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The best official name 51: Espeon

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User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#1
Vote which nation gave this Pokemon the best name - Results (125 votes)
America- Espeon
55.2% (69 votes)
Japan- Eify
10.4% (13 votes)
France- Mentali
11.2% (14 votes)
Germany- Psiana
23.2% (29 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Time for some Eevee madness!

America- 21
Japan- 5
France- 9
Germany- 15

Previous winners:

Krookodile (Krookodile)
Haxorus (Haxorus)
Salamence (Salamence)
Tyranitar (Tyranitar)
Exploud (Exploud)
Flareon (Flareon)
Houndoom (Houndoom)
Venusaur (Venusaur)
Froslass (Froslass)
Blaziken (Blaziken)
Dragonite (Dragonite)
Garchomp (Garchomp)
Sceptile (Sceptile)
Hydreigon (Hydreigon)
Marowak (Marowak)
Articuno (Articuno)
Flygon (Flygon)
Wobbuffet (Wobbuffet)
Serperior (Serperior)
Gallade (Gallade)
Delibird (Delibird)

Eteboss (Ambipom)
Goukuzaru (Infernape)
Raibolt (Manectric)
Datengu (Shiftry)
Bossgodora (Aggron)

Ohmassacre (Eelektross)
Roucarnage (Pidgeot)
Darumacho (Darmanitan)
Brutapode (Scolipede)
Hippopodocus (Hippowdon)
Papilusion (Butterfree)
Corboss (Honchkrow)
Noarfang (Noctowl)
Drascore (Drapion)

Rihornior (Rhyperior)
Megalon (Beheeyem)
Morlord (Quagsire)
Quaxo (Politoed)
Schwalboss (Swellow)
Relaxo (Snorlax)
Icognito (Unown)
Farbeagle (Smeargle)
Skaraborn (Heracross)
Impergator (Feraligatr)
Meditalis (Medicham)
Lavados (Moltres)
Ninjatom (Shedinja)
Brockoloss (Gigalith)
Vegichita (Simisage)

User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#2
I shook hands with the new Pope. I am enlightenment. I am also the only true Pokemon fan.

User Info: Charizard4NU

4 years ago#3
Espeon is fantastic.
"Wolverine is the Charizard of the Marvel world. Which isn't saying much." - darkdragongirl

User Info: Brandon042487

4 years ago#4
Psyana appeals to me the most.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#5
Eify is the ONLY correct answer! That's one of the few Pokemon names that's made me LAUGH.
I'm not easily impressed; I'm usually oblivious to whatever's in front of me.
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User Info: Tatakai-No-Kami

4 years ago#6
if these topics were made on a japanese board, japan and americas placement would probably be switched. just sayin'. i'm pretty sure a lot of people who vote in these topics are just trying to be patriotic rather than actually voting based on the names.

User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#7

User Info: endergamer537

4 years ago#8
Official Miror Infinity Leader with his Forretress

User Info: Spiega

4 years ago#9

User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#10
Can someone clarify which part of each name is the Eeveelution ending? I know -eon, obviously, but the Japanese name doesn't end in -ia, so I can't assume that.
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