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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#101
Polimario posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Polimario posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Poli, question about the warp stars. Do they stay where they are, or do they come looking for friendlies?

They stay where they are, and will fly to Poli Draxis's group if friendlies board them.

Ah, well can you tell me what beach they're on?

By Petalburg. That beach, with the dock.

Perfect. Thanks, I'll get typing now.
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#102
Astral_Beast posted...

Zenon saw the warp stars that Nightmare made...

Zenon: Hm, one of those stars could take me directly to Poli...

Mewtwo: I suggest leaving the job of destroying all the heartless in Sinnoh to Poli.

Zenon: That might be the best way, i do not want to annoy the one who created him.

Then there was a rumbling sound.

Zenon: What was that?

Mewtwo: That was the 4th wall collapsing, it will get fixed soon.

Zenon: Oh, okay.

Zenon focused for a moment...

Zenon: I know one guy that i have not assisted in 5 years.

Zenon shifted and teleported to Tyler.

There, fixed something.
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#103
Draxis ----- "What are those pipes Rao?"
Rao ----- "Mommy called them the Fox Rods. I dunno what they do though."
Sonya ---- "Maybe we'll find ou...hey, what's going on?"

The group stops, and realizes various Vulpix, Zorua, and Fennekin are following them.

Rao ------ " Pokémon love me. They always cuddle with me."

A Zorua leaps into Rao's arms, causing her to drop the Rods. Gloria picked them up as Rao petted the Zorua.

Rao ---- "Naughty thing!"
Zorua --- "Zoru...."
Rao --- "It's ok, I forgive you!"

The Zorua yipped happily.

Draxis ---- "Well, someone I know would be plum envious of you."
Rao ----- "Really?"
Draxis ------ "Really."
Nightmare ----- "Ladies, Gentlemen, Girls and Foxes, we have reached the base of Mt. Coronet. If you hate dark places, leave now."
Rao --- "I'm fine, I love the dark! So haunting and mysterious..."
Draxis ----- "Thrill seeker eh?"
Rao ------ "Yep!"

As they entered Mt Coronet, Poli felt uneasy.

Surprising vocabulary for someone her age as well...
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User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#104
Waiting on Astral and Changlini.
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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#105
After flying for quite some time, Pryce and his group arrived just outside of Rustboro.

"All right," Pryce said. "We got lucky in Castelia, but I think if we keep relying on luck for big cities, someone's gonna ask questions about Will, Gale, Selena, and Belial. So I mean it guys, this time you can't follow us."

"So we're just gonna wait here?" Selena asked.

"If you're looking for something to do, then Sadie, how about you go check on our house, make sure it's still standing. And take Gardevoir with you."

"Sure thing." Sadie said.

Happy to help. Gardevoir said.

"The rest of you can escort them." Pryce told Will's family and Belial.

"So we're babysitting your daughter." Belial said.

"Think of it as being her bodyguards." Pryce replied. "If I left Sadie on her own for too long, Longal will come like a Munchlax to honey. And he'll be bringing friends, I might add."

"Well, when you put it that way..." Belial said.

"Everyone else, you're joining me in Rustboro. We'll ask around about Draxis. Me and Katherine will take the Devon corporation and my own mines. I've been meaning to check on them anyway. Angelica, you take the more general area. Angelo, you make sure she minds her manners."

"It's why I'm here." Angelo said.

"Mel, you take the gym and Trainer school."

"You should know that I have a history with Roxanne."


"Not like that, definitely not like that! I studied in her school for a bit, trying to get answers on how to remove... this."

"I see... is it gonna be a problem?"

"No, at least not from what I remember. But you know how much of a... history I have."

"Good point. ...hey, you've seen our house, right?"

"Passed it a couple of times when I was traveling, looking into how to reverse this. Obviously didn't say hello, and at this point I'll cut you a deal."


"More specifically, you'll cut me as part of one. Cut me in half right now, and in exchange, you won't give me a hard time about staying in hiding."

"You really think he'd agree to that?" Katherine asked.

"Yeah, I cut you in half all the time." Pryce said. "How about this time I just let it slide?"


"You're welcome. Now, everyone got something to do? If so, let's move out."

"Not so fast. You forgot me." Serah said.

"Oh. Um... how about you go with Sadie and the others? Just watch where you aim those weapons."

"...alright." Serah said, disappointed at the thought that...

"And before you think that I'm just pushing you in the closet," Pryce said. "remember, Longal might show up."


"Now, let's move out."

As Sadie and her group headed for her house, Pryce and his group started weeding through Rustboro, and found a familiar face.

"Sol?" Pryce asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Well," Sol said. "Since you an' Poseidon over there decided that Selena's off my list of potential girlfriends, I thought I'd go looking around, and find someone my own age. Hopefully, someone that'll get my mind off Selena."

"I hope for your sake you found someone." Pryce said in a threatening tone.

