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Pokemon Fusion: Part 6!

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User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#71
faruway posted...
This looks kinda fun. May I join in?

Well sure, but make sure to sign up. It may seem confusing at first, but just go with it. C:
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#72
[---Library of Rcords-Video Floor---]
(Background build-up)

The ever familiar Brigand continued to voice over the action that the two disgusted HGs saw within the recording. While most of the children were shown to have horrible side-effects to the types of blood, two children collapsed within a seizure. And after a while of struggling, they stopped moving.

Brigand----"Subjects 9.0.9, and 9.0.8 seem to have expired. Take them away for Autopsy."
Scientist---"Will do, what about the others? The blood seems to have stopped reacting."
Brigand----"Get more, and get a X-ray on those.. Religious creatures."

The scientist left the room, and brigand was left looking at the remaining children, along with a few other armored scientists. And after a while of waiting, he notices that the camera needs to recharge.

Brigand----"Okay, DST E-H&H has already wielded promising results, and after a few more tests with those.. Beings, we will have no/need for them."

The recording shuts o-

HG 1----"Did you see that?"
HG 2----"See what?"

The historic guard gets up, and rewinds the recording, trying to stop it at a certain part, just before it finished.

HG 2----"What is it?"
HG 1----"Don't you see-there!"

Through the powers of slow motion, a large image of a code was revealed, along with a few letters.

HG 2----"My lass.."
HG 1----"It says Fed-Up Procedure, Code 777."
HG 2----"Heh, always wanted to take a trip up there."

They right down the words, and continue to place the Cassette back to where it came from, and then proceeded to call someone.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#73
[---Berry Association Society---]
(Background Build-Up)

"These Berries.."
Sam---"Yeah, they're not from here, can you tell me if-"

Sam---"Sorry, gotta take this call."

He takes the call, and opens his headset for communication.

Sam----"This is DP head Sam, what is it?"
HG 1---"We've just found a code that deals with the Fed-Up device that the Department made."
Sam----"That's all? Tell it to Furez, I'm currently busy at the BAS, waiting for a second opinion on the strange berries found back in that restaurant."
HG 1---"Aiy, fine!"

They hang up, but a news reporter dressed in a dark red trenchcoat barges into the building, dragging a Tentacruel along with her Caneraman filming the whole thing.

Ocorono---"Hey, there's a storm coming!"
Hybrid 1---"Thank Arceus! Sonething else than red!"


"3.. 2.. 1.. "


Ycre---"In the house, now!"

Under the brightly lit blue sky, the Alteria flocs forming clouds, Furez was overlooking Ycre kicking a door open, and following a couple of heavily armored Medical Division Members, and an Aggron into a normal looking building within the new housing district within the outskirts of the city.

Furez---"Give me the Footage."
MDM----"Yes Ma'am."

The female Medical Division Member places a large glare proof tablet on the hood of the small truck they are standing behind of, within the closed off streets.

Ycre----"Check upstairs! I'll head down with Steel!"

Furez's phone rings, and she's forced to place her sight away from Ycre discovering an illigal Mio operation.

Furez---"Ugh, what is it?"
HG 1----"This is LoR island group, we've just found a-"
Ycre-----"Iron tail that sucker!"

The Aggron on screen pins down a woman within Green.

Furez---"Oh lassamit! Forwarding you to-"
HG 2----"Just give us a green light to commence the search!"
Furez---"Green light, now do whatever it is that you were doing!"

She hangs up, and continues to observe that screen, seeing Ycre Run with the Aggron away from the vibrating ground within the basement

Ycre----"Here, now Flash Cannon that Room!"

After rubbing the Unown liquid on the black metal skin of the Aggron infront of him, Ycre sees all the light fade away, and be released towards the phasing lady in green within the room.


MDM---"We just lost the signal."
Furez---"But, are they okay?"

Readying to go into the house, the group of Back up grunts see Ycre, the Aggron, and the others come out to the sight of relieved members, and very curious civilians, hybrids, and Pokemon that were lining around the small barricades that were lined up around the area.

Ycre-----"She escaped."
Furez---"But do we know how she went back?!"
Ycre-----"Can't say, just get the readings to the labs."

With that, the group closed off the house, reopened the streets, and left in the trucks to continue their day.
[Last post for a few hours, have fun guys!]

User Info: faruway

4 years ago#74
OcarinaofToast posted...
faruway posted...
This looks kinda fun. May I join in?

Well sure, but make sure to sign up. It may seem confusing at first, but just go with it. C:

Okay, I just sign up btw :)
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User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#75
(tell me when you want me to officially start the concert....)

Slowly, high up above, in the Giant blimp of Pudding, where the destroyer of hopes lay... Willingmess was pacing about.

