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Pokemon Fusion: The 7th

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User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#301
In Jace's Mind...

I sense Axiom getting nearer. I haven't seen him for 5 whole years. Wait... what's this? He's got more company with him. Three maybe four more people. I'm not sure. This could get ugly if it's just me and Devon. Better call Ycre.

Jace calls Ycre on his PokeGear..

Jace: "Ycre... I sense Axiom nearby. I may need backup."

@Changlini Can you take Ycre's answer?
Team Miror B Admin. Official Porygon Z of the Pokemon X/Y Boards.

User Info: willingmess

4 years ago#302
The unbreakable spirit of humanity. Long talked about. Much loved. There are songs, poems and drreams of it. There are entire movies of it. It is a force. It is unbreakable. It will be heard. Nothing can stop it. Many dictators and villains have tried. But ever when you reach its breaking point.... it breaks you .

Slowly, Willingmess wanders along, gazing out at the wastelands that the desert has become.... surrounded by filth and deprevation... the horror of the world... it's almost too hard to stand... He looks out to see horrible sights of starving children and people fighting over scraps of meat...

Willingmess: This isn't right.... This isn't what humanity is... Humanity is capable of accomplishing incredible deeds and acts... But now... they are under the very thumb of a Tyrannical overlord.... ready to break.... What went wrong?! Why is this happening to such a great peoples!?

Slowly, he makes his way into a nearby city.... surrounded by huge towering walls... The guards are nervous... as though they've been through everything from hell and back.... Slowly, he makes his way to the gates, when suddenly, the guards lower their spears in crossing manner, allowing no passage.

Willingmess looks up, surprised at this.

Willingmess: Well now.. why have you stopped me?

The first guard then replies, in a very gruff and solid manner, unafraid of the hybrid before him.

Guard1: We are sorry to say this, but we cannot allow you within the premises.

Willingmess looks up, angrily, and begins to leer at the guard.

Willingmess: And why, might I ask, am I not allowed on the premises?

The second guard hears this and musters up his own baleful glare towards Willingmess.

Guard2: Sorry, but ever since the recent events, we have deemed hybrids too dangerous to be alloed in here.

Willingmess: But why?! We could help you!

Guard1: Sorry. But does it look like we need any help? Besides, any number of ya'll could be working for the reaper. We work hard to maintain our peaceful lives.... but the reaper has set himself against the whole of humanity, with a large pack of hybrids under his control. We have to be careful lest he wipe this very place off of the map.

Willingmess: *sigh* *shows the sword at his hip* And what exactly's stopping me from forcing my way through besides you two?

Upon hearing that, the two get big grins on their faces.

Guard2: Why mister *points up* I believe those are.

Willingmess turns his gaze upwards only to see about a dozen cannons trained on him. Suddenly, with a large k'thunk, they launch a large beam of ice!

Willingmess: Hu-

He gets hit by the ice beam, and is completely flash frozen on the spot.

Guard1: Tsk tsk... they never learn... Our icebeam is possibly one of the greates inventions alive, able to freeze darn near anything in existence, maybe excluding arceus... but we don't really need to worry much about him...

Guard2: (heh heh) Hey John! Get out here! We'se gonna need ya ta take this Icecube out to the desert! Oughta cool his heels!

John: All right!

With that, John carts on out Willingmess a ways to the midst of the desert and leaves him to thaw...

Willingmess: (Well.... looks like brute force won't work... but I need to get in in order to find out more about pudding.... and possibly this "reaper" fellow...)

And thus we see human spirit at its finest.... always pushing forward, unbreakable and ready to take on the next task! Humanity will not play a minor role in the upcoming struggle. They will not sit back and watch as those bigger than them fight! No indeed! They will be the hammer that drives the nail of destiny! The human spirit will fight its way through the very raging gates of the netherrealms before it can ever be destroyed!

User Info: Gubbey

4 years ago#303
The streets of Nimbasa - or Pudbasa - City were in bedlam. Citizens stood up against the oppressive Jigglypuff and burly Wigglytuff, flinging glass bottles, stones, and other forms of improvised weaponry. All the while, Heartless prowled the streets, tearing to shreds any humans or pink Pokémon they came across.

"The leisure capital of the world," Mephistopheles remarked, "Now the chaos capital of the world. Somehow, Vortex found a way to make this city even more fun."

"We're on a mission here, remember?" Dusknoir reminded the demon. "We need to get that beacon in place... Wherever that is."

"So... Are we going to go for the Beacons first?" Mephistopheles asked. "Or will we wipe out the rest of the creatures?"

"Both," Pryce answered. You, Draxis, Angelica, and Angelo will you after the Beacons, what with the flying and stuff. Meanwhile, the rest of us are gonna be keeping the monsters off your backs."

"I shall carry out your orders, Sah!!" the demon responded, striking a stereotypical soldier's salute. "Carry me like the wind! We are the clouds drifting through the red skies!"

"Actually, we're just two angels carrying through the air," Angelica retorted.

