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Throwing an idea out here...

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User Info: gamerofNS

4 years ago#1
What would you think if the trading card game was implemented as a side feature to the main RPGs?

I use to collect the cards back in gen 1, but as soon as my interest in them waned, my mom seized the opportunity to throw the majority of them out. And lately, I've been wishing I still had them, and even thinking of starting to collect them again, since alot of the new ones do look kinda cool.

But, anyway, in the gen 5 games, they increased the max amount of in-game cash you can carry. But other than vitamins for EV training, what is there to buy?

So, why not add the card game? Good, optional thing to burn in-game cash on, loads of more stuff to collect (and I frikin' love collecting), and it's not like they haven't done something like this before (the GBC game is one of my most wanted titles for 3DS VC).

Already got physical copies? Scan them in with 3DS's cameras. New set gets released? DLC, or better yet, Spotpass updates.

So, yeah, just wondering what people think of this idea.

User Info: taex

4 years ago#2
IIRC, programming card rules are much trickier than you think. It would be too big and take too much effort for Game Freaks for a side game.
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