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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#11
Chandler014 posted...
I'm out. Good night.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#12
[---Land of the Setting Sun---]
(10 hours before Operation Glass Planet)

Furez was on the street, looking at the bright sky above her, seeing the wisps slowly burn still within the sky, ever waiting to gorge on another cloud that would form out of thin air. With the heartless decimated, the streets left clean with no loses, and the Public still at a decent.. panic, Furez called in Sam through the Tablet.

Furez----''What's the status on the Anti-Teleportation Array?''
Sam-----''It's currently on, still waiting to hear the operators to call in any malfunctions.''

Furez----''Good, what about the.. Holon Operation?''
Sam------''It's going as planned.''

Furez----''And the.. state of that woman.. Espanola?''
Sam-----''Hasn't turned from the Serum.. but, the LSRC is now heading towards the LoR to check up on any leads for the silver liquid..''

Furez----''And that Kyurem?''

Furez's voice scared away the small, playful pokemon, and children that were around the closed area.

Sam------''Ju-just think about the.. pl-play! The one that our so-''
Furez-----''You mean that thing one of those dark beings shoe horned under their feet five years ago?!''
Sam------''I AM NOT going to CARE for something that's been SOILED!''

Her voiced had such fury, that it thundered across the air, causing many Guard Members to lower their heads, while still waiting for Ycre's group to finish storming another apartment building.

---House on Pendragon Street---

Just within the street next to the operation with Furez, a family was fighting.

"But Mami!"
Mom---''Es patético, chica! Usted pierde todo ese tiempo haciendo un viaje!!?''

''What did you expect?!''
Mom---''Por qué, por qué hace esto a mí, su madre!''

''Why don't you just shut up for once, and LISTEN TO ME!?''

''No, you shut up! You're just like him! A stupid mother stuck in your fantasies of a better-''

The large mother slaps the bald woman, and with a face that would even scare Giratina back into its floating hole within the Distortion world, she yelled.

Mom---''¡Fuera! Y nunca mostrar su cara otra vez!''

With another punch, and a shove, the bald woman gets forced out of the house. And as she stumbled, bruised, and off down the sidewalk, passing many pedestrians that would have nothing about being a good Samaritan, she silently wept.

---New Guard Institute---

Such great mockery..
And you expect us to just let you continue?

To stop such Mockery..
We will force Consequences..

The scene was now calm, and a lot of people were surrounding a small patch of green grass, within a large black field of dead land that was covered over by wheat, to provide at least some color than the bleak black charcoal like land that lay below it.

Marknam' was standing next to Petite, who was scanning the area with some device.

Marknam'-----''I don't see a plant.''
Petite-----------''Just wait a moment..''

After minutes went by, after Hours went by,
through the silence, the Custap plant appeared.

Marknam'-----''Close this area off, I need to get someone to check how big of a problem this weed has become.''
Petite----------''And that school?''
Marknam'----''It, will, continue to operate.. we can't shut down that play.. not just yet..''


Within Uka-6, it was now night, while others saw day. And as the wisps started to spread around the clouds in the sky, turning the night a ghostly, glowing blue. Norah looked up, seeing green shooting stars fall.

Better start welcoming..

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#13
TableFlip posted...
Chandler014 posted...
I'm out. Good night.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#14
*walks back in* ...Why the f*** is Isaac not in the intro? Oh, and you all know about Delta, right? Anyway, where are my characters?
Official Shadow Blaziken of Team Miror Infinity.
"Don't worry! The worst that could happen is that we all die!"-Jade Curtiss

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#15
Garioshi posted...
*walks back in* ...Why the f*** is Isaac not in the intro? Oh, and you all know about Delta, right? Anyway, where are my characters?

After the Jace fight, Isaac and friends wandered off to train and find done action.

And.. Your Giratina Fuser is within the distortion world.

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#16
Sorry Garioshi, but when I made that intro, you weren't really... Writing.

I'm so sorry though :( I'll fit your characters in the intro for the next thread, okay? :D
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Garioshi

4 years ago#17
Gubbey posted...
Sorry Garioshi, but when I made that intro, you weren't really... Writing.

