rival would get a random starter of the type advantageous against yours. Among the starters would also be Pansage, Pansear, and Panpour with their Hidden Abilities. There would also be 17 gyms, one for each type, and in order to be eligible to battle the Elite 4 and Champion, you'd have to fight your way through the Pokemon League Tournament, like in the anime, which would work not unlike the PWT.

Gym 1:
Leader: Vernon
Pokemon: Bagon lv. 9, Deino lv. 11

Gym 2:
Leader: Blake
Pokemon: Houndour lv. 15, Nuzleaf lv. 15, Honchkrow lv. 16

Gym 3:
Leader: Electra
Pokemon: Chinchou lv. 21, Magnemite lv. 21, Rotom (normal form) lv. 23

Gym 4:
Leader: Terrence
Pokemon: Gligar lv. 25, Quagsire lv. 26, Steelix lv. 26, Gabite lv. 27

Gym 5:
Leader: Sylvester
Pokemon: Mienfoo lv. 31, Combusken lv. 32, Breloom lv. 32, Poliwrath lv. 33

Gym 6:
Leader: Norbert
Pokemon: Girafarig lv. 37, Sawsbuck lv. 38, Bibarel lv. 38, Fearow lv. 38, Tauros lv. 39

Gym 7:
Leader: Walter
Pokemon: Lanturn lv. 43, East Sea Gastrodon lv. 44, Gyarados lv. 44, Kingdra lv. 44, Qwilfish lv. 45

Gym 8:
Leader: Casper
Pokemon: Froslass lv. 48, Gengar lv. 49, Golurk lv. 49, Chandelure lv. 49, Spiritomb lv. 50

Gym 9:
Leader: Phil
Pokemon: Exeggutor lv. 55, Ferrothorn lv. 56, Ludicolo lv. 56, Leavanny lv. 56, Victreebel lv. 57

Gym 10:
Leader: Arthur
Pokemon: Crustle lv. 61, Scizor lv. 62, Yanmega lv. 62, Galvantula lv. 62, Scolipede lv. 63

Gym 11:
Leader: Iggy
Pokemon: Cradily lv. 66, Crustle lv. 67, Kabutops lv. 67, Solrock lv. 67, Aerodactyl lv. 68

Gym 12:
Leader: Snowell
Pokemon: Abomasnow lv. 71, Frost Rotom lv. 72, Weavile lv. 72, Walrein lv. 72, Mamoswine lv. 73

Gym 13:
Leader: Harry
Pokemon: Wobbuffet lv. 77, Girafarig lv. 78, Sigilyph lv. 78, Slowking lv. 78, Metagross lv. 79

Gym 14:
Leader: Maggie
Pokemon: Camerupt lv. 81, Blaziken lv. 82, Charizard lv. 82, Houndoom lv. 82, Volcarona lv. 83

Gym 15:
Leader: Al
Pokemon: Scizor lv. 86, Empoleon lv. 87, Ferrothorn lv. 87, Steelix lv. 87, Bisharp lv. 88

Gym 16:
Leader: Ava
Pokemon: Tropius lv. 89, Charizard lv. 90, Pelipper lv. 90, Gliscor lv. 90, Salamence lv. 91

Gym 17:
Leader: Vanna
Pokemon: Arbok lv. 91, Drapion lv. 92, Qwilfish lv. 92, Victreebel lv. 93, Scolipede lv. 93, Weezing lv. 94

Elite 4:

1: Lizzie
Pokemon: Kingdra lv. 95, Hydreigon lv. 95, Garchomp lv. 95, Haxorus lv. 95, Dragonite lv. 96

2: Darla
Pokemon: Hydreigon lv. 95, Zoroark lv. 95, Shiftry lv. 95, Sharpedo lv. 95, Bisharp lv. 95

3: Voltaire
Pokemon: Emolga lv. 95, Mow Rotom lv. 95, Lanturn lv. 95, Magnezone lv. 95, Galvantula lv. 96

4: Sandy
Pokemon: Gliscor lv. 95, Torterra lv. 95, Camerupt lv. 95, Swampert lv. 95, Flygon lv. 96

Champion: Miror B.
Pokemon: Ludicolo lv. 97, Maractus lv. 98, Ludicolo lv. 98, Bouffalant lv. 99, Electrode lv. 99, Ludicolo lv. 100
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User Info: Enferolunos

4 years ago#4
pokemonfreak97 posted...
Ocarina of Time was an N64 game; they improved the graphics, but it far from pushed the limits of a 3DS game. Pokémon, on the other hand, has 1450+ (Shinies, not just normal Pokémon) 3D animated models, not to mention all the base stats, moves, et cetera. Also, did you see the Gen II level curve? It kind of fell flat after the Elite 4.

