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Let's write a letter to Ash 5 words at a time.

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User Info: GiftedACIII

4 years ago#71
ColtCababa posted...
PSSS. I hate you and I'm tired of hearing you say the word "psyched". That sounds so lame. "I'M SO PSYCHED!" Just shut up.

Your fault for watching inferior dubs

User Info: ZeroXLR8

4 years ago#72
MadJak91 posted...
that he hates more than

the inside of a pokeball.
PSN: Ravenlion13
Its been 5 years and I now realize how much I hate my username but refuse to make a new account.

User Info: PikachuTheHorn

4 years ago#73
Why not bang Skya, Elesa...

User Info: Jammer196

4 years ago#74
or your unrealistically strong pokemon
Can you release Terraria already?
PSN - Jammer196 Playing Black Ops and Warhawk

User Info: NinjaPirateDood

4 years ago#75
Stop being such a noob
Thank you, Skyrim, for reminding me that it's both easy and satisfying to burn a troll to death.

User Info: Dboss107

4 years ago#76
Digimon dominates pokemon you freakin...
I am the KING of KINGS

User Info: 6bananza

4 years ago#77
Stupid Pokemon trainer. I hate
Official member of Team Miror Infinity. I AM SHADOW ARTICUNO! Credit: CM_Ponch. Oppan Gangnam Style!

User Info: evillocke

4 years ago#78
how ash is a dumbass....
Offical Breloom of all pokemon boards. SO SAD!!!!!
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