"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#106
"No such luck. What can I say, Selena is one fine-- ...little girl that is way too young for me." Sol said with Pryce's Keyblade closer to his throat than it ever was. "How 'bout I tag along with you again? See if I come across someone."

"You're just trying to--" Pryce said with his Keyblade still at Sol's throat.

"If I ever find myself attracted to Selena," Sol said with his fingers crossed behind his back. "I'll off myself."

"I'd rather off you myself."

"Yeah, I forgot this was personal with you, mate. How about this? If I find myself attracted to Selena, you can flip a coin with Big Blue."

"" Pryce said, dispelling his Keyblade. "You're sticking with me and Katherine."

"I'm trying to meet someone, and you're letting me close to your squeeze?"

"Yes, because I know that if you act like a pig in front of any girl, whatever her age, in front of Katherine, she'll kill you before me or Will get the chance. You flirt with her, she'll do much, much worse."

"...valid point."

"Good. Now let's move."

But as they were setting off, Katherine walked up to Pryce.

"You know I'm not as quick to kill the guy as you are, right?" Katherine asked.

"Oh, I know, but he doesn't." Pryce said, looking back at a sweating Sol. "Kinda fun watching him squirm."
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#107
Chandler014 posted...
Waiting on Astral and Changlini.

You can do the post where Zenon can join your group, i'm afraid i might get your characters wrong.
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#108
[---Background Build-up---]
(Part 3 out of 3)


Monicle and the two Historic Guards were now within the deepest part of the library within the island. Passing many large test tubes, large cylinders, large cabinets, large boxes filled with Haz-mat suits, until they got in front of a large metal sealed door.

Monicle----''Look, I'm expecting something to come out and eat us.. You've been back there?''
HG 1--------''Of course, just put on the suits.''
Monicle----''Alright-y then.

They put on the yellow Suits, and with a key-code combination, they entered the testing room behind the large, gray, metal doors. And after traveling a long distance through the corridor, where the wall high windows showed many white padded testing, and containment rooms that held a dark past within the air, they come to another door.

Biological examination room room

Monicle----''So, you're saying whatever is-''
HG 2--------''Don't worry, we personally took it out of the storage room.''
HG 1--------''Opening.''

And with that, the three see the sight of a large monitor showing a strange cellular component, all the while it's connected to a high-tech microscope that's currently examining a certain kind of strange tissue!

Gleaming with interest, Monicle was the first to get past the medical chairs, the tables with test tubes filled with strange blood, the cabinets filled with harmlessly frozen pieces of cataloged tissue, bone, and other organic things, only to come towards that same Microscope, the silver liquid from before still within a vial being carried by his right hand.

He takes a look through the Microscope, seeing millions of strange things moving in such an odd way.

Monicle-----''So.. what exactly produced this?''
HG 1---------''Gonna pull up a few files, pictures, and videos that will blow your mind.''

Monicle continues to wait, examining the interesting thing he sees.


The Fef-Up satellites, excluding the one above Orre, were within Position, reflecting the strange beams of lights that came from beacons that almost seemed similar to one type of Fed-Up device within design, but were composed of things that were, should be beyond comprehension of those who can't fully use their brains.

Mister, within the League of Regions with Mint were staring at the view from within the dark garden room inside of the gravitational sphere area, seeing the sky of the Planet slowly turn back to normal... or so it seemed.

Mint-----''Is light really the only things those Satellites can do?''
Mister--''You're forgetting the fact that those Mechanical Contraptions keep the all of the large, destructive Meteors away, along with protecting the electrical equipment within a Solar storm.''
Mint-----''Well, why can Draco Meteor still be used down there then?''
Mister--''Uh.. they're too small to keep track of.. hey, thought I saw a couple of clouds start to be enveloped in-''
Mint-----''Wait, just barely, I can see it! Is it bad?!''
Mister---''No, no.. it's similar to SPEAR, but I don't think the Fed-Up array is causing that..''

They continued to watch the scene.


The stage was set, the planet was in view, and the Fabulous four were staring at the Fabulous Furret work its magic by using the Magician's baton to play with the clouds of the world!

''Marvelous! Simply Marvelous!''

It continued to twirl some blue burning clouds into shapes resembling that of the Legendary Pokemon, even getting the black clouds that some of the heartless were using as portals to form with the others, becoming enveloped with such beautiful blue flames, only to be left as useless strands that would be seen as a spectacle from the public below.

[First Vortex scene nxt]

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#109
I'm currently doing a CYOA and I'm out of ideas for now.I'll post later or tommorow whenever I get an idea.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#110
Astral_Beast posted...
Chandler014 posted...
Waiting on Astral and Changlini.

You can do the post where Zenon can join your group, i'm afraid i might get your characters wrong.

Okay, I'd get working on that, except now I'm confused with where Tyler's group is at, and who's with them.
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