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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: TVirusPredator

4 years ago#281
willingmess posted...
TVirusPredator posted...
"We're going to free Unova from Vortex's grip," Pryce said. "then after we take care of that little-- ...whoops, almost foreign-cursed in front of my daughter. Anyway, after we take care of him, we're either going after Kyurem, or those people that are experimenting on legendaries."

Serah: Sounds good! but..... How are we gonna wrest the control away? Kill him? Or some other way? Also... where are we heading at the moment?

"Draxis has been placing these beacons on places of high elevation, to dispel the darkness Vortex and Pudding have been using to control PokéEarth. Once we place those beacons, the region is no longer his. Although, going after Pudding and Vortex isn't out of the question either. Right now, though, we're headed for Nimbasa, and from there, we'll head to Black Tower in Black City."
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#282
(I know Jabba's mom's spirit pokemon was espeon,but I forgot her name.What was it anyway?Did she even have a name?)

A few days later,Tab and Kate are still together.Nothing happened to them.They're sitting on a bench,feeding pidgeys some bread.A boy's watching the pidgeys eat the bread,while his mother watches.

Jabba:Look at those birds,mom!

Jabba's mom:I see,son.

She sees a starly,which came from sinnoh,join the group of pidgeys.The starly gets beaten up and exiled by the group of pidgey.

Jabba's mom(in thought):That starly reminds me of Poli...I hope he's okay...There's no telling where he is now.

Jabba:Why is the starly being treated badly?

Jabba's mom:I don't know,son.I don't know...

Kate:So,Tab,do you want to visit my grandpa's house? He's a scientist,so he has cool stuff!


They walk into Kate's grandpa's house.There are a lot of chemicals,but there is a cup of water,resting on a pillar.A light is flashing on it.It's labeled,"Mio Outbreak Sample".

Kate:I dare you to drink it.

Tab:Uh...I don't think it's safe.

Kate:Alright then,do you dare me to drink it?

Tab:I guess...

Kate:Bottom's up!

She takes the water and drinks it. tastes old.

She starts coughing,with fire spewing out of her mouth.

Kate:So spice,so spice!

She looks at Tab,who's making a scared face,with his trembling finger pointing towards her torso.She looks at her torso to see an orange tail with a flame on it.Tab runs out of the house,screaming.

Kate:Huh?I guess he had to take a dump.

She stays at her grandpa's house a few more hours,until he comes back.



Grandpa:You drank the water! That sample was from forever ago!

He picks up the now-charmeleon Kate,and starts crying.With each of his tears hitting her scaly skin,it feels like a sting.

Grandpa:Go to the bathroom.Look in the mirror.

Kate walks into the bathroom to see her new self.

Kate:How do I fix it?

Grandpa:Pure water.You cannot drink it though,or it will kill you.

Kate:Will I ever be with Tab again?

Grandpa:I do not think so,with the way you look.

Kate starts sobbing.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#283
@Tabs: Her name is Ariel.
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#284
[---Background Build Up---]
(Part one of three)

Nothing better go wrong today!
I mean, we make things in response to power!
We make things in response to those who will never stop!
And yet, there's always that nagging feeling, that we're slowly becoming DST..

What happened to that idiot Raul, anyway?
Heh, probably dead from playing fair..
Honestly, when will that guy ever learn?
This isn't a world where fairness survives..
~Hoenn Cyclist Rater

---[Paris Region]---

Within the Region, the clouds continued to whip the heartless away.
Within the Region, the Space League Trainers came out to say.
That within the Region, the Children should come out to play!


What once was pure darkness,
was now a twilight storm.

Within the storm,
light flew around.

Under the twilight cloud cover,
many enjoyed the sight.

And as the brightly white tower shined,
the storm continued to twirl.

The lady with one good arm, the Cyclist that rates, and the Casually Dressed Medical Division Grunt all biked through the storm, entering the city that once was attacked by the Primal Pokemon.

And as the shade from below clashed with the light from above, the three made their way into the city center, seeing countless other people lining the streets with bicycles!

The lady sniffs the windy air, the twilight sky ceiling above her, and the shady air all around her.

Arckson-----''Lass, I love the feeling of warm wind knocking at my face in the morning!''

She looks at the other two behind her, seeing them tired from all the cycling they did once the LSRC dropped them by the coast. So, leaning with her right hand on the bike, she takes a good whiff of the air,

seeing children dying,
seeing great minds being evaporated,
seeing Marknam' scolding a school girl,
seeing honesty fail within a world of cheap!