Willingmess: This is it then... upon landing, I shall search for Pudding's General's.... Once they fall.... Pudding will be a pushover!

Slowly, the Blimp o Pudding continued on its way towards its destination.
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#76
It's time I continued Hyacinthe and Crow's story.


"Please, stranger, you must not do this," spoke Daloyrew, the monocle-wearing Wynaut as the ran through the caverns with the mysteriously laboring Pokémon. "You're killing PokéEarth!"

"But I must," Hyacinthe replied. "Heaven needs to be connected to Yggdrasil to aid in the fight against the demons!"

"Is Heaven losing?" Nifdrin asked.

"Nope! We're winning! Soon we'll be at the gates of Hell, and we'll be able to destroy them once and for all! And we owe it all to Yggdrasil's help!"

Then they arrive at the large clearing of verdant beauty, the center of which held the wilting World Tree.

"Aww, you must be tired, eh, Yggdrasil?" Hyacinthe cooed, stroking the World Tree's trunk. "Don't worry, we won't need your help much longer."

"HEY!!" a voice yelled from above. A Quilfish came plummeting from the top of Yggdrasil's wilted boughs. Hyacinthe turned to dodge, but the Quilfish landed on his left shoulder, its spines sticking into him.

"AAAAHHH!! Get this thing off me!" Hyacinthe screamed, running about with Crow stuck in him. He then released a burst of force, knocking the Quifish off. He gingerly touched his wound and examined it. It was swollen, and purple colored.

"That thing poisoned me!"

"There's plenty more where that came from!" Crow retorted, ready to launch himself again.

But two shadows formed in the grass, and from the emerged two scythe-wielding Dusclops.


"Hyacinthe..." one of them spoke. "Dedicate yourself to death and darkness."

"Bad timing, guys," Hyacinthe responded.

Crow was unsettled by their sudden appearance. "...Who... Are you?"

The Dusclops turned to face the Quilfish.

"Crow... I take the Chosen to the Netherrealm. People see me in their last moments and wail..."


"The Gravekeepers? Here?" Daloyrew asked.

The Dusclops turned to face him. "Daloyrew... Hyacinthe has a contract signed by a certain angel to fulfill. His power stems from Queen Odette's blessing... The very power that rots his body and mind as we speak."

The Hyacinthe had a coughing fit, falling to his knees.

"Hyacinthe... The curse is taking hold. Do you still wish to fight?"

"NO!!!" Crow screamed, ramming into the Dusclops with his poisonous spines.

"Crow... You would protect your enemy? Ask yourself... Why is this?"

"There's clearly something more going on here. And call me crazy, but I don't think Hyacinthe is quite as guilty as we assumed!"

"Crow... You are a fool to anger the Gravekeepers. We will send you to the Netherrealm as well... Your suffering will bring our leader joy..."

"You have a leader? But both Queen Odette and King Gallon are dead!" Crow said.

"Crow... We do not know how you know about that... But know this. You will be meeting our new leader soon enough."

The Dusclops' bodies twitched, then fell apart, only to re-form again.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#77
Draxis ---- "Hold on a sec."
Nightmare --- "What?"
Draxis ------ "I...I want spend time with my parents."
Nightmare ----- "How do you plan on getting up there?"
Draxis ---- "My mom gave me a parting phrase...just fly skyward."
Nightmare ---- "Fine then, I'll tell them. Just be down here when we set out to demolish that egotistical pink punk."

Nightmare continued for the group, as Draxis stopped and looked up.

Just fly skyward.

With a powerful flap, Poli shooted up into the sky. As he headed higher and higher, he noticed a strange blimp off in the distance. Ignoring it, he climbed.

The red skies began to sparkle, and Poli felt a tingling sensation. A bright flash, and the red was gone, replaced by golden clouds.

He kept upwards, and the clouds burst. He found himself looking upon a paradise. Sparkling water bubbled in fountains, green grass grew grandly, cobble pathways interconnected the network of this area in the sky.

Poli instinctively headed for a house, one slightly away from the rest, one that rested on a gentle hill. Although other angels were about, conversing, going about their day, none noticed the strange pale being with jet black wings, pale skin, red eyes, and bony hands.

He entered the house.

Draxis --- "...Mom? You home?"
??? ----- "Poli, you came!"

Twila stepped out of a room at the far end of the room. She was dressed in a flowing cream colored robe, and a gold wreath nested on her head, contrasting her silver hair.

Draxis ---- "I wanted to see you..."
Twila --- "I figured you would. Even though I never got the chance to be the mother I wanted to be for you...I still watched you from above."
Draxis ----- "Let's sit and talk."

She guided Poli to a living room. The center of this room had a mini fountain. Grape vines criss-crossed all over the walls. The seating was fluffy clouds, molded into couches and chairs. They rested on a couch.

