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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#241
Polimario posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
Polimario posted...
As he did, Poli noticed something...different, about Pryce's appearance.


Uh, wuuuuh?

Eh, bad wording.

Tried to note how that was just to see if Poli hated his power.

Could've just said there was something different about Pryce and the others in general. I read that and thought "when did Pryce change his appearance? Did he use his jackpot shrine ability or something?".
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#242
The Hunger Bumps.
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#243
TVirusPredator posted...
The Hunger Bumps.

Currently working on a Monicle part, which will set me up for a DST video.
After that, I'll(hopefully) get on Marknam' side on things for Case 7, and then finally a short post about Octillery for Case 8.

After which, I'll start that infernal play, which finished, will set me up for a Killer of Glory Part.
Also, what ever happened to that Primal Dialga that.. Vortex(?) had?

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#244
[---Background Build-Up---]

RE for Monicle---

---On an island with a ghostly scar, he's taken to the deep depths of the Library of Records!
---Deep down, two Historic Guards show him strange samples of Angelic, and Demonic beasts!
---After fully examining the old samples, he goes for the silver liquid that made Espanola to have a... rabies moment?!
---He finds that the liquid(Poli Draxil's blood, correct?) is composed of both Angelic, and Demonic cells, but a third type is scene!
---Monicle then gets the two HGs to ready all three samples for testing.
---All the while, everyone knows that those types of blood badly affect Normal humans!

---Island LoR---
(Case 8)

I hate Pregnancy..
The Mood swings..
That Disgustingly Bulged Belly..
All of it...
~Led's mind.

The screens were set, showing numerous cells that seem to going into a constant renewing process, killing off any hopes of dying out of old age.

Monicle-----''Alright, let's begin!''

Monicle carefully slips a very small dose of the silver blood into the demonic sample.
And after a few moments, the Joltik on his shoulder gets tired of waiting, and starts giving Monicle electric jolts.

HG 2----------''Oh lass, what happened?''

Monicle, now holding a rubber ball, looks a little distress, but quickly regains his composure.

Monicle-------''It's nothing problematic for now.. what about the screen?''

They all look at the monitor of the demonic sample, seeing the dangerous looking cells quickly be assimilated into the smooth silver ones.

HG 1--------''Oh, so it's killing it? That's great!''
Monicle----''No, look again, it's just.. assimilating, and.. almost seems like it's helping the demonic tissue..''
HG 2--------''Look, as good as all this is for those Angels, and Demons, I want assurance that they're invincible, the be all, end all, the one thing that can't be killed.''

She continues to ramble on about life.

HG 2--------''I mean honestly, I sure as the great Lass that _ _ _ _ _ _ all, don't want to be stuck in a body with stupid feathered wings, playing within a dastardly wonderland for the rest of my existence!''

She continues.

HG 2-------''Look, sure the afterlife could be well and dandy, but what happens when we do every-''

Monicle quickly interrupts her, trying to shut out any possibility of complete, and utter insanity from the coming revelation.

Monicle-----''Do not think anything more on that. There's a file within this library of a world wide insanity panic that was caused from that Innocent question.''
HG 2---------''Alright, alright.. let's continue then.. oh who's that silver blood from?''
Monicle-----''Who else but the ever transforming, ever growing, ever murdering, and ever prominent Poli Draxil?''

The Joltik perks up at the revelation.

I finally found what that Filth is!
..But now, I wonder what's happening to that.. Girl..

---3 hours later---

Monicle was depressed on the findings.

''Alright, even the Blood Sample from Arceus has no negative affect on anything [not human] here..''

But then, he thinks!

Alright, invincibility is one thing I Will. Not. Allow!
Lass, Killing is an honor for evil doers, but I'm sure every lady, that Hell can't ever hope to reach the same Fury levels as a woman's scorn, have certainly found a way to make something much worse than death..
Wait, that video!

Very interested at the two grunts, the Joltik on his shoulder pondering, Monicle asks.

Monicle----''That DST video mentioned something about termination right?''
HG 2--------''Yes, but it was cut off.''
Monicle----''Then there's another video.''

And with that, they went off to search.

User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#245
Waiting on Poli...
"Fun Fact: Nothing that starts with 'Fun Fact' is fun, and half them aren't even facts." - Itennu

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#246

A test. As if I haven't undergone enough of them.

Draxis ----- "...Alright."

He looked towards the sea.

Draxis ------ "Aside from that disaster in Orre, Unova is the last place that needs to be freed."
Sonya ----- "Any ideal locations for Beacons?"
Draxis ------- "There's Black Skyscraper...or White Tree Hallow, depending on your orientation. There's the Unova League. Even Celestial Tower."
Mephy ----- "And we come full circle."
Nightmare ----- "I suggest we start in Nimbasa, head east to Black City/White Forest, then head up to the Unova League, and finish up with Celestial Tower."
Draxis ----- "Then what are waiting for?"
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#247
[---Background Build-up---]

Alright, mental notes..
Get some info on what exactly happened during Sonya's four year absence from any known space station, planet colony, even our solar system(Already have papers circulating around about that interview back in LotSS, but the war's happening right now..).

