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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#21
[Rahkshi: Phase 2]

Poli saw the 3 remaining Rahkshi rocket towards him, staves drawn. Quickly, he took off for the skies.

Draxis ---- "Try and catch me!"

The Rahkshi, clearly enraged, began firing at the Seraphim hybrid. Poli twirled and flew up, higher. The Rahkshi tried to imitate, but they were unsuited for agile manuevers. Poli got behind them, the Rahkshi confused.

Releasing a flash of light, Poli momentarily blinded the Rahkshi, then closed in on Guurahk. He opened the backplate, and the Kraata inside went flying out, lifted off by the g-force.

The other two caught wind, and sped at Poli. He dove down, and they crashed into each other.


He got in front, in their eyesight, and flipped around. Summoning spheres of Light/Dark energy, he took aim.

The Rahkshi batted away some of the fireballs, but one hit Panrahk square in the head, tearing open his backplate and releasing the Shadow Kraata. Turahk's eyes widened.

Ssso...thisss isss what fear feelsss li-

Turahk was blown clean apart. Poli flew down towards the crowd.

Draxis ---- "Not so bad."
Nightmare --- "And you were concerned about them?"
Sonya ----- "Relax, look!"

Around them, the angels cheered for the four heroes. Poli blushed.

Sonya ----- "Hey, brother."
Draxis ---- "Y-yeah?"
Sonya ------- "You'll get used to it."

Celebrations followed. Waitress Amby had a Free Nectar night, and Twila let Poli's attending slide this time. Sonya, Gloria, and Nightmare stayed away from the substance, confused as to why Poli was downing multiple glasses.

Sonya ---- " thanks. That looks -and smells- a tad too sweet for me."
Amby ----- "I understand kid, Nectar is an aquired taste. Gotta admit though, your pal there sure loves the stuff."

Poli stopped when his stomach protested from anymore.

Draxis ----- "Alright, fine, that's enough."

The four, after a surprising Angel's Cake was brought out (Poli ate two slices before he was dragged out by Sonya), headed home.

Necrodium came up after Twila told him the news. After Sonya told him of the festivities, the demon father chuckled.

Necrodium ---- "He's a crazy fellow, is he?"
Sonya ---- "Sure is."

Meanwhile, in the room of Poli, the door was shut.

Nightmare ---- "Where's the hero?"
Twila ----- "In there. He went in with that girl."
Nightmare --- "Figures."

Nightmare, looking at the shut door, chuckled.

Considering what he's been through...heh, Draxis deserves some alone time with Gloria.

He went outside with Sonya, as they watched various angels collect the parts of the Rahkshi and place them in a pile. The surviving Kraata were caged.

Nightmare ---- "Come to think of did they even find that portal to begin with?"
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#22
0ne woke up in his hut due to a large amount of noise nearby. Leaving, he noticed that there had been a festival that was happening around.

Uggh. Why do they have to do this when I'm sleeping?

He wandered over to where the festival was, and asked some angels who were celebrating, "Why is there a festival?"

"Some aliens or something came and invaded, but a hero destroyed them all," the angel said. He pointed at a hologram of the battle.

0ne observed the battle with interest.

This "hero", he reminds me of someone...I can't place my finger on it, but...I'm sure that I absolutely hate him.

Now, I wonder where could be...
Imagine a world without hypothetical situations.
Official Member of Team Mirror Infinity Revived!

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#23

Oooooh! Got something..


Of one man, to another..
For it doing what I Cannot..

During this time of war,
Those fools are using the public against me!?!
Sigh, no matter.. They'll soon fear the public enough..

I can make sure of that.

Copper was looking at the news from within the in progress Cunstruction of the World Wide News Network. What she saw of Castelia, seeing a crowd cheering after a Lugia, and a couple of other beings destroyed a heartless.

TV------"This is Plutanim, reporting on the successful operation against the shadow beast.."

The cheer of the crowd was sickening to her.

These pathettic legendary Pokemon..
Just NOW do they show up and try to help!?!

She stares at a pile of cassette tapes, and a picture of her family that was killed five years ago by the Dracid's god mode.

.. Those idiots will soon regret that popularity.. I'll make sure of it.

Seeing the Sign bearers gain fame, Copper gets a plan to turn it against them. And after calling up a number, she talks to another female reporter, one ever wanting to do her job without any problems..

Ocorono----"This is Ocorono of JKBN, what can I do for you?"