Draxis ---- "Why couldn't you have raised me?"
Twila ---- "Son...this movement of angels accepting demons wasn't around when you were born. Back then, we were still mortal enemies. I really wanted to raise you...but the conditions at the time would've put our family in danger."
Draxis ---- "I'm also curious. Mephy's just a fledgling demon, much older than me, yet I have my wings."
Twila ------ " was due to the human that birthed you. Since you developed in a human womb, your angel and demon DNA were suppressed. You matured at the rate of a human."
Draxis ------ "So...when I became this..."
Twila ---- "Yes. Since your body was fully mature, the maturing phase came all at once when you shed your human shell."
Draxis ---- "I see."
Twila ------- "...Well, you should probably go. Your friends are probably wondering where you are."
Draxis ----- "Yeah."
Twila ----- "Bye Poli."
Draxis ------- "Bye mom."
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#78
(Is Sonya still the sister of Poli Draxis?)

[---Land of the Setting Sun---]
(Background Buildup)

To Kill a God.. Wait-why would there be a being that controls everything? Why would our very existence hang within the hands of one being?

Are we just puppets?
Are we meaningless?
Or is there something more..?

DST has been recently on a side project lately.. And Lu, with the success of that Uka.. I'd like it if you would get her to decide to bring most of her Exploration/Raiding/Research team to participate in that Sinjho ruins expedition..

Under the bright blue sky, into the center of the city, inside the Center of the Park, and within the Library, a Bald, Caucasian lady, who was now within a gray long sleeve T-shirt, and black Cargo Pants, was rummaging through a list of names of dead people.

After a while of deciphering squiggly lines, or what some say would be cursive writing, the lady with no head hair gets stuck on a screen that shows writing on a large piece of rock. Even though the background was of a dark table, and the image was as clear as possible, the pixelation of the decayed writing of a long and dead language proved to be too much.

So, within the ever knowledgeable library, seeing countless people ask for help within the family history center, walking past countless screens of computers containing a screen saver on crack, or Family trees, and Documents of countless historical travels of countless normal Families, even a prince.

A female historic guard takes action.

The Historic Guard Member approaches the ever indexing, bald lady, seeing her having great trouble with deciphering a rock language.

HG 3-----''Do you need any help?''

Of course I do, I just can't seem to get myself to admit it!

Graduate 2---''Yes, I can't tell what exactly is that.. symbol on that piece of rock.''

Delighted to help within the challenge, the HG gives her insight.

HG 3-----------''Ah, so this dates back..''
Graduate 2--''About a couple hundred thousand years..''
HG 3-----------''And what do the instructions say?''
Graduate 2--''From this window, it says just to record any, and all names.''

The HG closely looks at the symbols, and the symbol Key that the Bald lady brought up.

HG 3-----------''Wow, and I thought I had trouble with Cursive... anyways, I can decipher an L and.. either a A and B, or just a U..''
Grad 2---------''Heh, to think that in a couple of decades, our Printed language will be unreadable..''
HG 3-----------''I know, right?!''

They both chuckle.

Graduate 2--''Anyways, the system says it recognizes Lu, so..''
HG 3-----------''Yeah, it's best to just leave it as Lu.''
Graduate 2--''Thank you, and now I should be off.''
HG 3----------''Oh, have fun wherever you're heading!''

With a content smile, hiding a secret, the bald woman in Gray and Black leaves the library, and heads into the park. And under the shining rays of the sun, under the bright blue gaze of the sky, she walks past young Pokemon, Hybrid, and Humans, seeing all of them contently play within the bright green grass near the ponds, and lakes.

If only I could.. yes, I should.
Since, at the very least, I owe them a visit.

The bald woman, knowing what may happen, heads towards the city all around her, and starts to search for her old home, to see if the relatives she grew up with are still there.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#79
Changlini posted...
(Is Sonya still the sister of Poli Draxis?)

Biologically, no.
Technically, yes.

As in they're not blood siblings, but they still consider themselves siblings, since they grew up together in the same family.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#80
Polimario posted...
Changlini posted...
(Is Sonya still the sister of Poli Draxis?)

Biologically, no.
Technically, yes.

As in they're not blood siblings, but they still consider themselves siblings, since they grew up together in the same family.

Thank you on clearing that up for me.

Anyways, I'm deciding on whether to;

---Finish the vote within the League of Regions.
---Do a background Buildup for team Martini.
---Get on that Jace Request.
---Or do a scene on the LSRC that would include that SuoL request.
---Think on how to include that Lucy request.

Meh, at least I'm feeling good with that one positively vibrant scene I did with Graduate 2, too bad what I have in mind for how her family thing will play out. Anyways, hopefully the background build-up posts I'm doing provides a good sense of Activity for the entire world.
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