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Pokemon Fusion: Part 6!

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#401
"It's a good feeling, isn't it?" Angelo asked Sadie. "To do good?"

"Yeah." Sadie said. "No wonder my dad always does good whenever possible."

"Yeah... did you know, being born isn't the only way angels and demons are made? When a mortal dies, and goes to hell or the netherrealm with an insatiable hate, or lust for power or evil, they get transfigured into a demon. The most notable example is Akuma."

"Uh... okay?"

"The opposite is also true. When a mortal dies and goes to heaven, and they still have a noble desire to do what is right, and protect the innocent, they get transfigured into angels."

"So basically, you're telling me my dad is a shoe-in for becoming an angel."

"Ever since King Gallon. Didn't want you thinking that you'll live way longer than either of them, then getting depressed over it. Your mother has a foot in the door as well."

"And they still have all their old powers?"

"Their Spirit Pokémon get the same afterlife as their Sign Bearers, and remain with them. Every other power gets transferred as well."

"Tell you the truth, that's a little disconcerting."


"An angel that can turn into a demon, has the Satsui no Hado, and the power of the Keyblade, and is extremely skilled in combat on top of all that?"

"Heh, I never really thought of it like that."

They both laugh, and fall silent, until Angelo says something.

"Something else about heaven........ you... have a lot of admirers."


"Despite being a demon, you've been one of this world's brightest lights. Not to mention, drop dead gorgeous on top of that, both before and after your fusion with Lugia. There are a lot of angels in heaven who would brave the netherrealm to have you on their arm."

Sadie was a little surprised at this. "Interesting... what about you?"


"You said I have a lot of admirers. What about you?"

Angelo smiles when he's asked that, and reaches for her hand. Sadie grabs it, smiling.

"Except..." Angelo says. "We may have to clear it with..." He looks back at Pryce.

"I'll talk with him later." Sadie says. Meanwhile...

"So where's Poli, Nightmare, and the girls?" Pryce asked Mephistopheles.

"We don't know where Poli is, but we think we saw the others head for Pudveil. ...Pryce, you're not gonna--"

"As always, that depends on him. He's got an immense new power, and I have to see what he thinks of it."

"Why does his opinion of his power matter?"

"Mel, remember. I've been dealing with Satsui no Hado for five years. I know what it takes to control a power of that nature, and the first thing you need to do is hate your power for it's nature above all else. If he does anything other than that, then he really is a threat."


"You know I'm right, and you also know that I don't wanna kill him. Never did."

"...okay. We'll find him, and get his side. But first, we should find the others. Since we're all looking for the same guy, our efforts will be better spent working together."

"All right. But first, let's finish these cones."
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#402
Alright, I gotta admit this..
It's certainly going to be a challenge for me to get the media against the legendary Pokemon.

But, as long as I still have most/all of the named News characters under my control, and along with that other thing, there's still a way to do it..

But first, I should stop running my mouth, and get to typing up my next part.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#403
As Twila placed Poli Draxis on the bed, she looked at the robe, punctured and spattered with his blood, then back at him, abdomen bare, chest rising and falling with each breath.

She left momentarily, and returned with a new robe, a basket filled with Berries off the vine, and a brush. She folded the gold robe and placed it by his legs. Crushing and pressing the Berries into a marvelous liquid, she took the liquid, opened Draxis's mouth, and poured the substance in. She massaged his throat until his esophagus opened up, and the liquid flowed through. She put the robe on him, and left the room.

All he needs now is time.

Vorahk, Panrahk, and the others scoured the Pudveil Crater, furious.

Vorahk --- "Where isss he?"
Panrahk --- "I want to sssee him explode by my ssstaff!"

They really weren't sure why the trail ran cold. After being catapulted by that infuriating Jigglypuff, they followed the scent of the hybrid. They abandoned the hunt when they saw the black hole that ate up the city. Everything was gone, including the scent of Poli.

As they considered just leveling half of Unova, a voice slithered in their minds.

Akuro has been lying to you.

Turahk looked up, as did the other Rahkshi.

He was going to send you back into slumber once you slew your target.

Are you, the harbringers of destruction, going to let that slide?

N...NO! We are the children of the ssshadowsss! We ssserve no one but the ssshadowsss!

Exactly! Why not ally by me and put your target down? Instead of sleep afterwards, you can roam free! I'll even take you to your target!

The Rahkshi cheered, as the sudden knowledge of a portal to Heaven in the Entralink rushed in their vile heads.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#404
[---Giant Chasm---]
(Case 6 --- Ice Breaker)

Lying prone with the Tranquilizer Riffle, the menace within a Yellow polo, sporting a cream Cap, and Cargo pants, was scanning the area before her.

While Lugand saw the Ditto play with a couple Audinos within the tall grass inside Crater forest, the menace looked towards the center, seeing a small pond of cold water, showing a few signs of ice around its edges, while the a couple of Solrock and Lunatone floated within the cold air above it.

The radio breaks the silence.

Radio---"Green Light!"

Lugand points his binoculars towards the entrance of the cave, seeing it lie ontop of a small cliff. After a few moments, he shouts to his large party of Grunts.