Ocorono was surprised at the voice.

Copper------" I have a job for you..."

She tells Ocorono the plan, and continues to watch the news. All the while, planning on how to bring the press down on them.


It was day, and the scene was red.
It was day, and the waves were calm.
It was day, and Anna was up on the deck.

Seeing the countless red around her, she looked up to the sky, ever waiting for something. And as she hoped for the best, she had a thought.

Yes.. I should find that Sonya, and ask her what became of.. Tap, ..

She continued to watch the sea go by, the wind blow through, and the view start to shine. But none of that could stop her from thinking about Tap.

[---Graduate 2---]

Weeping, the bald woman walked.
Bruised, the bald woman continued.
And regretting ever being born, she refused.

As she slipped past the hospital,
As she walked past the Guard Building,
As she limped past the farmland..

She came to a secret view, seeing the night sky be filled with blue, and green wisps, the graduate came to a small clearing with a single stream running through the middle, while a tent lay ontop of a hill overlooking the rocket sight within the dark distance.

..I hate myself..

She continued to sit on the wet grass of the hill next to the tent, and stared at the stars.. A the while, the local Pokemon slept for the night.


Alright, I am now publicly jealous about that group's rise in fame.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#24

Though blindfolded, the goddess saw all.
By being blindfolded, she took no sides.
Yet through blindness, she saw no color, no light, no dark, just...gray.

The woman twirled her rapier and glanced at a veil that showed the anti-Legend Reporter, Dlog Copper. She smiled.

"Such rebellion. Even though she...she plans on turning the public against Legends and heroes...she will unknowingly fuel my plans. Take the little pawn, thrust him into the public fired up by her media...get riots...protests....strikes...assaults...

And boom. Make his sanity crumble beneath the forces of anger, of hate...and in doing so, compel him to...Reset.

Of course, his history of being hunted could very well mean that this mortal's efforts won't affect him...but life's a gamble."

All the while, Togekiss hovered about the monochrome void.

Poli looked at the vast expanse of sky. As he looked, he didn't notice Twila walk up besides him.

Twila ----- "...You're headed back down, are you?"
Draxis ---- "Have to. The mortal world is falling apart by villainous dictators. I have to help."
Twila ----- "...What about the...your power? The black hole?"
Draxis ----- "I erased an entire city...I consumed countless innocents, wether by that black hole, or under Kyurem's influence. I hated knowing that I did that. I despise knowing that by uttering such a simple, little word, I bring the world closer to the inevitable."

He looked at Twila.

Draxis ---- "Mom, I must do it. Anything to repent for my actions."


Twila hugged Poli.

Twila ----- "Alright. But, before you and your friends leave, I want you to have this."

She handed her son a bow. Gold rimmed, blue. When he held it, two halos appeared on the hand he held it with.

Twila ----- "Before you were born, they tried an Angel Transfer System. To get the various Heavens of the universe to become connected. Plan wasn't executed properly, so the angel sent here had to leave. He left this behind."

Poli twisted the handle, and the bow became two blades. He reconnected them and strapped the bow to his back.

Draxis ----- "Mom....thanks."
Twila ----- "No need to. You're the one going out to set a good example. Make us proud."

Poli and Twila hugged one last time, and she watched as he ran down to Sonya, Gloria, and Nightmare. As she looked at Gloria, she smiled.

Should I tell him? No...let her tell him.

Nightmare ----- "All set to go?"
Draxis ------- "Ready as ever."
Nightmare ---- "That's the spirit! Nice bow by the way."

The three placed their hands on Poli's shoulders, and they vanished in a puff of purple wisps.


Yes, I did do something with that scrapped idea.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#25
RE for my group---

---League of Regions orders the termination/capture of Kyurem, despite its presence actually helping Unova's environment.
---After Kyurem teleported away, the rapidly degraded Unova Environment started a Firestorm in Village!
---More exaggerated Global Weirding Stuff!


---Sam tells why LotSS refuses to kill Pokemon for food.
---All Angels & Demons become found by Fed-Up Radar.
---LotSS is getting real close to being fed up with everything, so they used the Fed-Up network to destroy heartless.
---League of Regions starts to use the Space League to form a Pokemon Trainer assault force.
---Holon gets secured by LotSS forces.
---Operation Icebreaker fails, only valuable data collected relates to the Unown, and Silver Liquid.
---LSRC goes to the LoR.
---An Abusive Mom hits a Terminally ill person!
---Furez hates any person that goes under Special. Education!
---Petite finds the Custap Flower that grew under Poli Draxis' dead body!
---Marknam' finds out that weed is doing something terrible!
---Uka-6 becomes the HQ for the SLAT forces!
---Anything not a legendary pokemon has become irrelevant(Exaggerating.. maybe).
---NERB becomes a cult hit!
---Copper hates the fame that the Legendary pokemon are getting!
---She hatches a plan to get the public to hate the pokemon again!

