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What age did you first play pokemon?

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User Info: Brandon00151

4 years ago#11
10/11 when Pokemon first came out

User Info: ODomm

4 years ago#12
I guess 5 or 6...
Kinda weird, I loved it so much, but after DPP, I took a 6 year break not playing a single Pokemon game. Now I'm right back in it, mainly using Roms
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User Info: LightningAce11

4 years ago#13
No! Because I work at ze muffin factory!

User Info: pokemonfreak97

4 years ago#14
4-5 with Sapphire.
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#15
6 or 7.
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User Info: Zadios765

4 years ago#16
5-6 my 2 older brothers got me into it
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