I'm so sorry though :( I'll fit your characters in the intro for the next thread, okay? :D

Ah, it's fine. I'm just mystified as to how Sol, my more inactive character got on there. >_>
Official Shadow Blaziken of Team Miror Infinity.
"Don't worry! The worst that could happen is that we all die!"-Jade Curtiss

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#18
I've never played a Kingdom Hearts game before, so I'm sorry if I mess up Kurt Zisa :C


BOSS #15: Kurt Zisa's Revenge!!


The towering Heartless's body immediately began to tense up as it prepared an attack of some sort.

"Fiddlestyx," Mephistopheles cursed. "He's about to cast Silencega!" The demon knew that without his magic, he'd be dead weight. Or just dead.

"Nuh-uh! I don't think so!" Angelica exclaimed, swooping down and striking one of Kurt Zisa's orbs of darkness with her wings. The Heartless reeled in shock, its stratagem interrupted.

"Angelica! How'd you know to target the orbs?" Tyler asked.

"Kurt Zisa has become quite notorious, even up in Heaven, the angel answered. "Just a little analysis was needed."

"Well then, let us focus on the orbs so it doesn't try that little trick again!" Pryce said, flinging his Keyblade by the chain. It hooked onto the Heartless's shoulder, and Pryce reeled himself in. But Kurt Zisa flailed about wildly, flinging Pryce all of the place by the Keyblade's chain.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Belial coated his fist in dark energy and slammed it down on Kurt Zisa's head like a hammer. But the Heartless retaliated by slicing the massive demon's wing, forcing him to fall back and regenerate.

Meanwhile, Erika was sniping each orb with her bow, careful not to hit the violently swinging Pryce. Finally, she managed the destroy one of the orbs with a powerful arrow enchanted by Mephistopheles with hellish magic.

"One down, one to go!" Katherine shouted out, skillfully flinging her Chakra at the remaining orb.

All the while, the citizens if Castelia City stared on, in horror and wonder.

**~~~To Be Continued~~~**

[Gotta go shower. Will continue when I get out.]
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#19
As the battle raged on, Sadie contemplated shifting into Lugia to speed up the process... But then she noticed the countless onlookers, and decided that Shifting in public, especially as Lugia, was not the best idea. Instead, she chanelled a fraction of her demonic power, her fists turning into molten stone. She then pounded the remaining orb into black dust.

The massive Heartless toppled. The party then piled, dealing brutal attacks while all it could was flail its snake-like head about. Then it managed to shake everyone off, and began hovering just off the ground.

"Seriously, when is this thing going to die?" Angelo remarked.

Tyler answered, "This is its last form! If we can destroy it now, we can finish it!"

"Really? How many times have you fought this thing?" Mephistopheles chucked, firing off bolts of black lightning.

"Touché, but we can still incapacitate it," Tyler replied.

Katherine then tossed a bag into the air. Erika shot it with impeccable accuracy, ripping the pouch open and spreading a blue-colored powder in the air.

"Honey, what is this?" Pryce asked.

"Yeah, I like being showered by blue stuff as much as the next girl, but--"

"Just use a lightning spell on Kurt Zisa," Katherine interrupted Angelica. "The results may sho--"

"No. Don't make that joke," Mephistopheles said sharply. "Makes even me cringe. Oh, and look out."

Katherine dodged a swing of Kurt Zisa's crescent blades just in time. The massive Heartless the set about summoning multiple tornadoes.

"It's trying to blow away the powder!" Pryce shouted. "Quick, Mel! Use that dark lightning stuff!"

"You mean 'Kazam'?" the demon corrected. "Okay. And you should use your normal lightning. Thundara, was it?"


Pryce and Mephistopheles then pointed the Keyblade and Grimoire at Kurt Zisa respectively. They then unleashed a combination of light and dark lightning. It quickly reacted with the strange powder, the movements caused by the tornados just making the lightning more unstable.