---Oh yeah! Chocolate, and Pepper Ringles continue to sleep under a Palm tree within the beach off shore of Poketopia!
---Martini, the Octy, the Celeste, and the Rhapsody Start to Formulate a formula!
---And Thankfully, The Sky is still red!

Delta Pokemon?!?
Primal Pokemon?!?!
What's in that Silver?!?
Will something go wrong with the Play?!
Is the Fab Four going to finally become a problem!?
The NER Bar, will it take the world by storm!?

(1 hour until Operation Glass Planet)


The glorious voice of the Mechanical Aircraft, who's being levitated by the tireless Sigilyph that ever patrol her body, thundered sounded towards the many Space League Trainers, and Pokemon readying into their vehicles for the take back of Orre. So, as they readied themselves around the Obelisk area, where the black, dead ground was only contained by the trees lining the area, the group within the large aircraft went over what they'd be doing.

Norah----''Alright, what's the plan?''

The words of the pilot rings through the room.

Crew 1--"Oh, we simply are to lead the assault on Phenac city, Pyrite town, and towards Gateon Port."
Crew 2--"You're forgetting that we first must light up Mt.Battle, for our forces to get a main base of operations, along with Outskirts stands."

Norah---"And what do we have?"

Crew 2--"One Spear, one Sun, and one.. Real."

Norah was interest.

Norah---"Real? Isn't that dangerous?"

The crew member smirked.

Crew 2--"Everything we use is dangerous."

Norah, with a concerned smile, looked out of the front window, seeing countless Grey Vehicles, Trainers, and Pokemon at the ready. Then she looked back to her crew.

Norah----"Alright, the Sauplane group will meet with us by the halfway point of the operation.. So, who wants to do it?"
Crew 3---"Meeee!"

Uka-6 roared with the announcement to go to Orre, and everyone headed into the region.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#26

Draxis warped everyone to StarShine.

Sonya ---- "Alright, what's the plan?"
Draxis ---- "We make our way up, through Viridian, then to Cerulean, and when we reach Saffron, we split to liberate the surrounding cities. With any luck, we'll wrestle Kanto away from Vortex quickly."
Nightmare ---- "What if one of his cronies comes after us? Or worse, he himself?"

Poli created a rainbow flame in his hand.

Draxis ---- "With the Power of Legends, we're covered."
Gloria ---- "Let's DO THIS!"

They left Starshine, and headed for Pallet Town, cleaning the Routes out of Heartless.

They entered Pallet Town. The little town didn't have many residents, but there was a surprising lack of Heartless forces. Curious, Draxis drew his bow and went to Professor Oak's lab. He heard noises from there.

When he reached the ranch, what he saw spread warmth. The elderly Professor was ordering the various Pokémon to attack one of the black creatures. Primeapes went bananas, tossing Close Combats everywhere, Flareons spewed Flamethrowers upon the beast, while an Arbok constricted the beast.

Taking aim, Poli notched an arrow, charged up the shot, and fired away. Impact, the Light Arrow hit the beast right on the head, disintegrating it instantly. The attacking Pokémon fell in a heap, got up, and resumed their day. Despite the omnipresent red, Oak was still cheerful.

Oak ---- "Why thank you good man, nice to see these ingrates be given a lesson. What brings you here?"
Draxis --- "We're here to liberate Kanto."
Oak ---- "I see! Normally, I'd question your sanity, going against these swarms with a party of four, but, I have faith in you. And my my, what luxurious wings you have!"

Draxis blushed, and spread them out.

Draxis --- "These wings? Yes, quite a sight. And they're not just for show."
Oak ---- "Quite marvelous. Anyways, I saw a group of those vile creatures hesd for Viridian not too long ago. Perhaps you can take care of them?"
Sonya --- "We would have anyways."
Oak ------ "Ok! Best of luck to you all!"

The four left for Viridian.
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#27
Angrily, Serah is pacing about in the exact spot where Sadie had told her to wait for when the Paynes would pick up Selena and her family.