Lugand----"You heard the League! Operation Icebreaker has started!"

The grunts cheered, while the Aggron, and Rhyperior held a concern look, only to be infected by the mob mentality around them. And most of them headed back towards the Sauplanes(Saw-plane) , Octillery stood up, pointing her tranquilizer riffle towards the ground, and headed out through crater forest with Espanola.

They jogged a good distance, through the maze of trees, grass, and dead logs littering the area, until the came to the finale stretch. For the sight of the entrance in the horizon was a reassurance to Octillry.

Octillery-----"I can't wait to be the one who gets the shot!"
Espanola---"Shouldn't mew be worried?"
Mew----------"Why? Kyurem is the one that started all this, and I'm sure if you two actually manage to kill it-"
Octillery------"Who says we're killing? And how did you know-"

Espanola, looking towards her shoes, her legs, and her hands full with equipment, quickly answered.

Espanola-----"I don't know.. I just somehow recognized that Joltik as Mew.. Guess it's the serum."
Octillery-------"Right, anyways, you know why we're here jogging, right?"
Espanola------"Of course, we will obviously meet up in the cave, but we have to not risk being seen."
Octillery--------"Close enough, look up, they've just made it to the cave over that cliff, and stairs.. Wait, is that the statue?!"

---Cave entrance---

The Sauplanes readied themselves, and opened the hatches to drop the cargo. And as the last of the Grunts and Pokemon hopped down to the ground, a Lanette holding a couple of Laptops, papers, and a UAMD appeared to be escorted into the area.

Lanette----------"Why am I here again?"
Guard Grunt---"Because maybe you can keep track of the Unown activity Monitoring Device?"
Lanette----------"Shouldn't that-"
GG 1-------------"On vacation, now move!"

But, just as the group of trainers, and Pokemon started to head into the cave, with the Sauplanes hovering just a few meters above the ground of the entrance, a Shiny Genesect appeared before them, heading out of the cave!

Within the entrance, as the MDs, DPs, and GMs stop from the sudden Guard Grunt takes action.

GG------"Whoa there, what are you doing here?"

As the question is floating within the air, the mission team started to get suspicious, scanning everywhere for a potential ambush.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#405
Sonya, Gloria and Nightmare settled down when every last Heartless was slain.

Nightmare ---- "Thought those creeps were long gone."
Gloria ------ "Apparantly not."

As Gloria deShifted, Sonya spotted six beings zoom from the direction of Pudveil towards the middle of Unova. Nightmare's usually omnipresent smile faded.

Nightmare ---- "The Rahkshi...he was right..."
Sonya ------ "What's the problem?"
Nightmare ---- "Hold on, we're teleporting to the Entralink."
Gloria ----- "Why?"
Nightmare ---- "I...I think our divine hybrid friend may be in danger."

[Great Chasm]

GenePoli ---- "Was just looking for Kyurem."
GG -------- "Did you see it?"
GenePoli ---- "No. Kyurem was nowhere in there. Look for yourself."

The Genesect compacted into Extremespeed form, and rocketed off.

(Changlini, I'll leave it to you on if you decide to do something with the silver blood Poli Draxis bled onto the cave floor when he was impaled.)
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#406
Will think about it.. And I just got an idea..

Ah, the Entreelink..
Wonder if that Fed-Up Device thingy Lucy Lu helped place back in CWG CIP is still there..

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#407
Guys, because of real life issues, I'm not gonna be really active at all for a while...+ the recent release of GTI has sucked me in. >_>
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#408
Meh, alright.

ooh, I can't remember, was it the Payne family that had a house within the LotSS?

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#409
Changlini posted...
Meh, alright.

ooh, I can't remember, was it the Payne family that had a house within the LotSS?

Poli, Nightmare, and Sonya had a house in the LotSS.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#410

Zenon watched the sky for any danger...

...Until the Rahkshi zoomed right by Zenon as they were heading for the Entralink.

Zenon: The Rahkshi...

Mewtwo: It seems they are going to the Entralink.

Zenon: Let me guess... They found a way to find Poli and kill him.

Mewtwo: Yes, that is right.

Zenon: I'm just going to teleport.

Zenon shifted into Mewtwo and quickly teleported to the Entralink.


Astral Plane

The astral entity army is preparing for the war against the mortals...

An orange astral entity in gold armor is commanding the troops...

Astronis: That's it! Get your weapons! We shall destroy the mortals!


Astronis: We shall fight, or die with honor!

Astral Entities: FIGHT OR DIE!

Astronis: The balance between their plane and our plane shall soon be restored!


Then a dark blue astral entity wearing platinum armor appeared and all the astral enities bowed.

Astronis: My lord, shall we attack now?

Galaxia: Not quite yet, general Astronis.

Galaxia: When the time is right, we shall attack the mortal world!

Astral Entites: ALL HAIL GALAXIA!



The Beast shall come to devour all, but only one hero shall answer the call.

The Beast sensed the mysterious woman's presence in the pokemon world.

The Beast roared and the whole abyss rumbled.

It shall wait... For now...
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