Figure out why that Nuclear Core initiative for jump starting the cores of the uncolonizable planets has lost its relevancy.

And increase Publicity for that horrid group of Legends.

..and maybe get a story out on the legendary pokemon being the caused of the wonky weather, but no one in existence cares for Global Weirding, so that's out of the ball game..
~Copper's mind.

--Land of the Setting Sun--
(Case 8 --- Something Honest)

''Alright Class! Take a good, long look at this thing I'm holding!''

She vibrantly poses with the small machine gun in front of all her students. And with the setting sun gloriously shedding its light behind the teacher, she continues.

''This right here, is the last gun in existence!''

The crowd gasps.

''Why you ask? It's really simple.''

She points the machine gun towards the crowd of weak, clean special education children.

''Good ol' honest to goodness, man made Bullets are completely, and utterly useless. Lass, if I shot you all now, none of you would be injured in any way! And you want to know why?!!''

She pauses, looks at the ground, lets out a sigh, and raises her head again.

''Nothing Man Made, nothing anti-magic, nothing Human, and above all else...''

The crowd now stares with wide eyes, twitching heads, arms, legs, bodies, and their usual disgusting faces at the teacher.

''Nothing Honest can Prevail within this existence that requires magic to defeat an appointment.''

Camson's(That Orre Rep that Had a name back in PSS) dead body, stabbed with all sorts of cheapness from the special mind of Vortex, who will receive the greatest honor ever to any villain, which is being killed at the hands of his enemies. And as Marknam' knows that Camson died in vein, and that Vortex will forever remain an important death, filled with glory, she makes the dead Orre Rep as an example.

''Look at Camson, with his human fists, with his human legs, even with his utterly human might.. it was absolutely nothing to the likes of the cheap, of the powerful, of the dishonest, idiotic villain that wastes all of his potential on a power grab.''

Marknam', standing on a large pile of bodies, whose faces all look alike, reminding herself of a student, gives one final say to the special crowd.

''Advancement, Above all else, Advancement.''


''Alright, Marknam'?''
~Ule, the lady who's terminally ill, hiding away that horrible fact about her mind, she continues to question Marknam'.

Ule--''So, where's the house?''

Looking down Falsefer street, seeing the blue, faintly rainbowy sky burn with wisp, the Marknam', the Ule, and the Cassandra see many apartments lined like a wall riddled with many holes.

Marknam'----''There it is!''
Cassandra--''That's a sss-''

Marknam' darkly stares at the Seviper.

Cassandra--''Who ownss that ssmall houss between thosse two large buildingss?''
Ule-------------''Wow, I really wish I could understand you.''

Marknam' then answers, holding a to do list, and a phone with Furez's number.

Marknam'----''It's the house where we're going to prepare a zipper for a play!''

Confused, Ule plays along.

Ule------------''Such a zipper exists?!''
Marknam'---''Not just any kind of zipper, a dancing zipper!''
Ule------------''Le' gasp!''
Marknam'---''Unless you know that language, please refrain from trying to make a joke.''

And with that, the three left to the house, and unlocked the door.

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#248
@Changlini I can't get a hold of Dreadtion2. Should I help him and take his characters over?
Team Miror B Admin. Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#249
protobakurion posted...
@Changlini I can't get a hold of Dreadtion2. Should I help him and take his characters over?

His post seemed like he wanted something like that to happen.
So sure, don't see five reasons not to.
I also have something planned for Isaac in the near future.

User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#250
???'s Side

"As you can see sir," the Assistant explains. "This footage was ripped from the security camera moments before the Void swallowed the stage whole, and that camera with it."

The man, Mister Franklin Castillian, stood in silence. "And of Lucy?" he asked.

"Lying unconscious in Castella City General Hospital," the Assistant answers. "And... there's one other thing you might like to know."

"Tell me."

"The Void... we have reason to believe that it, somehow, was caused by Mister Draxis," she tells the man.

"Lucy knew what she was doing when she took up the mission," Mr. Castillian says. "She is one of my finest agents. She will bring back Polimario Draxis to me, dead or alive."

"Sir, the man hasn't been seen since the event," the Assistant warns. "And even if she DOES find him... there's no guarantee that she, or any agent is well equipped to capture him."

"Do I ask for your advice?" accuses the man.

"Sir, Lucy may be the best agent Plasma has to offer, but you can't let her just die like this!" exclaims the Assistant. "She's playing with forces beyond her, or anyone's control."

"Get. Out. Of. This. Room." Mr. Castillion warns.

The Assistant bows and leaves the room, letting the soon to be King of Team Plasma to his own thoughts. He puts aside the Assistant's last words, instead choosing to open one of the large shades blocking the window, allowing a blast of light to brighten up the room.

But enough about that, he thinks to himself. There will be enough time to think about that later.

A small fighter jet flies out of the launch area, and into the sky.

Tonight, The Land of the Rising Sun burns in Hell.
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