You realize it's not 1450+ models, right? It's only 700+ models, and double that for textures (And it's simple to do a palette swap).
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User Info: Kitschgardener

4 years ago#5
-Few dozen battle facilities replace gyms
-Region open from start
-Evil team either non-existent or not summoning any legendary
-Seventeen starters, of which one obtained at your hometown's "Starter Fair" where the givers hype their types, etc.
-Non-white people exist, regardless of where the region is based on
-Character customisation

User Info: Cosmoesis

4 years ago#6
pokemonfreak97 posted...
......Also, did you see the Gen II level curve? It kind of fell flat after the Elite 4.

Here is my idea on how to fix that. This isn't what I want to see in X&Y, just a pokemon mega game with different rivals. I would like the game to start in Kanto. As you play you get the sevi islands like in FR & LG. Once you beat the elite four you get Johto and Mt. Silver with Red and are given a new starter (essentially the reverse of
Gold and Silver). After you play through johto (using old and newly caught pokemon), you collect all the badges and you can challenge a new elite four. after you beat them you go home to Pallet where Professor Oak want you to turn in all your pokemon for a research convention. For the first time since your original starter you have zero pokemon in your party. Then your mom tells you that your moving you leave for Honen to be closer to your dad. When you arrive you realize that the PCs aren't linked between these regions yet. Prof. Birtch feels sorry for you and gives you a new starter to visit your Dad and thus you embark on a new journey without the need for a level curve. Of course battling both or just one Team Aqua and Team Magma (like R/S or Emerald) would be included. After you collect all the badges, safe the world from and land vs. sea war, you are given a task by Lanette to link the regions. At this point you get the key to the power plant form Wattson in Mauville city. After you have enough electricity do some other rinky dink things and boom, you combine the systems and you have access to all your wonderful pokemon through Bill's PC network. go through victory road, beat the elite four and the massive ships magically now sail between the 3 regions.

If you buy tickets you can sail to the other port cities for other regions but there will be some rule low level rule about a pokemon level cap to discourage trainers from battling on board the ship. again, you will have the gym leaders and elite four for the remaining regions, and do some rinky dink system linking of the PCs conveniently after challenging the elite four this is to promote your new pokemon. But no need for the level curve.

After you have beaten all the 5 or 6 elite fours -.- a grand masters tournament is announced. You will have all the regions linked by PC and be able to use all the pokemon that you choose. You must assemble a team of 6 for the whole tournament. randomly the bracket will be generated to include all the gyms leaders, elite four members, past rivals and champions of older games, Red, Blue, the jerk from Gold and Silver, that kid with a Ralts. Of course all there levels will be in the 80s or something liek that to be harder then regular play. I know some of these characters where gym leaders that went to the elite four or made multiple appearances in elite fours and some gyms had multiple leaders (like Cilian, Chili, and Cress in BW or Wallance and Juan in R/S and E). In those cases people wont be repeated but their best teams will be present and all of them will have 6 pokemon

Each time the tournament will be different so you wont be able to go in fully prepared.

Some of that might be hard to read let me know if you don't understand it!

User Info: endergamer537

4 years ago#7
I still think Ardos should form an organization similar to Cipher and Eldes should be like that wise side-character who gives you advice. Made a topic on this
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User Info: shrooboid313

4 years ago#8
I'd like a Pokemon game where you could be a Pokemon Co-ordinator as opposed to competing in the Gyms.
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User Info: Cosmoesis

4 years ago#9
Something that I forgot to add:

Type tournaments. At the indigo plateau randomly as you play after you unlock Johto, tyoe tourneys will be announced. You can enter only one pokemon that has a specific type going into the battle. Castform could only be entered into a normal tournament, Darmanitan couldn't enter a psychic tournament even in Zen mode because at full health its fire. You can miss some because they will cycle back around. Winning would get your pokemon a nice ribbon and a place in the hall of fame.

I think that would be a lot of fun.

Also: clear day and night and changing weather throughout the whole game.

User Info: purplezoroark

4 years ago#10
Missingno_Mastr posted...

Champion: Miror B.
Pokemon: Ludicolo lv. 97, Maractus lv. 98, Ludicolo lv. 98, Bouffalant lv. 99, Electrode lv. 99, Ludicolo lv. 100

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