Serah: It's been a whole day now.... If I find that family I'll teach them a thing or two about missing an important like this....

Suddenly, Will's family wakes up...

Will: Hmm? Who are you?

Selena: Oh... I think I saw her for a moment before we all collapsed from being attacked by that weirdo....

Serah: Please don't talk about..... Wait what? Oh well.... I dunno...... I stepped in to save you after my hussss...... Huh? After your assailant knocked you out.... I was waiting here for a girl and her family to come pick you up.... but apparently she has more important things to do....

Selena: Ohhh.... don't worry. I'm sure she just got lost or something. :)

Serah: Oh well.....

Suddenly, Will stood up and pointed towards TLoTR/SS

Will: Found em!

Serah: Really?

She leaps up into the sky and rockets off.

Will: Owww.... my ears popped.... she didn't have to go supersonic so close to here.... Oh well.... let's just tail after her... make sure she doesn't cause too much trouble for the Paynes.

Gale: Ooh! Does that mean?

Will: Yup.... It means you get to use your eldritch beast form!

Gale: Woohooo!

She then begins to transform then and there into a giant, horrible green dragon. Clouds hugged up to her sides and she carried two tremendous wings.

Gale: All aboard!

Once Selena and Will get on, Serah starts taking mighty flaps of her wings, and they rocket off at incredible speeds!
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#28
(Operation Glass Planet)


The battle for Mt.Battle, started under the dark of the night.
Seeing the dark beasts patrol the area, the silhouettes of the army full of trainers, and Pokemon from the 368+ space stations within space went completely unnoticed by the corrupted area of Mt.Battle.

In the midst of the Ground forces, the representative of Orre, now within full cream, the Flag Pin of Orre reflecting the slim light of the moon that past through the dark portals within the sky, had a discussion with a few trainers.

Orre Rep---"Okay, we're going to go full on-what are you eating?"

The Space League Assault Trainer stopped eating the sweet, pink, chewy bar.

Slat 1--------"Um.. a Nerb?"
Orre Rep---"Give me that!"

He snatches the bar, and throws it towards the sand around the entire group. And ignoring the Pokemon that caught it, he continued to talk to the trainers.

Orre Rep---"Alright! That large plane thing above us will fire one Judgement for this mission."

He points at the SLATs that are carrying a large cylindrical, three pieces device.

Orre Rep---"It is our job to place that Fed-Up Device on the peak, is that clear!?!''
Everyone---"Yes sir!"
Orre Rep---"Let's move out then!"

With a cheer, everyone except the White Lady took off.

---Floor 1

The Heartless, most of which were now looking like Pokemon, and trainers with pitch black Faces that held bright yellow eyes, where giving a good fight.

As they responded with orders such as shadow rush, shadow rain, and other attacks, the SLATs responded with ordering their Bayleaf, Clefairy, and Solrock to use moves such as Reflect, energy ball, and Psywave.

The room eventually fell to the SLATs, and they proceeded to clean up the rest tower.

---floor 50

Slat 1---"Clefairy! Use psyc-"

The trainer was attacked by a shadow beast, which quickly dragged him inside the hovering platform, turning him into a heartless. And as the Clefairy stood concerned at his former trainer now about to attack him, a voice was heard.

"Flash Cannon!"

Even though light was only available through the yellow flashlights that littered the hands of the SLATs trying to not fall off the large battle platforms, they dimmed to a point of no visibility, and then a flash of bright yellow light blasted towards the former trainer, evaporating it.

"Hmph, knock offs."

With the scene cleared, and the Aggron that shot the shot combating more shadow people, the Orre Representative went to the Clefairy, and picked him up.

"Alright, you're with me now. Let's Move!"

They continued up the platforms, battling more heartless as the climb became grueling.

Through the volcano mountain,
They battled.

Through the platforms,
More were lost.

And outside the mountain,
They found thenselves within the skies.

---platform 99

The night was still pitch black, but the scene from the mountain was filled with combatting light flying across the black, beautifully circling the numerous platforms, revealing the Pokemon, and Trainer festively battling against the shadow beasts.

And then, we see the Orre Representative climbing the last stretch of stairs with a group of four filled with the Clefairy, and Aggron, along with two trainers carrying the three pieces of Fed-Up.

They see that a large heartless boss, one in the form of Legendary Pokemon, ever waiting for them to start the final boss battle.