The arcs of electricity danced, then engulfed Kurt Zisa in magical lightning. Paralyzed, it fell to the ground. Belial, now fully healed, ripped its head off and pulverized the corpse.

But rather than stay there being mutilated, the body of Kurt Zisa simply sunk into the ground, swallowed by a dark hole.

With a collective shrug, the party turns around, only to be greeted by hundreds of adoring citizens of Castelia city, crowding around them as if they were celebrities.
Official Team Miror Infinity Scientist! Shadow Pokemon: Mismagius
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#20
Poli steadily headed to the crowd. The Rahkshi were showing posters of Poli a Dracid.

Angel ---- "Look, we don't have dragon people up here. Only the good souls and angels."
Vorahk --- "Are you sssaying our target isss dead?"

The Rahkshi were discontent with the answers they received.

At this rate they'll start attacking everything!

Draxis's eyes narrowed, as he started seeing in channels of energy. The angels were composed of light. Expected. The Rahkshi were composed of darkness. Also expected. But what caught Poli's eyes was that the Dark energy of the Rahkshi was composed primarily in a slug-like critter fastened in the back...

Vile serpent flower...of course!

Draxis ---- "Hey! Rahkshi!"

They turned towards the voice, and walked up to Poli. The crowd cleared.

Vorahk ---- "You ssspeak asss if to defy usss. sssmell of Light and Dark."
Draxis ----- "You want to know where this dragon person is?"

They perked. Guurahk jittered excitedly.

Vorahk ----- "Yesss! Tell usss! Tell usss!"

Quick as lightning, Poli somersaulted up onto Vorahk's back, avoided the struggle, opened up the backplate, and, in a sudden casting of his innate Light abilities, incinerated the Shadow Kraata inside. He hopped down.

Vorahk stood for a moment, swayed, and toppled, now no more than an empty husk. The remaining five screeched their discontent, and advanced upon Poli Draxis.

Draxis ---- "I've got more where that came from."

As he readied to fight the remaining five, a Deoxys dropped a girl, whom Shifted into Escavalier, and shouted Armageddon. Large Meteors bombarded the Rahkshi, stunning them. They came two as the Deoxys, Escavalier, and the very familiar cloaked being went in front of him.

Draxis ---- "Sis! Nightmare, Gloria!"
Nightmare --- "Reunion can wait, there are weeds to pluck here!"

[Boss Fight: Rahkshi]

The Rahkshi summoned their Staves, and began the offensive. Gloria deShifted and engaged Leerahk, whom skillfully blocked her attacks. Poli was fighting Kurahk, who was striking wildly, angrily. Sonya was circling Guurahk, firing Shineshot, avoiding acidic blasts. Nightmare was preoccupied with Panrahk and Turahk, whom were assaulting him, despite their attacks not affecting the cloaked being.

Nightmare ----- "Little help here!"
Draxis ----- "We've got our hands- watch it! -full here!"

Draxisran towards and sidestepped Kurahk, and fired a beam of Light into its face. The creature screeched in pain. It blindly rammed Draxis...whom sidestepped it, flipped open the backplate, and killed the Kraata inside. Kurahk collapsed. As Nightmare was being cornered, Draxis took off, and flew to aid Nightmare.

Gloria looked as Leerahk's Poison was rusting her Lances. She was outmatched, and went in for a blow, as Leerahk sent the Lances flying, disintegrating into rust.

Gloria ---- "Those were my FAVORITE LANCES! SHINY!"

The battle momentarily paused.

Draxis ---- "Hey sweetie?"
Gloria ---- "Yeah?"
Draxis ---- "That's Ms. Octillery's thing."
Gloria ------ "Quite right."

The battle resumed, as an angry Gloria was overpowering Leerahk, ripped off the backplate, tore out the Kraata, and choked it until it was still.

Nightmare ---- "Good, we have the advantage!"

Sonya was sending Guurahk recoiling with Light Bursts, and almost got the backplate when the Rahkshi noticed the other two down.

Guurahk --- "Foolsss! Go after the target!"

They took flight, and went for Poli.

(To be Continued...)
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