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Pokemon Trivia Game #42157

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User Info: DarkDragon386

4 years ago#1
Basically, the way this works is I will give a set of five questions worth 1-5 points. You can post one answer every hour. When all these questions are cycled through, either someone else can make up questions or I will get a new set.

1. What Pokemon was your rival's water/grass/fire/electric rectangle made up of in Yellow, not counting the Eeveelution. (1 Pt)
2. Name three Pokemon to have four arms (2 Pts)
3. Name a Gen 2 Pokemon to have the same sprite in Gold and Silver (3 Pts)
4. What is the only type to hit more things for super effective damage than not very effective damage and have no immunities (4 Pts)
5. Name three gym leaders to have Pokemon at levels earlier than they evolve (4 Pts)
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