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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#31
Last post for a while, have fun guys!

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#32
When they approached Viridian, they found a group of four-legged beasts roaming the city streets.

Sonya dispatched them with Light burst from Shineshot. Nightmare chuckled, then more creatures appeared.

Gloria ----- "Figured there would be an ambush!"
Draxis ---- "We need some kind of beacon to dispel them away!"

Draxis punched the ground, and waves of Light erupted from the earth, vaporizing the ambush.

Sonya looked towards Saffron.

Sonya ---- "How about make one on Silph Tower?"
Nightmare --- "It is the tallest thing in Kanto...might even cover some of Johto as well!"
Draxis ------ "Then we head to Saffron immediately. I'll handle the beacon."

Pewter. Mt. Moon. Cerulean. One by one, Poli Draxis's crew drove back the dark creatures. Along the way, various Trainers joined the effort, rising up in the face of darkness. Although Poli's pale skin gave him a spectral appearance, he radiated a warm mental light.

He was staring up Silph Tower.

Nightmare ---- "That's quite a ways up. You up for the task?"
Draxis ------ "Does Pryce chop Mephy in half?"
Nightmare ---- "Fine fine, just making sure."

Draxis takes off, scaling the building, defying gravity with flight. As he soared up, he saw movement all over Kanto.

I've gone and started a revolution to take back the planet. Can't be the only one; those LotRS goons must have also started a take-back.

Landing at the top, he overlooks the entire Kanto-Johto region. He sees Goldenrod Radio Tower in the distance.

Make a beacon here and there, those creatures will be driven off by all the light.

Concentrating, tapping into his Light, he forms a burning sphere of light. As it grew, he formed it, and light began to wash over the Kanto region. When it was complete, he flew to Goldenrod, and made a beacon on that tower. Soon, both Kanto and Johto were bathed in light, and Poli could visibly see the Heartless being driven back, out of the regions, and back into the shadows. He dove down, towards Saffron, and landed.

Draxis ---- "Misson Success."

The gathered Trainers cheered, joyful that Kanto and Johto were reclaimed. With the two beacons overlooking the two regions, warding of the dark, they were happy.

Happy to be free.

He went to Nightmare and punched him.

Draxis ---- "Told you not to worry."
Nightmare ---- "I knew all along. You're just fun to tease."

Poli turned towards a television, as a newscrew broadcasted the retake of Mt. Battle, and, in a sudden update, of an angel-figure liberating Kanto and Johto.

Poli felt warm, and returned to the crowd.

Gloria ---- "Where next?"
Draxis ---- "We'll rest here for a bit, then set off to free Hoenn."
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#33
Lilycove City

Zenon is flying around Lilycove City, killing most of the heartless with Shadow Balls, but more waves of heartless come after one wave was destroyed.

Zenon: These heartless should not exist, they need to be destroyed.

Suddenly Zenon got attacked by a Darkside and crashed on a nearby wall of a house.

Zenon: I cannot die now...

Zenon prepared Psystrike, but the Darkside got killed by a single hit from a huge boulder that got smashed on the Darkside's face.

Zenon: Mewtwo...

Mewtwo was just floating where the Darkside just got killed.

Zenon floated with Mewtwo.

Zenon: Mewtwo, why are you here?

Mewtwo: There is no time for that, i think it is time you are ready.

Zenon: Ready for what?

Mewtwo: You will see, my Sign Bearer.

Suddenly Zenon and Mewtwo glowed purple for a moment.

Mewtwo: it is time...

Then a huge flash of purple light covered Lilycove City.

(I have to get off the computer for a bit.)
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#34
Chandler, was the Kurt Zisa battle satisfactory?
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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#35
"I'm definitely going to use my new Shiny Scraggy to beat Burgh of Castelia City!"


Both Jace and Larvitar were pumped for the next gym battle.

Hiker: "Hey! Want a friendly battle?"
Jace: "Why not? How many Pokemon?
Hiker: "One each!"
Jace: "In that case, go Scraggy."

Scraggy's entrance gave off a spark of glitter.

Hiker: "Go Roggenrola!"


Shiny Scraggy:

Scary Face
Sand Attack
Brick Break
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#36
Continued from my last post.

Lilycove City

Atfer the purple flash of light that covered Lilycove City, Mewtwo and all of the heartless in Lilycove City are gone.

Zenon: Mewtwo, have you teleported or something?

Mewtwo: No, we just fused together, that is all.

Zenon: So i'm your Sign Fuser.

Mewtwo: Yes, that is correct.

Zenon: Alright, now to destroy the rest of those heartless.

Zenon went off to destroy the rest of the heartless in Hoenn.
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User Info: Astral_Beast

4 years ago#37
Quick recap of my posts.

-Galaxia has started a war against the mortals and Azure joins the heroes!
-The Mysterious Beast has awoken and it is waiting for something to happen!
-Zenon is destroying all the heartless in Hoenn and has fused with Mewtwo!
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User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#38
(I'm going to be gone for a while. Sorry! D:)
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User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#39
Resting for a little bit, they settled on a plan to free Hoenn. Fly to Lilycove, set up a beacon at Mt. Pyre, head south, a beacon on Sky Pillar, head to Mauville, then through Rusturf Tunnel to Rustboro, then set a beacon on the Stone Building.

After agreeing, they went to different rooms in a hotel to rest before continuing. Poli was with Gloria.

The room they chose was fairly simple, nothing flashy. Poli was looking outside the window when Gloria stepped in. Poli turned around, wings brushing against the wall.

Draxis ---- "Hi my darling."
Gloria ----- "I got some good news!*

The Seraphim hybrid was confused.

Draxis ----- "I'm lost. What is it?"

She leaned in, and whispered in his ear.

Gloria ---- "I'm pregnant!"
Draxis ----- "WH...WHAAT!?"

Gloria giggled.

Draxis ----- "I...I haven't even proposed!"
Gloria ------ "No need to."
Draxis ----- "B-But..."

She pressed her lips against his. He calmed down.

Gloria ------ "No need."
Draxis ----- "A-a-Alright."

Golly, is this real?

Draxis ----- "What are we going to do?"
Gloria ----- "First, we're going to stop these threats. Secondly..."

She stroked his wings.

Gloria ----- "We're going to join your parents up there."
Draxis ----- "And how exactly are you getting up there, in Heaven?"
Gloria ----- "I'll find a way."
I am the Rain Maker.

User Info: Chandler014

4 years ago#40
@Gubbey, Yes. Though I thought the group would be attacked and chased out by the Castelia citizens due to Their fear from Vortex. Though Changlini seems to have a plan on that, so you don't need to change anything....
@Astral, Yes, I'm okay with Azure joining The group.
@Changlini, I'll get Vortex's Scene ready.
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