Orre Rep---"Oh ****, not worth my time!''

With that he orders the trainers to set up the three pieces of the large device, and as the boss started to attack, the Golden ray of Judgement came down upon it, destroying it along with turning Mt. Battle into a shining beacon

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#29
Astral Plane

Galaxia was watching the heartless attack Kanto from an orb similar to Azure's...

Galaxia: These heartless... They are going to be a threat to us if we are not ready...

Galaxia: But... We have their weakness...

Just then a light orb appeared on Galaxia's hand.

Galaxia: Our light shall make all heartless perish before us...

Galaxia: General Astronis!

Astronis floated into the room that Galaxia was in.

Astronis: Yes, my lord?

Galaxia: It's time...

Astronis: Of course it is, my lord.

Astronis went outside the palace and commanded the army to attack the mortal plane.

Astronis: Come! We shall march into the mortal plane and destroy all the mortals!



Astronis and the Astral Entity army entered the mortal plane through a huge portal, along with Galaxia.

Astral Palace

Azure was watching Galaxia's army enter through the huge portal to the mortal plane.

Azure: This. Is. Bad.

Azure: They should not interfer with the mortal plane! That would only break the balance between their plane and our plane!

Azure: I have to do something about this...

Azure made a portal to the mortal plane and entered it,

(Chandler, are you ok with Azure joining your team?)
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#30

With Mt. Battle now the beacon, the Ray of Judgement shining through the black clouds, breaking them to reveal the darkly red night. The Orre Representative stood on near the center of the checkpoint room, waiting for the other trainers to come up and bask within the shining light.

He then got a call from Uka-6.

Norah------"This is white lady, one of the closest Fed-Up Satellites should be in position within a few moments.. We are going to move out to the other cities."
Orre rep---"Good, I'll be joining you within Pyrite, after I Get a hold of that Broadcasting station."
Norah------"This is white lady, heading off towards Agate Village, then I will be making my way towards Pyrite."
Orre Rep--"I will be waiting."

He hangs up, and starts to go over a plan with the trainers and Pokemon that arrived. All the while they all ate a pink, sweet, and Chewy berry bar.

[---Fed-Up Operating Building---]

On top of the mountain peak of the Ghostly white scar, where the sky shined a red, and within the large circular building incorporated into the peak, The woman operating the Telescope controls was in the midst of setting up the Fed-Up network with many other researchers, and operators.

Operator 2---"Alright, switching back from Search, to defense."
Operator 1---"...done, no problems to report, just a sighting of another asteroid that will.. Pass by this planet."

The woman then looks at the large monitor with the view from one of the satellites that shows a bright beam of light coming out of a region of the planet.

Operator 1---"Interesting, this satellite barely has any fuel left to move into, and out of position."
Researcher--"Just tell one of the Space stations to launch a fueling operation."
Operator 2---"Good idea, will get the call in."

They call in Space station 368.


Just outside the old lab, a grinning Octy, the interested Rhapsody, and the concerned Celeste finished a device that both incorporated magic, and science.

That device had a complex computer looking ball within a strange rainbowy type of gas, all the while it was contained within a see through pink sphere of energy, that was also connected to a mesh of energy, and mechanical pipes that worked together to form a small dish that seemed to be able to hold immense power.

Celeste takes action, looking concerned with what the group created.

Celeste---"Guys, what is this for?"
Octy-------"As the Fabulous went over with me, it is going to-"

The Fabulous Furret, ever looking as excited as ever, graciously interrupts Octy.

Martini----"Now now, we shouldn't spoil the fun!"
Celeste---"But how is this going to help us against all those evil doers trying to-"
Martini----"We don't got time to worry about that, my darling. But, we do have time to go up, and above the clashing colors of the sky."

It looks at Rhapsody, who's contemplating on how she'll seek revenge against the Legos, not knowing that they're already gone!

Martini-----"My sweet deary, can you muster up a Fabulous spell?"

Playing along, she asks the Fabulous Furret.

Rhapsody---"What kind of incantation do you want me to.. cast?"

The Furret beautifully looks at the purple haired girl.

Martini-------"I'm glad that you asked!"

With a wave of his Musician's baton, the pages of the large white book flips to a page detailing various spells that deal with transportation.

Rhapsody----"Aha.. I now see where you are going with this Act of.. justification."

She looks at everyone.

Rhapsody----"Hope you don't mind not being seen by anyone!"

With that, the spell makes them disappear.
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