"It's this way!" Draxis shouted, guiding the three toward the location of the beacon. All the while, chaos reigned below, the rest of the group trying their best to distract and defeat the enemies.

At long last, they located where the Beacon belonged: the roof of Pokéstar Studios. They hurried there, and Draxis took the Beacon, placing it carefully down. It glowed, faintly at first, then shined brighter and brighter, now beginning to rotate rapidly as it floats up.

It suddenly released all of the stored energy at once, engulfing all of Nimbasa in a white light. The Heartless melted into fleshy, gooey piles of black sludge, while the skies returned to their familiar blue palate.

"The skies are blue again... The city is being restored..." Angelo spoke, mesmerized.

"Yes, but there's still the Jigglypuff to be dealt with," Draxis responded. "Let's go!"


It's hard to write a part when you're dozing off every few minutes. D:

Nighty-night, lovelies <3
Team Miror Scientist with Shadow Mismagius :) Official Beheeyem of all boards!
Honesty is the key to any lasting relationship. Fake that, and you're all set.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#304
[---Background Build-up---]
(Part 2 of Three)

What.. what did I do back there?
It was if.. I was possessed..
~Espanola's mind.

Honesty isn't power.
Honesty isn't intentions.
Honesty isn't will, or might.
Honesty isn't good, or evil.
It isn't even grey.

So, what is honesty?
Heh, boy, what a question..
~Pepper Ringles' mind.

---Island Library of Records---
(Case 8 --- For God and Country)

They searched for a couple of long hours,
through the countless boxes labeled DST,
through the countless files labeled DST,
through the countless cases labeled DST,

through, and through,
thick, and thin,
they searched.

Until finally, through looking under a table, the Joltik found a cassette.

I found.. something..
Sigh, if only I could communicate with them through Telepathy..

As the Joltik pondered about transforming into something more noticeable, Monicle had a short conversation with one of the Historic Guards, as they were looking through the book shelves, pointing their fingers at the words written on the Cassette tapes that line the shelves.

''Actually...'' ---HG 1 says, folding his arms, and placing a fist under his chin.

HG 1-------''What's the point of being injected with that Psychic stopping chemical?''

''Maybe because we don't want our minds to be fried?..'' ---Says the second HG, now examining a tape called Transformation Process 3.

Monicle, knowing more about the why than the other two, comes in to share his insight on such things.

Monicle----''Look, it's not that we hate psychic pokemon, but rather that..''

He ponders on what to say for a bit, then quickly gets back into talking.

Monicle----''Psychic pokemon have proved themselves to be very useful, even though they have the ability to play, and toy with our minds at will. Now, does it mean that they do that? No.. but, Uka, and the Department of Special Technologies stayed well away from them due to that fact..''
HG 2-------''You are forgetting that fact that no one likes their minds to be read. I mean, do you know how sick the entire Human population is?!''
HG 1--------''So.. we use them now, because of that Formula?''
HG 2--------''Of course you-OW!''

HG 2 jumps from that painful pinch like bite, only to see that it was a Joltik that caused it from under a table with Cassettes!

HG 2--------''Oh it's on like Primape on Mankey!''

She readies a human stomp, but Monicle comes in and stops her from squishing the Legendary Mirage.

Monicle----''Yo Yo, look under the table!''

She sees the cassettes, and lowers her anger.

HG 2--------''Well, you win this round...''

She continues to eye the Joltik, but then Follows Monice, and the other Historic Guard into the Video room. And after eyeing the Joltik some more, she decides to take the video, and place it into the recording. But then, the room seems unusually cold..

HG 2--------''Is that.. ice?''
Monicle----''What? No-oh Lass, it is!''
HG 1--------''Oi, don't worry about it, I read up on a few things, and apparently one of these videos contained Picture people from that stranded Icebreaker ship!''
HG 1-------''Put it in, will ya?''

She swings her arms up, as if to be arrested, but continues to walk over to the video player.

HG 2-------''Alright, fine, Don't go into a hissy-fit.''

With that, the Joltik hops on Monicle's shoulder.
The Cassette is placed into the player.
And the screen lights up.

Everyone sees a familiar face, looking at a couple scientists within a room.
All the while, two subjects, one Demonic, and one Angelic remain strapped up to a chair.

Brigand-----''Let's begin with the termination, shall we?''

User Info: OcarinaofToast

4 years ago#305
BTW, I'm here, I just can't think of anything to write lately... :(
Official Fox of every board. =~_^=
Official Shadow Fennekin of Team Miror Infinity ~ Call me *adjusts top hat and monocle* Sir Fennekin.

User Info: TableFlip

4 years ago#306
(Happy Easter!)

Emile and Tableflip were at the museum,resting on two chairs.

Emile:I don't think that's like you to break up with someone you think you should be with.

Tableflip:Do you need to know more?


The next day,Kate and Tab were sitting at the bench they were at yesterday.This time,they are not feeding any birds.

Kate:I guess we cannot be together now...