All the while, dispelling those imaginary images with a distraction!

Arckson----''Alright, fine. Since we've finally made it to my vacation place, after that horrible trip within the SS Anne, that bike chase within the concert, and a close call within a copter and a black hole, we can rest.''

Cyclist-------''Whoa there lady, I'm not tired, this has been one of the best-''
CMDG-------''He's tired.''

With that interruption, they head for the nearest restaurant hotel. All the while, the sky continued to whip with its fiery clouds, helping the SLATs defend some random area of no interest.

[---Land of the Setting Sun---]
(Case 7 --- Something Honest(Yes, I'm going to be on this one for a while))

Within the skies that looked like a drugged person's vision of the universe! A Sauplane was in the final testing phase, seeing the ground below be populated with people just content that they can at least smile at the sky again!

At the Guard Building, the Boxes of strange berries were now being cataloged!
At the New Guard institute, a Custap plant was playing with reality!
At the Library, people were respectfully learning!
At the Hospital, a brawl started!

And sadly, within the farm fields, a statue was missing,
the same statue that stood tall, guarding the Starf Berry patch,
the same statue that stood tall, looking at the others that accompany it.

But all the while, the radio turned on, with the voice of a Flight Control Person.

FCP----''Alright, Yanma, that disk is currently within the final stages of development.''
''If we get through this with no problems, you'll make us proud.''

And so, the pilot smiled, and flew off to meet up with something special.
Really fear that this entire thing is going to end with invincibility vs invincibility.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#285
I actually want to be clear on this, because I've been unsure of this one detail since the beginning.

Are Poli Draxil's beacons similar to the Fed-Up device?
Basically, I'd like to know if they needed to be reflected(I.e. Fed-Up Satellites), or they just magically operate around the entire world?

User Info: Number_0ne

4 years ago#286
Zade and Miki walked through the crowds. "Is it here?" Zade asked.

"It should arrive soon," Miki replied. "So you know what the plan is, right?"

"Blend in, get on the ship, and help Lancar sneak on as well. Simple."

"Not quite," Miki said. "You can blend in, but I'm well known. I'll have to report to Maximillion, as he'll be suspicious if someone spots me before I make myself known. We'll have to separate now. I'll try to join you as soon as we can."
Imagine a world without hypothetical situations.
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User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#287
After the few hours,Grandpa enters Tab's house to see him with a worried expression,looking at the first love letter Kate gave him.

Dear Tab,

I'm getting pretty bored lately,so lets talk.First of all,what's your favorite pokemon?Mine would be serperior.They just look fancy.I heard of a girl named Mary that was somewhat jelly of me.Hopefully she might end up with a loved one just like me.Next,what is boredom like for you?For me,it's just this dull feeling of nothingness.Speaking of nothingness,that Josh kid looks like he got the life sucked out of him.It looks like he has no memory of his life.Will you remember me?Because I'll always remember you.

Your gurl,Kate



Grandpa:I think Kate...cannot be with you anymore.The water she drank made her a completely different thing.

Tab:What kind of thing?

Grandpa:A charmeleon.

Tab:I can still love a pokemon!

Grandpa:But with your spirit pokemon arrangement,you two can't be together.

Tab:Oh...can you atleast tell me my spirit pokemon?


Tab:Can you give me a hint?

Grandpa:Water puts out fire.

He slams the door.Tears drop down on the love letter.


Tableflip:Yeah,but I got over it.

Emile:I love you.

Tableflip:Love ya' too.

They both fall into a deep sleep.
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#288
The Beacons operate on their own.

It's basically a sphere of light that illuminates the surrounding area in a large radius.

Hence why large regions like Hoenn and Unova require multiple beacons.

But, they can be amplified by reflection.
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#289
Thank you Polimario.

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#290
NecroStreak128 posted...
Oh boy...

@Changlini Is he new to this RP?


Jace: "Is that a sign I see on your hand Devon?"
Devon: "Why, yes it is. It allows me to shift into a Pokemon."
Jace: "Same here!"

Jace removes his glove.

Devon: "Wow. Didn't know you had one."
Jace: "I didn't know you had one either."
Devon: "I got mine from being devoted to my research in the Earth's metals and stones."
Jace: "Wait a minute. Are you Devon Stone of the Devon Corps?"
Devon: "Indeed I am."
Jace: "I'm shocked. Shall we continue?"
Devon: "Sure."

In Jace's mind...

I sense his presence nearby! AXIOM!
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