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Think of a Pokemon before entering this topic.

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User Info: Missingno_Mastr

4 years ago#51
Lexifox posted...
Not gonna do the math.

Thought of Koffing.

140 points for you.

fox444f posted...
i thought of vulpix so 90.

Why do poison types get an extra 20? im just curious as to why that rule is in there lol

My game, my rules, and I love Poison-types.
Official badass Admin of Team Miror Infinity. I ride a Shadow Scolipede. Top that. I dare you.

User Info: Arcangel22

4 years ago#52
wind64a posted...
Ninetales 90
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User Info: Earth_Echidna

4 years ago#53
Bidoof. I got -10.
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User Info: jobacohue

4 years ago#54
Missingno. 250.
Official person of everything.

User Info: Cless_7

4 years ago#55
I thought of ditto heh. 100?
guardian cross IGN fruitcake

User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#56
Zorua. 100 points I guess?
"Command and Conquer 4 and Red Alert 3 sucking is the fault of Westwood."-Gaming King
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User Info: Sephirotht

4 years ago#57
Ninetales, so 90.

And I did a mental thumbs up at 1.
Official Jungo & Black Rider of the SMTIV board.
Officially faved Ninetales everywhere, R - Burning Executive

User Info: MettanAtem

4 years ago#58
Finneon gets a safe 90 points.

User Info: RatedRKO7

4 years ago#59
Gallade, 75 why punish Gallade for a board user!
Got it memorized?- Axel
Pokemon X & Y takes place in France started 1/8/13 Official Infernape and Jasmine of The Pokemon X Board and Kyogre of Pokemon Y

User Info: Risenreturn

4 years ago#60


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