Tab:That can't stop us from loving each other,though.

Kate:But,Su-I mean,water types can kill me.

Tab:We can still love each other,though.

Kate:Sure,but my grandpa and I came up with a plan.

Tab:What is it?

Kate:You might not like it...

Tab:Tell me!

Kate:Alright,I cannot cure myself,or I will die.I cannot drink pure water.I'm also not going to be socially acceptable if I'm a charmeleon.Think about it,wouldn't you think a talking charmeleon is a bit...strange?


Kate:I'm going to live in the wild,like a regular pokemon.

Tab:Won't you be caught?

Kate:Maybe.Maybe not.

Tab:So this is going to be...our final goodbye?

Kate:I am afraid so...

They start hugging each other,bursting out tears at the same time.

Tab:I'll miss you.

He kisses her.Kate breaks out of the hug,and she walks away.

Tab:Bye,Kate.I'll never forget you.


Tableflip:I never want us to break apart like that.Ever.

He hugs Emile.

Emile:Don't worry.We never will break up.We might even be a better couple than T and B.

I don't even know anymore.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#307

(Case 7 --- Something Honest)

Ycre was manhandling a Woman Hybrid of a Mareep, while the Rhyperior, and other Medical division units were scouring the house for clues.

Ycre slaps the seemingly innocent woman.

Ycre-----------"You ungrateful refugee! Tell me who you're working for!"
H.Mareep----"Heh, working for who, Norm!?"
Ycre-----------"Oh, I had enough of this."

Ycre knocks the woman out, not before failing to interrogate her with the threat of injecting the Mio concoction that she made.


Ycre------"My pho-wait, I have a headset!"

After telling the others to clean up the place, passing a few newspapers related to the main group, and finally getting outside, where a few, soon to be extinct, Heliplanes were positioned around the Tax reckoning, he answers the call.

Ycre-----"What is it?"
Jace-----"Ycre... I sense Axiom nearby. I may need backup."

Ycre is surprised at the voice, and starts going to a heli-plane.

Ycre-----"Oh, I guess so.. What do you want me to bring?"

User Info: Polimario

4 years ago#308
Poli Draxis
[Location: Unova]

The group, happy the Beacon at Pokéstar was active, set off for the Celestial Tower.

Nightmare ---- "Isn't Black Tower closer?"
Draxis ----- "I sensed something...bad over there. I know we can take it, but, if it retreats, it'll have nowhere in Unova to flee to."
Mephy ------ "Those Beacons...can they be destroyed?"
Draxis ------- "Mine are linked to my energies. They won't fall unless I will them to, or I'm killed."

As they passed the crater, Poli felt uneasy, not liking to be reminded of what happened down there.

Mistralton. Pryce's group handled the Heartless, paving a clear way to the tower.

Atop Celestial Tower, Poli created the next Beacon, forming it, as it rose and spread its lustrous light. As the next chunk of Unova brightened up, vanquishing the Heartless, he turned his sights toward Reversal Mountain.

Draxis ----- "Better hope Reversal Mountain is currently water-filled, since our next Beacon location is there."


[Location: ???]

A tall, decorative door. Around Kyurem, a world of grey existed. Grey trees, grey water, grey beings, it was like living inside Kirby's Dreamland.

Kyurem awaited that which it followed, that which sympathized with his beliefs. That which he waited for.

The door threw open, and Kyurem was greeted by pitch-blackness. Slowly, a flash of light revealed to Kyurem that he was now in a void, a monochrome void.

He looked up, as Togekiss fluttered about, as countless veils displayed images of the world around them. But what he was here for was the giant woman, blindfolded, rapier in right hand, a scale in left.

"You came. Excellent. I have a task for you."
I am the Rain Maker.
...And composed of Microscopic Particles.

User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#309
Happy Easter to you too!

[---Activity Post---]

While Ule was hiding her mental anguish, while Cassandra was scrunched up next to the all mighty zipper being(Nobody), while the tables of the living room were filled with newspapers that connected everything to Sonya, Poli Draxil, Angels, Demons, Kyurem, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Entei, Raiku, and many more legendary Pokemon,

The teacher who is tortured to see such potential go to waste in her eyes, thinks about the graduates.

----The mind of Marknam'----

So, Grad became an unofficial, honest Pokemon trainer going to blaze a trail with the new battle tactics of the Guards, and Ule.. she seems like she had her successes already.. But, both have miraculously failed with learning Pokespeak, along with wasting their education in words, for a life of brawn!

Oh, but what of that third student?
Will he shine where these regret not understanding Pokemon?
Will he come to me, shining in glory? While these two fade?

Either way, he has the most potential out of all of them, able to do great things, and I feel assured that when I see him, I will be the proudest teacher who will ever grace this planet with my presence!

Sigh, until then, I'll await his glorious arrival...

She gets back to reality.

Marknam'-----"Alright, I am pumped!"

User Info: protobakurion

4 years ago#310
Jace: "Bring my sword Maximus. It will help a lot."
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